Do you find yourself judging?

I have been silent lately but this doesn’t men that I haven’t been observing. My soul is open and aware so I do watch and listen how the world goes before my eyes and ears. So I’ve noticed that the ego is trying to tell us that we are not enough, and we don’s serve as we were supposed to. The ego is also trying to drain us back to sleep, maybe through old habits or through some sort of procrastination we tend to slip back into, the comfort zone that is.

So how could we overcome this? How is it possible to set goals or go to a new path and keep the intent and actions there? How much do we demand that we should proceed in certain amount of time? Do we see that this self talk about sluggish ways or lack of motivation is actually ego talking us down. It is an actually a question of self-worth and self knowing we are learning now. We learn from these experiences and these people that we interact now to set boundaries. Those who talk us down whether that be internal self talk or someone else telling us what is correct or acceptable way to live this life are merely reflections to what we should do and where to focus.

The problem is not outside of you. The problem is not other people but your inner ways of thinking or doing. Yes they might “attack” to your behavior or posts or lack of action, but that is not the actual problem. The actual problem is that you are not willing to look inside of yourself and see the things that needs to be changed in order for your growth. The shift/ ascension is not about others but us individuals putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first and after that helping others if they ask our assistance. The free choice is what is at stake here. The manipulation, the control and the domination are all behaviors that we should now be able to drop in order to ascend further. These old ways come about in everyday life multiple times and in multiple ways so focus your intention in this moment and this one task at the time in order to be able to steer your way as peacefully, kindly and gracefully as possible. Remember that all of us are having some sort of discomfort. No one is secured or saved from this.

Remind yourself that your intuition tells you/prioritizes what is necessary now. So if it means that you have to skip or leave something undone that is exactly right for you. Take time to that what is important. It might mean that you focus on your well-being (more sleep, exercise, tending your home environment etc.) or you focus on serving others by acting and starting new projects, doing simple small actions of love and kindness. The thing is that no act is too small no intention is too grand so drop your self judgment and  drop judgment to others. YOU ARE ENOUGH! Healing mentally, physically, spiritually is a grand task. You should always remember that. Those of us who have multiple “illnesses” healing to do are under such enormous amount of need of energy that those who are not under our skin cannot possibly have no idea how much is going on. Do not judge, do not think that someone is lacking motivation or is sluggish. You have no idea.


Fire in my eyes

This was a post that I read today. It was one of those quote type of pictures and the person asked what are we most afraid of three following things. The idea was kind of absurd from the beginning because when you really read what it was all about the person had a perception of unconditional love that was not obviously anything of sort. First I thought that they are entitled to their opinion and they will grow later to understand what the unconditional love is truly about so I felt better not to reply or say anything. Then I noticed this thought kept coming into my mind to bother me. I thought what is it? Why do I feel this way and why does it bother’s me? What is my perception?

So I clarified to myself how I see unconditional love. Then I asked myself is it possible that unconditional could mean different things in different relationships? Is there something that I should allow, change or perceive differently? I came to a conclusion that unconditional love in a romantic relationship is different to a brotherhood/sisterhood relationship. That sometimes we humans confuse that unconditional love is meaning having multiple partners as if sexual activity would be some (hippie) kind of answer.

Unconditional love truly means that you know what you want and set boundaries according to that and then respect the other persons choices. So other person might not see it as unconditional to have multiple sex partners. Some might even say that unconditional love truly respects one another so much that they would never harass, insult or persuade into sexual encounter in any ways. I see this as a problem with many cultures. Men don’t respect females integrity or rights to walk on a street or wherever they go like males do. Even when females enter a bar by themselves some men think that the only reason females go there is to search sexual contacts or some sort of boost for self-esteem (search for admiration etc.).

I so wish this bubble would burst now. Females who have balance and unconditional self-love to themselves don’t need admiration or any sexual implying to know that they are good enough. All humans, males and females should be allowed to have safe environment without fear of getting harassed or attacked or insulted sexually no matter where they go or what they wear.

It is breaking my heart to read the news where these certain nationalities emigrate or come to our country as refugees and then continue to live by their old cultural standards meaning the harassment to young girls  even rape (is acceptable if this girl happens to walk on her own on a street at night). Many will now say that no culture can be that way, that no religion allows this kind of insult or crime to take place without punishment, yet it happens everyday somewhere around the world and so many times the true victim gets punished as if they did something wrong as if that was their fault. The males should truly take a look at themselves. What if the girl raped or murdered even was your sister/sister-in-law/child? How could you ever accept such a cruelty? Do you think that the only punishment would be put them in prison or cut their body part off? The challenge and the only way we could win this is to do mental healing and start to realize how SICK some behaviors and cultural traditions are. Women don’t need protection but equal rights to go wherever men are allowed to go too. Women are in need of respect as spiritual beings and as physical beings. Men should evolve from hunters into MEN.

