Intensified energies

Morning mood 

This morning has been busy so to speak so why do I share Grieg’s calm almost lullaby like melody here for starters? Well, as we have said it is all about the perspective you see things. You might see some event as a huge game changer but yet if you look at it from little further away you might say it didn’t even matter. This is my perspective for today. I try to stay in the now and allow this energy sweep through and integrate to collective. I do my part as I wish you do yours. We don’t have to write the history today or evaluate if this is a game changer time. Let’s not decide how the future sees this day. Let it unfold itself.

This intensity is however effecting to our abilities today so I would recommend to take one step at the time. It would be advisable too to drink water and keep on moving physically. Body can absorb only certain amount of energy at the time. So release the excess amount away.

There might be disruptions to electrical equipment’s so keep that in mind. Do not try to be all over the places or share everything at once. It might not be possible or you might lose some data. Just be discerning and enjoy it fully in 3D.

What comes to the higher self guidance for today, I would remind you of love. Share the love in all forms. Tell yourself how capable you are. Use some words of admiration. Tell to your now self how the future self have succeeded in every respect. Then expand this to someone else. Say kind and nice words to encourage or simply make someone smile. Be authentic and say only what you mean. You can use words like I admire, I like, I am honored, I am happy. You don’t have to say I love you if it is just a phrase. For many misunderstand or misuse this phrase. Love is a feeling that comes with no attachment. It is an expression, not the phrase that means give me something. We know this but yet we all forget it most so often. So give freely and wish that people would take example from your actions of love. Wish this from your heart and we will make the wheel turn.

Much love from me to all of you!

Learning about the past life truth and ability to understand how it plays in this life

How do you meet your past life history? I mean the previous life histories? How do you bare the thoughts what you have been without shattering and mental breakdown? This is what was revealed to me today and it was horrible. The understanding the events and the connection of events and my part in those events. Parts of masters and servants, enslavement and suppression. Even things that you might have killed someone are horrible. It feels like you are nothing else but evil or you have only shadow side within you. Yet you know in this lifetime you have chosen the opposite. So one might say there has been maturation process within this spirit. Maybe because of these past life experiences one knows now what it is to be in both sides of the table so to speak. The compassion level and understanding why is on a high level so you are conscious enough to choose more loving ways to act in this lifetime. You might find  healing modalities to suit you. You see the bigger picture from now on. You start or continue to heal all parts of you, meaning to say all multidimensional parts of yourself.

You might also want to deny what is shown to you. You say in your mind that it can’t be so but then when you reflect your this lifetime back to your childhood it all makes perfect sense. There is no denial anymore so you just pick yourself up and start to work. You expand the energy work to this part that you discovered. You expect the bodily resistance and physical symptoms to appear. You are prepared meaning to say that you don’t expect things to go smoothly but to enter a roller-coaster. But now that you understand you sit on a driver’s seat and you are in charge of the acceleration and use of breaks. You are not powerless so you take full responsibility of this lifetime experience, not making the same mistakes.

For me this was a revelation of my dark side and the misuse of power. As a twin soul I know my other part feels also revelation to his past life histories. I have noticed we have differences and I would like to remind him of this. We both have different interpretation of misuse in our history. So it is time to heal those shadows on our own. I will support you if you need but understand that my shadows need my attention now. The work is to balance the ways we communicate. To understand when to act, speak or when to let the other take responsibility (giving space and trust). The shadows are perfectionism, need of control, manipulation, betrayal, lack of authenticity. For each individual these vary and I am not the one to list or say anything of the other’s work. What I have listed here are general and maybe resonating to me in personal levels. So I hope my twin finds his own answers.

