Learn rise up again, stop judging yourself

Today we are focusing on judgement. Specially condemning yourself is on the table. We take the stories other people tell about us, their judgement their lack of empathy. Then we grow into thinking that this is the permanent truth about us, that we are not able to change. We start to see these lacks within and make excuses, not seeing that it takes one foot in front of the other. One small change after another. Yes, I know change hurt, sometimes more sometimes less, but the truth is that it hurts. So we have to allow the hurt, the lack of motivation at times but after a fall and after some rest stand up again and start to move. The hurt will heal while moving on. It can be like stormy sea, but eventually the storm will settle, the tides will come smaller.

So learn to forgive yourself of your lack of motivation, your tiredness at times. Allow the natural flow of things, but never stay down there. Never allow yourself to think this is it. I am only this and that. Yes, you may have physical disabilities but they are not there to stop you but you to learn to work with them. And yes, you may have to learn that you have not loved your body as well as you could have, but you can do it now, from this day forward. Start to detox from everything that is making you feel lethargic, sleepy, lack of motivation. All the people, situations, food, habits, etc.. Investigate and make adjustments, small changes. Give yourself the love you are entitled. You only receive the love you give to yourself, remember that. If you feel disgust or lack, you only attract that treatment back to yourself. So learn to know how your body, soul and spirit wants to be loved.

Allow the love to come into your life from within and without. I love you all so much. Go with peace and knowing that we are all imperfect but perfect in that way we are. We are the work in process till the day we pass on from here, after that we will be only love and perfection, eternal as we already are her as well, but more complete. We just have to allow and understand that eternal is already here, we don’t have to wait. This is it! This is heaven on Earth and our collective love, we just have to allow.

So take it in!!! Rainbows and crystals to spark!!!!


Rainbow bridge to gates of Heaven is open

Rainbow is the theme for this day, so what to say about it? Well at first you could visualize rainbow within. Perhaps first on you core, your chakra/energy system and then if possible to expand on  all your bodies. And if this is not too wild then maybe even visualizing rainbow light into your every cell, giving you delight and love and nurture you need. THE JOY you have been looking from external event for so long. The love that you seek in within your every cell, ready to shine like the sun of fire of the phoenix.

So what are you waiting for little Sparrow? What is your excuse today? Don’t give yourself any today, but enjoy your full potential, the real you. Fly my darlings! Your wings are dry and ready to be spread. Sore like a phoenix to new sky to explore. You remember, this is nothing new really, you just have to remember, like riding a bike.

Be happy, be in the now moment. See the colors, smell the Earth, flowers, the rain the soil. All senses are at their full potential now. Don’t let the judgement of those still asleep to make you crawl.  Jump where you can, play like a child. Do not look back, there is nothing anymore you need grasp.

Make a new painting. Sing a new song. Leave negative self-doubt. Those chains didn’t serve you well did they? They are off, believe me. You can do this. Heaven is open!! Let’s go and listen to this choir of Angels now.

Saying goodbye

How hard can it be? How this time slips away and the correct and most appropriate way tries to find its way to come out. Yet we try with tears in our eyes. Moment just past by and now that it is over we are saddened by the way we handled that goodbye, knowing that there is never an easy way. The goodbyes come always too soon, are inconvenient or harsh in some way.

We just have to grow thru this and we have to let go. Forget the past in some respect. Learning and knowing that this tiny part of you will always stay within. You were so diverse. You were silent yet loud at times. You were strong minded but so very insecure within. Your eyes spoke much more than what your lips ever did. Those kind eyes, that I know have seen so much.

Now that the moment has past and you went away, I wish I could only say that do not doubt. You have goodness inside of you, just let it come thru. You are so balanced and ready to fly, do not doubt that time has already gone by.

Is persistance serving our higest good

Today I see that even in some respect persistence is what makes us succeed, it can be very, so very toxic behavior. We persist on wrong people, situation, habits and so forth without realizing that this is in fact the very thing we should release before we are ready to move on. This has been discussed many times and it depends every time on different things so there is no general guide line on how to proceed, but word of giving a thought to reflect how you should proceed is the only correct path to find the solution.