Time is now! We don’t need your protection. We need only respect and our civil right to be met. We are equal with you.

Shine your light and talk only if it benefits the situation

I got this message just a minute ago. They said in light language so clearly that the time of babble is over. We should cut all the nonsense talk or even old teachings (energy) right now. I know this was a repeated message to me, for I am slow sometimes (stubborn). This was also now message to all of us not just me anymore.

Look at what you are creating in your web sites or in general over all social media. If you are a light-worker now is the time to evaluate what is beneficial to our shift and who does it benefit. The truth is that most of what is said or written is still quite much the babble talk. We keep going round in circles, reluctantly letting go or releasing everything old. Some do the work faster than the others and I am not suggesting that this is a game or competition against each other but simply suggesting that one should really look closely how do they represent themselves wherever that is.

The light language message said also that our body/DNA and our brain function are now at works so keep that in mind if feeling sleepy, lethargic or having head aches. Take rest and dim the light and silence all the noise around you as much as possible. Take meditation practice seriously and make it a routine. If possible choose a certain time and keep to that as much as possible. Those of us who are twins might find this helpful. It will decrease the unwanted vertigo and other physical disturbances felt and shared.

Other times than meditation times it is advisable to ground yourself and keep your intentions as much as possible in your daily life. We all have different situation and whether we know our twin or not it is time to take the other into deeper consideration. The compassion, the subtle approach, the kind and tender gestures are the key to work together. Times of fast and instant gratification are over though it might happen once in a while we should drop the expectation that anything should happen. We approach or give and then wait, if the other is non responsive then we should do our practices if connected  with discretion.

Much love to you all in these turbulent times. Go with the flow and find peaceful moments to know all the work that you’ve already accomplished. Drop the blame, judgment and self hate, they don’t serve no one least yourself. You can only give what you have so love yourselves that is the way to heal the planet.

Your, Baba

We have the power to choose

Dark forces are taking all their skills into full action. I have noticed that they are trying to trigger us to arguments, insecurity, hesitation. They come from all places, even in our own healing groups (light workers under mind control) or our neighbors, our media, our own mind. The truth is that they act open so if we stay high ground and mindful they cannot pass or interfere unless we allow them to do so.

Our transformation in such state that it is easy to go into hesitation mode. We might find all the reasons to avoid new or become apologetic. We become child like and small or that is what the dark forces want us to believe. This is not so. We have evolved past small/immature phase. This is also the reason why we should trust and listen to our inner guidance and knowing and that gut feeling more than ever. If possible try not to ask so much even from your peers but yourself, what is it that I need to do now. Go it step by step. There is no wrong or right only learning. And what we truly need right now is to learn.

What I have also noticed is that some people are telling us how we should do our light work. Do not listen to them, please! There are multiple ways and your purpose is unique so they don’t know the ways that Universe/God is showing us. And what is also very important is finally understand that we can’t help or cure anyone else unless we have not healed ourself first. It is the talents and knowledge we should use as tools. Our unique tool kit has a precise purpose and it takes some time to learn and take those talents into control/mastery.

Go with confidence into situations and listen up carefully. Use your diplomatic high vibe to lead others into better situation or to a better outcome possible. If you notice that your talents and skills are not enough at this task do not despair but leave gracefully without victim attitude or resentful argument. Let those who will be left in the situation learn what they need to learn. Our judgment or besserwisser teaching is not required. Just remind yourself that this is for their highest good and know also what is to your highest good.

I wish you all a good day/night. Let there be light upon humanity so that we would not walk astray. Much love and gratitude from here to you!

All the time in the world or just one last kiss

Oh how time flies. Just when you thought you had the time of your life it is gone forever. Did you value the road it took you to get where it was time to part or did you only saw it as a struggle? These are the themes we go through when something unexpected happens in our lives. A moment ago we thought we had so much time but then comes the unexpected turn and it takes away something we thought we had or that which was in our grasp. Maybe it is so that it takes one big event to learn this lesson or maybe it takes a lifetime none the less this is truly one of the most important lessons we should learn in life.