Huge work task once again, as it seems so often for us light workers. But we will find the purity of light to grasp and heal, to elevate all that we can and to show the way with our own example and work. To find new ways to do the work more efficiently. So even with the heavy heart and knowing what we know now, is to continue our journey. Grab the love power and collective love  shield that is within the Earth grid and also in the heaven (at the atmosphere of the Earth). It is there for to help us to heal. Giving us the needed power when feeling low, unwanted, evil, victim. The unconditional love grid and shield are eternal and they have huge power. Do not hesitate to connect to it/them in meditation or within some other forms of spiritual work/practices you do. Do it as often as you feel need to. There are many who do daily works to fill the grid and the shield on a daily basis. You can contribute to this grid or shield too if you wish. It is easy. Just listen to your guidance how it would be convenient for you. Little reminder though, do not give too much of your own power levels if you are not connected to the source. The grid will drain you if you only use your own energy. You need to be the vessel (grounding tool) to the source energy. In that way you will not drain your own energy but direct the source energy to those who need it. It is also important as a vessel to keep the highest and purest of thoughts while grounding these energies, because your impurity will “contaminate” the energy transmitted to the collective. Keep this in mind and have high energy and pure thoughts yourself as you transmit/share to the collective consciousness.

One more thought to add into today’s message. This is about envy and the blackmail I notice among us light workers. We want to know the ancestral roots and to be categorized (separated) again. The separation creates the feelings of superiority, hierarchy and many more negative and separative actions in humanity. It is good to know ones ancestries and to learn their abilities but we should be very mindful about  how we separate and form grouping with this information. We should be collective, we should co-operate and work for the good course of humanity. It doesn’t matter if one is not human but half humanoid. It doesn’t matter where the alien part comes as long as they are working in a loving and respectful ways to protect and heal the planet. We and they all have different abilities so there is no need to compare and separate. Collectively everyone’s unique abilities uplift and benefit us all. Humanoids are not superior to humans. The enslavement time is over. People know this and even if there were future kings or emperors they would respect and act with integrity more like servants to the collective. That is the power of love that we have shown them. The ones that still try to play mind games or enslave us are soon kicked out of this planet. They know this and seem to play mind games by trying to categorize and create separateness with fear and all negativity. Have pure thoughts my dear ones. We are same as God. Don’t be fooled again. LOVE AND HUGS!

Find the healing in these shadow events

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To start, here’s an old song that resonates with me today. The mood is internally and externally somewhat gloomy because of the collective events all around the world. The song does not resonate so much on a lyrical level than with these dense almost depressive melodies they are representing. Having said that though the song is somehow also uplifting as guitars solo’s always are.

I guess it is all about the perspective and the things that you allow to linger or stay within. There comes a waves of sorrow and grief but we have to pick ourselves up again and again. We have to find hope for the future. Wipe the tears and images that are pouring to us. See the bigger picture and remind ourselves of this possibility that we have created. It is there. Do not let the fear conquer but keep in mind that these lower level energies are trying to pull you down so that they could continue what they have done over and over centuries.

The divine plan and vision in within our grasp. You know it and you can feel it. This is only showing you the shadow sides so that you could decide for yourself. You could say clearly that I am choosing love and forgiveness instead of responding back the ways they act. Their low-level actions, can not turn our minds. We come with peace and full understanding that “eye to eye” is not the healing answer.

Find the healing in these shadow events for yourself in the ways you act and choose to respond and think. Be mindful of the judgment to others. Do not divide nor set yourself in to the higher more advanced place. Help those in need. Have compassion even to the persecutor or murderer. This is not easy task to do, but seek the why’s within. Understand that you might have gone through also something like they (persecutor, murderer) have. See the lineage of their behavior and inability to act in a positive and constructive ways (the compassion, brotherhood, sadness that pours out of neglect or lack etc.)

The more we give into the lower levels of our human behavior, the more our collective is going to suffer and amplify the same. Stay above this drama and low-level mind-set. Find ways to be grateful and to have talks with the universe/spirit/your guides. Exercise as much as possible for physical movement releases the anxiety and it transforms fears to more peaceful state of mind. You come to remember that what has happened can’t be changed but only accepted. Forgiveness comes easier. Allow the waves to work with you. Do not swallow any feeling, but express all that’s within in some constructive ways. Try not to blame and cast your harsh words around but go boxing, do walks, dance, play music, listen to aggressive and fear releasing music if that helps. And then when you feel totally physically exhausted, surrender and find the opposite feelings. Find the comforting love of beloved one / Mother Earth / relative /pet, who ever is dearest and nearest to you.


