Golden chalice

Weird headline, but this is what I was guided to write. For about two days this old record from Mike and the Mechanics have been playing in my cassette recorder. Specially the two first songs say it so well in the lyrics what I want to share with you. It is also the music that amplifies the effects that these lyrics are about to bring into our consciousness. The visuals while meditating (dancing) are so powerful. The visuals are dual so there is sorrow/anxiousness but also joy/happiness. So one could say that this is my/our divine golden chalice, our human embodiment.

All of this is happening and much more behind the scenes. Some moments one knows so well what one “must” do next and the next moment one is overwhelmed where to start. One doesn’t always have a pen and the paper to write it all down to make a list and then to sort out/make checks of accomplished tasks. This should not overwhelm us, because we can always ask again and to slow down with our higher self. The energy is high from time to time so then one is simply guided to ride with the wave, but one must also come down to Earth as well, to this body. There is much to do in the now and in our situation and in our own communities.

What is your own guidance to doing today? Listen and act accordingly. It doesn’t have to take a whole day but it doesn’t have to be that mundane either. Balance out this day and bless the bliss and the mundane parts too. Try to see joy in doing dishes or those not so nice chores, you could even meditate while doing dishes. We are multidimensional ones.

The other part of this message is some kind of personal or linked to those who can make up 23+23. Darlings I hope you have come to a closure of your cycle in what ever way. I hope your lessons made you some what wiser, healthier, happier. Many HUGS and many kisses. Continue onwards now with your collected wisdom and knowing. I am happy and proud of you all.

Yours loving, Hannele