We can’t take things with us when we go, that goes without saying yet we struggle to know and understand this when it comes to letting go of life partner, child, parent, pet or an object that we have carried with us a long time. Sometimes we have to let go even before we get there or the vision we sense and feel was real. Sometimes someone dies (metaphorically or physically) before we would reached their energetic level to be able to know them. These are the hard lessons in life one carries within their heart, but from this place of loss there can only grow immense amount of love, the purest kind of love. It is the kind of love that is unconditional because it knows the love given will never get back or they cannot have it returned the same way they gave it. They cannot expect anything in return.

So the ego must bend and learn to value the time given and the circumstances given, because the kiss given can be the last one ever. The moment that we don’t cherish go unnoticed and devalued. We might value it the moment we notice that there was never a next time, never tomorrow. But that is ego’s lesson to learn.

So our emotion come at hand to help us to work with this lesson. We take the full range of feelings to play and at this moment I should say not to discard even the most furious and anger related feelings. All is allowed. It is just how you express those feelings. The lower energies they are, the more you have to work on a physical level to cleanse them. Detox, so to speak goes through physical form. This might mean physical illness, aches, pains, anxiety, verbal anger towards someone who doesn’t even know the reason. The allowance, the forgiveness follows as we allow our transformation process to take place. New can only take place, where there is space to take place, that should go without saying but I think many of us refuses this in this overwhelming times of global shift and internal shift. It is a struggle and perhaps that is what we should allow it to be. If someone tells it is easy and magical and they might belittle you in some way, then you should most definitely understand that their judgment is not about you, but their lack of seeing your process. Therefore value your own process and know that it is as unique as your fingerprint.

Coming back to letting go is to understand that we can’t get it back, we can’t have the person back and even if we did the person would not be the same who we used to know. This flow of life is often so subtle that we deny the changes that have took place. We wear the veil over our eyes and “glorify” the future that never happened or we paint some kind of scenery that cannot happen. I just wish that with this writing someone who reads this would let the flow of life happen and not attach so much. We are here alone and we do fine on our own till unexpected turn happens and our affirmations allow us to manifest our desires. We just need to learn and go through muddy time now as a collective and for many as personal levels too. For me it seems much to do with root chakra. At least I can be grateful that I know now how and where to address my healing practices and overall transformation work. In general I feel this is the area and energy that we all should work to heal ourselves and our mother earth too.

Times are distressful but I wish you will find your way to work your issues. My planetary love will flow to all of you who needs it to support and lift at the moments of distress and even despair. Do not give up! I know and sense that you wish this was over as I do too. Try to see goodness in this day and in the things that you can work with. Love and healing and pink flame from me to you all.

What is truly important as the time passes

This is a question we should ask ourselves more often because when we truly stop to think of this we might notice that things or events that seem so important are most likely not so important after a short while. I have asked this question now for 4 years quite frequently and have been able to let go of many things and events. The sadness, the lack mentality, the neediness disappears mostly from our everyday life. We might look “depressed” or reluctant to communicate, influence, take part to anything. That is not the case. Instead we are more aware of things that truly matter for us. We put everything under a magnifying glass so to speak.

We understand the value of our time here and even the things that we are not here to change, teach or guide no one. People or events that draw our intention are meant to happen so therefore they reveal or are obvious of what they mean to our growth or wellbeing. I suppose one could say that maturing and growing “old” is summarized in this. Wise man/woman knows when to speak and when to remain silent. The need to direct or teach lies within the event or moment. We don’t come to think next week or month but this moment and the interaction we are. The same it is with unconditional love. We enjoy the moment and maybe dream, but we are still ever so happy of this perfect moment and we know there are more same kind coming if not with that person or group then somewhere else with some other marvelous people.

What are your needs and wants for today? Are they self-serving or are they soul search and unconditional? Do you need time for your body to heal/soul to heal/mind to heal or are your needs met in a group gathering and sharing? Do you seek and need to see and feel beauty or do you need to dim a little bit from that overwhelming high vibe energy? Do you need more and what is it truly you need more? Do you then find explanations and reasons to start?

A little break from mundane life brings this into table once again. You are more focused and more willing to push it trough. Maybe it was just a coffee break with one article or maybe an event that took you to fancy party or concert. That is there to show you that you can push it further. Once you feel comfortable you see the bigger picture. It might look scary how determined we have become, how we have become the ones that enjoy our power to accomplish our hurdles. We understand that we are individuals taking our own life into our own hands. We become captains and commanders with clear voice, not with need to suppress others in a patriarchal way but only to know we have a right to choose that which serves us, that which brings us joy. So we stop taking part in parties, events and accepting things we don’t want in our life. We simply let go and arrange our inner world and outer space in a manner that suits us better.