You mature with your actions, so there is no wrong doing or choices made. You simply feel the consequences of your persistence or letting go. Observation should be made of how you feel according your actions and choices. The key to guide you forward, not how someone else is responding or lack or their response. So therefore self awareness should tell you more than outside information you get from those around you. Yes they reflect you but also their inner world. You will, learn to hear your own intuition, your own voice, how some response resonates with you or your actions. Listen to that voice and take actions according to that. So if your inner voice guides you to leave or leave some comment unnoticed believe that is correct and truth to you. Your emotional compass is your guide.

When negative response arises, be discerning. Take a pause and weight your response and actions. Your persistent belief that someone will chance or the situation may change can be true, but it can also take so much time that waiting might be endless. So live your life and let go if you feel like it. People who belong to your growing curve will catch up if they are meant to. Do not waste time on waiting. You can only be persistent on your own growing not other people or situations. This is matter of maturing. The more your persist the more someone will recede from your life.

This kind of phenomena happens all around, but more so on Twin Flame relationships. It is part of growing and maturing I know, but persistence and insisting on or expectations can be just what we need to give up, not to hang on. We only add up to our own hurt and add difficulties on the relationship. There might be time that we could come around with someone, but there could also be no such time in this life. It is all a matter or how each individual is willing to grow and learn about their flaws. As long as someone is persistent to believe that they have reached their full potential or they are now in the correct paradigm or they have shifted and released karmic patterns they step away from ascension. They start to act reluctantly on their own growth and start to believe something is nailed down. This is not so, there is no stopping ever anymore. Growth and ascension, moving up and learning is the only now from this forward. Those who persist on stagnation will automatically stay behind. They are so free to choose so, but that should not stop someone else YOU. So take you discernment on matters of your own growth, do not let it stagnate.

Darkness will fade away

Why do we allow ourselves to be treated like this? What is the karma and for who? Why do we have to be spitting cups for envious, jealous and disappointed souls? Why don’t we stop this? Why do we allow all of this?

I pray for heavens and Angels to help us lift our feelings and energy so that we could leave this so called entitled revenge paradigm into where it belongs. I wish we could pause before our reply and just let go. Let go of people. Live in your own peace and wish them peace too.

Our silence is not the reply of anger, resentment or revenge but merely a gesture that we are letting go. We do not need the lesson, nor this person to be part of our life. We only wish they would allow this same to happen. They and we will move on and find much better suited people to our lives. The life is full of potential and earth is full of people who can teach us in loving way. So understand that silence means letting go in every respect. It was always like this for mature people. Know that the flow and the currency will carry them and us into much better tomorrow. People have seen enough mud and rain, it is time to put our both feet on the solid clean rock and whistle this to END once and for all. There is no return, there is no looking back. Run free people! Feel the new fresh wind and the fresh smell of lovely flowers that you have planted yourself. They blossom now, you harvest what you once planted. Hope you chose well then. Hope your season of summer heat flourishes like your lovely soul.

Love is so much stronger than resentment or jealousy. Love will share its goodness. Love will win!

Seeing thru the rose tinted glasses

I fly so high. I see everything thru rose tinted glasses. I am so in love with that spirit. Who am I talking about?? I am talking about one small one, who lives in my house, the one who has so deep soul and understanding to me that whenever we speak or look into each other it is like thousand lights igniting in me. She is so very special and because of her me and my family have raised our vibration continually and we have been able to expand our love vibration to nature and to each other better.

You see, there was a time when my family felt like we were all falling apart, but now that has all changed. It is all just because she has made us aware and to take small steps and actions every day towards love. Our speak and our service comes all influenced by loving kindness. We want to expand and share that joy and lovely feeling of gratitude. And the point is that she is not actually doing anything for us in materialistic manner, she is just sharing her vibe and 100% presence and of course her authentic self. Just by being so she is able to lift us higher.

My point is that never belittle anyone. Never ignore those near to you, who do so much for you even though you do not see their work. We all matter so much and I would say that the smallest of us somehow seem to act and do even greater than loud and grander at some times. So please pay attention and be grateful of those little ones. They might not be able to do great things but their life can have a great impact on yours, you will thank one day.

Lovely weekend to you all!

Shine on thru your growing pain

What could I say? How much would I just want to shift all the insecure thoughts we are going thru right now. I am only one soul and there is only so much work that I can do per day, but I do it anyway, no matter how much clutter they trow at me, how much mocking words and judgement comes pointing at me. I do it anyway.