Hugs with compassion from this little one. Try your best and know that you are enough. Let’s do this together! Let’s be brothers and sisters! Let’s change the course of our future. The time is now.

What do you give back?

What is your contribution to the collective or to the well-being of the Earth? How consciously do you make your choses? Could you lessen the consumption of something? Could you take / accept  less? This does not mean in lessening your value or accepting some form of abuse, but more of actual consumption of the physical sense. How much is enough? What is the limit and how your limit correlates to the limits of Mother nature? This is not easy question but in order to contribute to the well-being of the future generation (your own offspring) you ought to think this. It is not anymore what it was in the 50’s we all know that. The measures we have to adapt are far more drastic than what was expected just a decade ago. The individual choses play a big role in the big picture. No action is a small one anymore, you ought to know that. Whether that is a choose of not taking action or ignorance (self-serving purposes). We are collective and we should act like one.

This is not a matter of your rights to consume or make someone else to pay for your rights to consume by forcing them to choose to consume less because of recourses or chances given to them. This is a matter of collective integrity and greed. You ought to know by now what you are doing. How your consumption whether that is your very own individual energy consumption (food, warming, etc) or more global one is affecting on all of us. Do you see the suffering of other species or suffering of future human generations? Does it knock in any way to your consciousness? Do you see that you turn the wheel with every choose you make? You ought to wake up now.

Then there is this other level of consumption. You know what I am talking about. It is the consumption of masculine and feminine energies. Is the other one within you master and the other one slave like? Think about that? You know how it is. The future Earth is not going to flourish with the ways that you play day-to-day. Your masculine energy is still slaving the feminine. It is slaving by its attitude for only playing pleasure. When I was talking about playing with new energies I was not meaning the old ways. This is just so frustrating to try to hammer. Come up here where the stars shine. Have it from this perspective. Yes, I know to manifest you need masculine energy too, but the creative and new is the feminine. The chariot is in control by not making either a slave or master. The feminine subtle creative force is nurturing and kind. It is not to have pleasure but to know that sometimes in order to really love you need to “sacrifice”. So your masculine energy with its understanding about how things should manifest and appear are enslaving to your own feminine energies and therefore they prevent the shift from happening within masculine. This is to say, that those who are not in balance, whether male or female in physical form should work hard to make the balance before the shift is able to manifest for themselves.

As it has been said many times it doesn’t matter with others but how you are doing this job with yourself. You should really see that being more feminine as male is not lessening your male charisma or value. This might sound harsh now but masculine energy is a workforce not the driver. The masculine energy is the mind, that knows how to execute tasks. The feminine creates in new and collective ways. The feminine takes into consideration these things I was talking about earlier (the future generations, the effects to nature and so forth). We need them both within. The new Earth is not forcing any male gender to be enslaved but to understand the good of all the humanity. See the bigger picture from higher altitude. It  is not living in the bubble but to concentrate on the decisions that benefit us all. The creation process is different now, all is different. You just have to accept that.

The males are equal with the female. The energies are equal but there is this understanding that must come to the light. We (as gender) and we (as energies) both have a role to play in creation. So understand finally dear masculine (energy and gender) that no one is putting you through what you put through feminine / females for ages. Yes you might feel shame and fear, now that you see what she has had to live because of your actions, but see this that she in not on a crusade to destroy unless you are trying to use your old ways. The feminine has put behind all those old hurts now. From now on she will only accept the clean and balanced masculine energy.

Work, work within. Know the love is forgiving and surrounding you within and without. Go with peace and learn to find it within you. Put down your sword. It is not the time to slay now, but to do the inner work. Have a lovely day!

Fear of failing and other human stories

Oh my Lord again! How on Earth am I going to deliver this today? What is the purpose of this doubt and hesitation? How is this going to help humanity or is it just to shift my own experience? Why am I drawn to express it here instead in to my private journal? I do not see the big picture? I don’t need to question my motives or do I? Is this me or someone else?

Although this is not alien or cosmic subject I don’t quite know how to put it into words.