It is kind of funny even what you are willing to let go, when you focus on the importance. Material world comes less important, your fame and fortune plays almost no part in your life, your own age come non relevant (I have forgotten my age almost completely). You don’t expect gifts from no one. All of this is simple but yet so difficult while we live in this matrix. Maybe it is just that we finally realize that in order to be important you need to let go of want or need to be important or in order to become famous you need to give up on want/need to be famous or in order to be wealthy you need to give up on need to be one etc. As circle closes we come to a point of knowing that being is what we seek. Peacefulness of knowing that your soul already told you what you are. Did you listen to it? Did you took the steps it guided you to do or was it your mind that said no I want this and that?

I wish you all a good and soulful day of knowing what you are! Let the inner force shine on you!


Storm birds need to soar and stay calm

Attacks! All sorts!

Please note when you are being triggered. Take peaceful approach. Understand what is going in your mind instead trying to respond or reply. Take steps away from them if you must. Staying calm and self-centered is our path.

Know where you are heading and keep that in mind. You are guided correctly the ways that suit you and your soul. This might not please those that are around you but do not go to fear or hesitation.

You might need to adjust some things right now or even change a teacher/coach. Know that it is normal. When we grow rapidly we need to gain knowledge and new information so we need to meet new people, read new books, articles, watch new videos/TV programs/ listen to new radio stations. Go with intuition and be ready to take fast moves.

The flight at the moment is like geese flight with hard winds. They need to make new formations all the time in order to be able to fly and to support those weakest ones. Today I saw this and it was a clear sign that this is what we should also do. Adjust and move around and support when someone is in need.

I know you all know this but I am just reminding you to get back to a drawing board so to speak. Be humble on your approach and work so that you can learn to work in new ways, more sufficient ways or even change course if that is what you need right now. This autumn storm is not over yet, but we can make it one day at the time.

I wish you all pleasant “flight” through storm my storm birds. Thank you and bless you! You are in my thoughts even though I need to stay above the strong wind now for my own healing. Know that you are loved and this will be OK some day.

How they see us

Going within and working from personal space to clear and clean seems to be the main focus for many of us however I have noticed concerns and warning on behalf of some. Their perception, understanding and concern is genuine. They truly think that which they express is loving and for the best interest of all parties. We as waken have to then navigate and weight all possibilities intuitively. If we take only what is written or said, we might feel some sort of need to defend. They see one side, one perception. Why are they so concerned? Why do they warn us? Is it because of change, the fear that they lose someone near to them? Is it because they feel embarrassed of our new “reality”? Are they afraid that we might have lost it all? Are they telling us that we should return back to what is so-called norm?

Isn’t this road obvious? Freedom hasn’t only one road sign. Freedom means expressions of individual freedom what ever that means to us. So even though our so-called “insanity” wouldn’t find any understanding, even if they had their own expressions and understandings of freedom we need to move on. It might mean that we have to be kind and smiling to them from our understanding and then let them be. This is an expression of unconditional love. We withdraw gracefully and lovingly. We know who we have become and we take full responsibility of our sanity/insanity. We seek help if we feel unstable or sick in some way, but we have also learned to say no thank you, we are well. They then might tell all the odds that we have lost it really. They show us all the research data and latest knowledge how some symptoms are implying to this or that.

What do we do then? Do we think that we can heal and find what is right? Do we trust that even if this was serious we would survive as soul. Do we still hang on to a fear of death? Is this a real reason for action or non action? If we see it do they see it? Could we compare our understanding and the reasons behind our actions?

So how do we find our way out so to speak? By simply going within and find those moments of happiness and bliss. For me it is bicycle ride to a seashore and beautiful music and colors that I see. The simplest of things in life lift me up to heavens and when this happens it is all fireworks in my heart space, fullness of self-love, angels singing hallelujah. When you reach the top, all you want to do is to spread and share this, for you know how powerful our collective strength is when fortified with this bliss.

It is time to spread some fireworks, it is time to feel bliss even this moment might bring you aches, sadness of some sort. Take the moment to feel God’s/universe’s love. Love is there all the time, trying to whisper, colors shown, melodies, vibes and happiness to give you lift up from fearful mind.

Rainbows and white light for all of you! My heart sings the highest love song there is, I wish you can receive it. Take care!

