Healing waters within and without

Part of ascension in to shed tears for yourself and others. You open your heart and realize all this madness and then you clear it out of your mind body and spirit. I personally did part of this healing today myself. First came the tears and I thought why and then I was shown the healing I was doing and to whom I should connect thru Reiki energy to help them too. This task was a big one so eventually I was sucking the bad energy from the others involved. My heart was aching like crazy but since I was with my spirit team I was confident enough to suck and release it to the spirit realm for transmutation. At the end of this session came the good part, I was guided to suck the new DNA to all of us and then share it with them. The colors were golden and Chrystal and also some rainbow.

After the session I felt peace and calm but thought that I should now take care of my body’s needs to clear it all away. Some of that energy was still in my body so I was guided to drink plenty of water today and some green tea and to go out into the nature. In fact I was guided to transit to my dear mother oak, who is already over 500 years of age. I met her yesterday for the first time after winter so the connection was still very much open. She took me warmly into her loving body and sucked me in with my twin. Oh how that felt comforting and I was able to release all the rest of that sad energy into her. She showed me that it was going up into the spirit realm.

After this I ended my session and saw the angel who was white and golden, she gave me blessing and I was feeling so grateful that I shed some tears again, but this time they were tears of joy.

So my message today is not to mind so much what we are called to do but to do it with passion. There is never a task minor to other, nor there should be judgement on your behalf or anyone else. If we listen to our guidance we can’t go wrong. And we should also remember that even the task might look like not so joyful the end can be joyful. Healing means mostly that we need to deal with pain, hardship or difficulties. We need to accept that and sometimes just allow it to happen. That is the loving work we came here to do.

Loving and healing energies to finally overcome the aggression, hate, jealousy. That is all. One mission, one step at the time. We can do this, we have the energy we need to succeed. LOVE TO EVERYONE!


To know your TF

You need to know yourself and you need to come from a place of authenticity. You don’t have to be perfect for they love you who you are, but there is no place for clouded truth.

They are demanding and they know/feel if you try to straighten the corner or leave meaningful things unsaid/shared. The way you treat yourself sets the tone how you treat them so they are monitoring you to be able to tell if you are “worthy” to know them better. Remember that they have their values and standards how they let people to treat them. You are no different from anyone else. Only by knowing your own values and owning your own power you are able to come forward.

TF is about knowing yourself and loving yourself as much as the other. Are you sure you love yourself as much? Have you done your work? They will not come to you and tell how they want to be treated for you have to realize it yourself. Do not come from a place of cultural mind or ego but from a place of heart energy. You know who they are by knowing yourself. They may have some differences but those are minor facts, human facts.

Is it the need to speak/communicate now? She/he has their abilities that maybe differ from yours so you just need to know how to communicate. When the channel is open, they are receiving. Sometimes they might be hesitant or unwilling to respond. Some are more within the angelic realms so they need to be contact more from that place than thru other ways. Our skill develop all the time too, so maybe later they can communicate other ways.

When coming closer it would be appropriate to ask if something bothers. Her/his love is unconditional, they will try to work and help the other one as well as possible. Most of us TF’s have some form of social media sites/profiles to make asking possible. Hiding is only a form of insecurity about the fact that one might not be sure if it is for them that they are asking. This can also mean communication thru telepathy, though it gets less mixed up than social media.

Love as partners is a different matter that love as friends and co-creators, that is also a thing to be considered. Higher self has planed this meeting and there might be other people to consider, specially their feelings, when opening and allowing this communication/co-creation. Therefore it would be ideal to know little bit more about the other person, but people are what they are. Most people are not authentic with this matter, which can be a impediment for co-creation. At least for myself kind of person. I have to know the proper protocol. Most people don’t care I have noticed. (This was just a side trail how I see things.) We have to respect each and everyone’s way, but it sure helps in the process when you know that you are not stepping to anybody’s toes. Now some people might say that all we need to do is think ourselves to know the wants and so on, but let me just say, that is the cause to the most of the situations we have lead ourselves in this world. The elbow tactics, the wants, the needs etc.