There were few synchronistic events before this writing. I was in doubt should I do this. So I deliver even though I would be shot down. I know this message divides people because of difference of an opinion. We are all entitled to do so, but there is a word of caution or some advice to be taken into consideration. The message I am about to deliver is from Mother nature. She is terrified of this divided consciousness that humanity is going through. The return of Nazi thinking. The thought that someone is higher, superior, purer. That someone who is at their lower energies or not as evolved should be excluded (should only produce offspring with alike). The horrifying thought that we should only seed children if the other is at the same bloodline and so on. That is absolutely against Mother natures intent. The most important principle of having offspring is the ability and free will and commitment to this task from both parties involved. There is no pure bloodline so to speak and even if there was it wouldn’t be for the highest good of all to go for small circles only. That would in fact produce malfunctioning or less powerful and less healthy offspring.  Mother nature is the laboratory that allows us to experiment. There is a meaning for all outcomes of our free choses. This thing we call life, is about lessons and learning to be loving, compassionate and serving.

The Nazi thinking is spreading in our consciousness right now. Nazi’s thought that the purity is about cutting  off the possibilities of mixed races and sickness of any sort. This is so absurd that it hurts our Mother deeply. She is crying of thought that someone would not be welcomed to enjoy and experience the life here on Earth. There is always a reason. Be mindful!!

The race is of course more than just our skin, more than our blood. The shift we are working on is not about those things. Let go of that perception. Let go of the Nazi mentality. Let the heart consciousness guide you, us where the pure love resides. Let us learn and take our new technology and creative forces into the “mixing” bowl when creating offspring. The creation of offspring can be directed and guided all the way through. It is not uncontrollable process, even though many think so. Mother the 3D one is powerful enough to create with her and his DNA the perfect  babies so to speak.

After we have collectively purified some of the old, we can create with more ease. There is less energy and alchemy needed in the future. The healing of yourself is far more effective than yourself only, as we have said this before. DNA transferred and healed goes multi-dimensionally. Mother understands that this new way to understand takes time and adjustment for the brain but it is all very natural and she is ready to open the chest of knowledge if you will. The ancient records and archives are for us to benefit our future humanity. So let go of fear and dig into the wisdom and knowledge that is already within your grasp. Allow your heart to know and you will find the key to this knowledge.

The energy levels you are in right now are not now nor ever set in stone, even some might think they are. Think about your own energy levels when you become sick. How does it feel? How does it feel when you are knowing that something is not right in your own body`? The energy is moving up or down or it stays for a while in some level, but the stable is not the law of Physics. Energy must move like in our atoms and cells. Like the heart is pumping blood from the beginning to the end. The move is constant. We cannot control this, we can only adjust and accept what is. So therefore if someone is telling us to pick the partner that is in the same level they are pulling the wool over our eyes.

Mother nature delivers this message through this little one so that you would keep you mind open and alert. So that you would know with your heart the next thing that is right for your ascension journey.  Love everyone! Mingle and seed with the ones you feel connected and committed to life. Lust is not love. Be mindful about that. Stay pure with creation as thoughts and intentions. There is no wrong or right. There is only laboratory of life going on. MUCH LOVE FROM MOTHER EARTH!

How do we perceive spirits that we don’t like?

Oh my Lord. This was scary. How will I deliver this message? I was pushing it away and telling it is personal message, but then I was listening this other message from an other person a channeled one and it underlined what the message is that I should share. Yet still I don’t know is this significant, but I am not to judge when things happen. So here goes.

Medusa is not the Illuminati. Medusa can be perceived as such but that is only one side of the story. Her/His identity is not relevant but more of the energy they are creating and sharing is what is relevant.

Medusa is multidimensional spirit. They have powers and shadow sides like all of us. They are someone who could be described as lion-like soul with an awareness of their divine rights and divine  respectability.

They want us to know that whatever they do and however they act is their way to set boundaries and roar if they feel that they are not met as equal.

I think they would like to inform us of the fact that even they might be appearing as hostile or aggressive from time to time they have this other side of them in them too just like us humans do too. They might be huge at size, so that we would be afraid if they show themselves. That is nothing to be afraid of, since they are not like humans, not so dense. They are from higher realms, but they try to be equals with those that are not hostile towards them. They would also remind that no kind of weaponry man made to say is able to delete them. They understand to keep distance and respect humans if told so. They have their grace and diplomacy too.