Analytical mind is preventing your spiritual growth

Analytical mind based way to live is fear based and control based set of life. I am not implying that we should give up on this or ignore our need to analyze, but only pointing out that what I feel for the most of us humans, analytical mind is keeping us where we are. Analytical mind is trying to give reason, plan ahead, know the right way, prevent us from falling, keeping us safe and certain. The data we analyze then comes to a focus. Do we have the “full” knowledge or are there misunderstandings, mislead on someones behalf? Do we see how things are or do we have those tinted classes on? All of us know that we sure do have those perceptions of ourselves and others as well but as long as we realize that our perception might blur some understanding we are capable to do and step to our desired direction. So we analyze, but only in this moment to give us the choices and clarity to make next moves.

So in order to be able to move on and make moves, we need to prioritize what is important and what is not. The love of self is basis of making decisions. The less we feel deserving, love ourselves, doubt or feel lack the more we will stay in the mind-set of reasoning and analyzing. We need to let go a little. We need to realize that whatever we decide is movement and that is always good.

For some reason this came as a strong message to myself today. Maybe it is that, that I try to find balance with analytical and feel based mind sets, because if we go too much into one direction the scale will go off-balance and cause more disruption. As we move in time we must focus on more the now moment because then it will be easier to do reality based analysis according to our feel based desires. The ship will obey us instead of drifting where the storms are taking us.

What I am saying is that we should use analysis but use it within time frame so that we wouldn’t make assumptions for the future. We can and should visualize and see all the good that we wish to come true, but we should not include that visions to our today’s plans. I guess what it means for many of us is that we should not run away from our “troubles”, fears or challenges. This is all so very common and general but how often one who wishes to gain spiritual growth runs away today hurdles? How often we only wish the good to be right here already? So maybe our escape is over all preventing us from taking action to things that need to be addressed.

The frustration of old that repeats might be one reason not to take action and focus to today’s chaos. The knowing that people have always act certain ways and even if we would seek new people we would only attract manipulative, controlling and deceitful ones. The lack of trust and knowing how things have always being are there to limit us to make new analysis and understanding how things might develop. We are then cutting cords and making new connections to find new solutions and new kind of energy to have around. We ask if anyone is able to know what we need to know in order to do our decisions. Yet this old energy keeps turning up and not allowing us to know and learn all that we need to know. We try to focus our intention to know who to ask and what to ask with open mind if the knowledge given applies to our situation. We analyze with this new and wish it gives the missing pieces to know how to work on our own to a new day and new circumstances.

We take responsibility of the thing that have been kept under darkness from us, that we haven’t been given the answers we need to know to make our ways. The good thing is that we already have confidence in knowing that we have the power within so we don’t need to wait to receive any power. The only open question is to attract and find right people to teach us what we need to know and how to carry on fully empowered.

Spiritual growth moves us then in a balanced way up. It is like all our Chakras  would move little higher in our bodies. The dimension between each Chakra stays the same but through this shift they kind of find new vibration level. (I just saw a vision of this and I am not sure was I able to explain it the way anyone could understand but it made a lot of sense to me.) Hope it gave some understanding to others as well. It just feels that it makes sense if our consciousness is shifting now. Our energy and vibe goes higher even thought our centers are staying in place. So it would mean that in the future once one has reached the higher consciousness we would find easier to connect to higher vibe spirits better.

Love and happiness to your path and tasks today! Go where you need to go and do it with grace. Every task and every chore is important.


Angel number that is. What I received today within my morning meditation was quite eye-opening. There was healing for the places and for the people and their DNA but there was also judgment day for falsehood and those who have spread false truth. Gabriel gave message that those, who might have had visions of their own “dooms day” might be facing that day soon. It is not God’s fury but merely putting things right, since people haven’t been able to do so themselves. This is God’s way to help those who have been putting their hopes outside of themselves. God and angels are willing to assist now to turn this planet again to a planet of love.

This vision was mostly loving and beautiful. Much healing for Africa and its people was given. Our air got some protection and purging, our Atlantic Ocean got some oxygen and was cooled. The Gulf stream got healing so that it could operate how it was planed to keep Atlantic alive and well. Those people who needed healing got some Christ light and as a sign of love and purity it was sealed with rainbow and golden light. Those who will face “dooms day” will notice how their judgment will come so I am not going to address any particular event or symptom, just be aware that what will happen is according to plan.

Over all what was given was support and healing. Mother Earth did her part with 24 angels to seal the well-being of the planet. They all encouraged us light workers to do our share. The energy blast might be hard to cope, but we were reminded that this is what we chose to do. So even if it means physical death to a body, we should continue to the end of this lifetime.

Remember that there is no death. No one can kill the soul. Much love! Keep doing what you do. You are loved and doing your part exactly as asked and planed. Love is the power that overcomes darkness. We are love and we have won.