The TF is one thing and the love partner is an other. Yes they may be the same person, but then again they may not. You may daydream and visualize, but if the other (TF), is not in the same page to become lover then you are just making yourself extremely miserable. Therefore it would be so much more easier to set the protocol how you two are going to work, when you are ready for your mission. Yes there will be more lovers/real life partners maybe in the future, for we are setting a new template to  partnership, but this is a time of change and we need to understand that not everyone will be ideal partners. And even if TF’s would find themselves living under same roof, the road will not be smooth as it never is for lovers. We should accept that. Part of living as lovers means to deal with hardships, it is a way to learn and grow. My advice would be simply to take a bull by the horns and work thru hardship, learn to listen carefully and learn to speak when necessary for silence is a well known killer.

I wish lots of love to everyone’s journey towards their happy meaningful relationships, whether they are TF or other.

Love between friends

Love is not complicated between true friends . You can stay in touch or stay disconnected for a while. As soon as you find a reason to connect, to have a conversation or they pass on your mind you will find contentment in the connection. True friends don’t make themselves feel unwanted or hurt. They love and feel comfort to know each other.

True friend values the time and the effort put into the relationship. True friends also give space and understand that the “separation” is not real, but merely a space between the next meeting. So coming together again and even knowing it will happen eventually gives joy and pleasure. Love between the two gives peace that you have a place in their heart and you have a same space for them too in your heart as well.

Not even death can separate them form us, because in the heart they stay. With your clearcogniece you can see and talk to them, just like they were sitting right next to you. So no matter what, stay happy knowing that you will meet again because energies stay connected as long as you allow that to happen.

True friends don’t leave, not really. Physical world may separate them from us but we should not miss them, because when we learn the higher way to connect we can feel their body, we can hug them and hold their hand or talk to them. There is no separation anymore.

I know many Twin Flames feel the agony and anxiety because of the separation. Many TF’s would want to know their physical “other halves”, but sometimes that is not meant to happen. Letting go is the only way. Understanding that they are your true friends will help many on the way. TF union is really about the individual growth nothing more or less. They mirror their lack in the connection. The conversation or lack of it for example, is more about each individual than the lack of communication. The love to yourself will help you to see this. You can understand that they don’t want to change you not really, but to help you to see what you need to realize to work on yourselves.

I know it would be so much easier to have conversations and reflections within 3D way, but the truth is that it would  create more confusion. Words would just twist. You just have to work it yourself, thru the dark night of the soul, to learn you cannot blame, be a victim or judge. Twins don’t reflect you, they reflect their own lack, insecurity etc. Therefore you cannot learn a thing from them, but you have to go within you yourself. That is why there is a “separation”. Once I might have said myself that words would help me to find what I need to see and how to grow, but that would have only created the situation where my TF would have “manipulated” me to grow to be someone that I was not. His words might have only explained things from his perspective, not mine. Understanding that rises from within added to actions and words shared makes you to grow, because you put it all together yourself. You heal yourself and create new you, without help.

The other thing is the shadow of a twin, it is very clear and easy to determine that you are not that, you don’t value those things. They are there to create push so that you will stay away to do the work on your own. The shadow has also an other meaning, which is to accept the dark and the light that we are. More important fact is though the fact that it is clearing the way to us to see who we truly are and the values that are important to us.

The truth is that TF and true friendships teach us to find ourselves in a hard way. There might be better and easier ways in the future we will see. We just have to accept the path being taken and lessons that it gave us. We are now ready to move on and find better relationships, truer and authentic connections. We know now who we are and how we want to be loved. Our shadow might have been harsh with their actions or their actions might have felt unfair but the truth is that love was behind of it all all the time. The healing has been done. The self love has been restored, that is one big gift even we might not see it this way.

Loving myself

I accept myself completely.

I forgive my lacks.

I am complete right now right here.

I am enough.

We might indulge ourselves sometimes to fulfill the shame and the lack. We might feel imperfect and judge ourselves harshly. That is not necessary. Let go! Know that you are the key. You can make it happen. You can turn the tables around till the rest of your days. It is not about the goal but the journey that you choose to take.  Make your own decisions, learn from the opinions but don’t let them lead you astray. You are the captain of your own ship. Accept your situation and take the course to the next harbor.