He: This is still feeling strange to write this like I got this. I just get the feeling they want to say that we make our beliefs and stories and then we gossip and distort stories. That is a human nature. Things said might not be the whole truth, but humans so often take them as truth not even considering there might be other side to this story too. I know things are improving day by day but especially with these things we should discern a lot more. These same kind of stories and gossips go around a lot in the social media.

I would advise you to disconnect from all kinds of human discussions that categorize other spirits. Specially at this time. Concentrate on you work and discuss only about the matters that are beneficial and off of the person. We all have roles and they vary in different places. Take that into consideration. Have compassion with everyone.

Love from this soul to you. Do good and the good will come to you. Do not discount yourself our of the compassion ring. Know when you need rejuvenate and charge. You are loved and appreciated.

Let hope come into our heart again.

Today we want to say hope is where you least expect is to appear. So keep you eyes open and look for the small things. If you don’t have smiling children around. Look for natures signs of hope, maybe it is not rainbow but soft breeze on your face. Maybe you hear birds sing or maybe you get some help to something. However small the “event” or hopeful action from spirit, take it and feel it with your heart. Live in the now and embrace even sad feelings. Put on some music of your choice and have some solitude time and maybe a cup of your favorite drink to accompany. Light candle to remind you that collective spirit/ God is with you. Don’t fall into despair.

I love you all and I feel the heartache and sorrow that you feel even we don’t know each other. Overcome your hurt. I stand with you if you need me. My rainbow energy is on its way to relieve the peak from whatever you feel.

Here are some of my favorite hopeful songs that you can listen and connect to me if you wish. Let’s shine together! We are in this together! Much love from me!

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Stay peaceful

We don’t know what in the world we should tell you that you would not be so frightened. The current events are what needs to happen, but they are not the end as it is in the Holy book. Believe me! You need to stay above the sea level so to speak (a metaphor). Some events will occur as you would call them natural disasters, but they are not occurring because of the apocalypse.

Concentrate and have peaceful approach on everything you face. Trust that you are the creator. Your individual event’s are  for clearing and for you to set yourself in correct energy level just to clean the table. The global events are also doing the same only on a bigger scale. This is reset, new beginning. There is no way you can prepare, meaning you should dig holes or have gas masks. You can, if that makes you calm and peaceful, but let me tell you there are no equipment’s that can ensure you, if you don’t find peace within first.

Leaders of this world are frightened and they are only trying to contaminate and tell you the same old story. War and destruction. It is not so if we understand that our collective spirit is helping us and pushing us further on the ascension. There are many friendly cosmic ones, who are doing things to help us. There are shield and energies no one can see with their eyes. Have faith and love in your heart.

PEACE AND LOVE! This little one is sending force light to fortify the grid and I suggest you should do it too for all of the humanity. LOVE HAS WON. WE HAVE SEEN IT. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE in the name of our spirit.

Keep it high

This is a time that can be devastating or a time to dig in deep and work with high energy. We don’t get to choose all that happens to us but we can choose whether to participate or whether to withdraw from it. We are asked to take measured and balanced action to whatever we express (spoken, thought/emotional or physical). They are doing their very hardest now to trigger us to go so low that we would drown with this in fear. But we must be very mindful. We need to see behind the veil, we need to be the agents of love power and light.

When one is feeling low, fearful and hesitant they must and this is absolute must to consider what is their highest and most desired outcome. They must visualize, do energy meditations and all that they know of to slay this hesitation, fear or anger. We are powerful together and even on ourselves. Choose love always. You can do this! We have already WON!

Just to remind you to understand that these news about coming abduction or giant masters coming to slay us or make us slaves again is one perspective (the  fear based). Is it true to you? How low does your energy go if you come to think that Earth is about to be destroyed? Do you let them lower your fences and energy so that we would lose our protective and constructed net of love force? Think about that. What you thin´k and fear is what you allow. Be brave, be strong enough to know that what you expect will draw the energy towards collective and towards your own life circumstances. There is really nothing that could collapse this love net anymore. NO one can walk over us and they know this. So they might come with new tactics. They might come persuasive and kind. Know and feel in your inner center how they feel. Is it worth to invest to communicate and share your thought? What do they bring in to the table? Is it just observation to benefit them and to be able to strike or is it benevolent co-creation and sharing of thoughts/energies? Collaboration is the key word. For they are not willing to reveal certain things, they are having certain agendas you might not want to get involved to be betrayed or double crossed?

This is unfortunately the time that there are still many wolf’s on a sheep clothes. Be discerning what you share. Keep in mind that if you give your power away you will be left unprotected. Fantasize with pure loving kind thoughts to all of the humanity and to yourself. Do not let them drag you down. MUCH LOVE from this little one who wishes to give contribution with their work to the collective. Leave you with pink breath of unconditional love, with protection to nature and animal kingdom as well as humanity.

THE LOVE CONNECTION: Deceased pets and how to connect and shift that connection onto new level

We miss them. Yes, there are times that we feel like they are sitting on our lap or purring  somewhere. Then we try to wipe the teardrop out of our eye corner. We say to ourselves that new pet will help us heal and that is most likely so, but it can never take the place and experiences away that we shared. So we go on. We get new pet/-s and we fill our life with joy and presence of that new member of our family. From time to time there will arise feelings and images again and again, that we miss them and we would give so much to have moments with them again.

We develop rituals, we go to places that are sacred and we could feel the connection to this particular spirit. What we then learn or more like remember scares us. We collect all the knowledge that we know that there are no ghosts,  we are so convincing that we finally believe the story we decided to create. This new age nonsense, this talk that there is no death that only the form of energy will change is not SO. Our wise elders, our wise religious priests say this is not so, so it must be truth for they are pure and connected to God. MAYBE, MAYBE NOT.

How about those old tribes and natives who are more down to Earth? How about them? Aren’t their beliefs and practices controversy to what we know and practice today? Aren’t we often amazed how some people are connected or how they can almost like talk to the animals? How is it possible that someone is able to calm a wild beast like animal so that they can groom them? How is this connection possible with living animals?

I tell you it is all about the energy you hold and how you present yourself. The connection is allowed and accepted both sides. You have to learn the RESPECT, you have to learn to enter their space the ways they consider respectful and loving. So maybe that means that you have to surrender your EGO, to be as humble or equal to them as possible. All of us who have had pets know the principle of this at least they should if they truly love their pet. So we live in this correspondence of energies and one day they pass over and we get stuck into our belief that one is lost forever. But if we truly know what is right within the laws of nature we would accept the fact that only density of the energy has changed. Yes your pet can travel now. It might go to galaxies you know nothing about but since you are connected for eternity it can come to you in an instant. The energy travels faster than the light. It is your thought, your visual memory that will make the call and they will be with you if you wish.

Then comes the harder part. You want to feel them, you want to sense them. So you as human have to work with you perception and senses. As you know, we can only experience what we perceive and  experience as our truth. If you don’t believe that you can touch and groom and talk to your pet then that is so. But on the other hand if you are willing to shed your own beliefs and go beyond you will eventually start to notice that you sure can feel the texture when you touch them or feel their barking or smiling face. (I will remind you that you can only experience what you allow. If you think this is nonsense, then it is to you and you can never open the door.) Spirits are adventurous, so do not expect them to be all the time around. Just like you took a new pet and moved on they moved on too. Be happy for them, let them explore and be more vivid and wild than what they were when they were with you. Learn unconditional love and compassion of letting them go. Do not attach to them too much, for it was a moment in life that was meant to happen. You were meant to meet. They gave you many lessons. Cherish them.

This post was for the request and a little bit out of the theme for this blog but I thought that it would be more appropriate here than on the other blog about spirituality. So this is what I know about past life connections to pets and it doesn’t vary so much of the connecting to past humans. Our perception is most often the cause why we cannot connect again. Our fear of evil can also block them. They remain behind the veil in the safe distance so that we wouldn’t be too fearful but let me just tell you that as long as there is loving connection with each other there cannot be any harm done. And they are not rotten and horrible, but they appear as like such you want to remember them. If you are able to see auras, then you might even see them as energy alone. They can still be the comfort and joy if you allow.