I wish I could make you see thru the veil and heal your wounds. I wish I could heal that insecure person, who thinks they need to compete or be better, that they are not enough. You are enough! You shine your very own magic, your very own and individual light. Don’t let their words or judgement stop you. This is your life and your way to see things. Keep on dreaming the things you wish to come true. I know I am the one doubting so often, so I know what I am taking about. Do your dreaming anyway and try to live your life in this chaotic word too.

This might be the time we see ourselves losing so much. Let it go! See it as a new beginning, what ever you need to give up or leave behind. I believe that most of the time it is our longing to keep people that are toxic in our lives, not so much about the material things. There is a time for grieving and there is a time to see the tidal waves to disappear. Give yourself time. Forgive and forget! Do it for yourself and for the other. Remember that good times can stay in your heart, the person was not always toxic, for they were on the same level as you were. Do not judge yourself, but just leave the past behind. Know that you have ascended, you have evolved to a higher version of you. Celebrate that and listen to your intuition where it tells you to look next. There are people and lessons awaiting you. See that as a wonderful opportunity. See the future awaiting. Do not look or see the people who choose to look past situations or tell how or who you used to be, for you are no longer there. Choose to shine now, choose to be new you!

Emotional but strong is to have faith over love

Why do we give so much power over poems, words, music or polite compliments? Why do we trust, when we should doubt or at least protect our fragile heart? It is part of us having faith and hope that love will once again rule our world. It is our never ending strong faith, that all of us have this fabulous shining light within, but some of us have put behind walls.

We who are open to being fragile, should remember to give more compliments, sincere thanks and smiles wherever we go. We should be the ones who remind others of the light within.

So gather circle of love around you and learn to receive as well as notice those who need a little uplift. It is good to do the general work, but more powerful will it always be to have one on one connection. Remember that!

I think this very song goes as an uplift to my post today. Happy and abundant day to you! So much love and heart energy from me to you all!

Are you the one who is too afraid to step forward?

Today I noticed in social media that some people are hesitant who to choose to date with or have even further commitments. This is what I have learned and found very helpful on choosing people. Go within first of all. Do not listen to advice too much, because people are giving advice from their personal experience. You know best! That is the first rule. The second rule would be to look the situation in a long run. If you could imagine someone beside you as you are unable or the other one is unable to connect or merge with you physically but still you feel the love , that is when you know you have found someone worth keeping. I happen to know from my own experience that people might not be able to express their physical love, but the higher connection will satisfy you never the less. You are willing to continue living with that person anyway.

The other thing I noticed was about letting someone know that you have feelings for them. I think it is very good that we have feelings for as many people as possible, that is only telling us that we are emphatic. Caution is  appropriate of course and we should also be able to clarify if it is friendly love or something more what we are feeling. First to ourselves and then admit that to other person. We should also evaluate our life situation, are we connected and happy with the partner we are sharing our life with or is it just the lack of connection that drives us into the arm of an other “lover”(this goes with singles and coupled up ones). If the other is just substitute for the lack our present partner then it would be appropriate to go within and ask the question from oneself “why is this so?”. It might be so that our life partner has tough the lessons we need to learn. We might need to let them go no matter what the situation is in the family. If we are reluctant to acknowledge the problems we are only making things more intense in the future. If we are single and able to be happy and satisfied on our own company then I would say that one is ready to meet a soul partner. Partnering should never start from neediness nor the feeling of lack of something. This doesn’t mean that we would have it all and we wouldn’t want to experience things together with someone, but we are happy doing things on our own or with OUR own friends, for I see it is very important to both parties to have private friends to go out or have hobbies. This is because if you will find yourself breaking up you will not be dependant on your parners or your mutual friends, they might not want to spend time with you if you break up for numerous reasons. So never give up on your own circle no matter what your marital status is. Know who are healthy to be around with but never give up on your own friends for partner’s sake.

What is this talk about separation?

I noticed this morning that people feel separated from their beloved ones, people are sad and doubtful. I wonder why? I wonder is it more important to serve our purpose and do our work than to cuddle and snuggle and make love every night? I know how important it is to lift the energy up now but isn’t it so that if we give in to sadness, feeling of separation and lack we already give in to lower frequencies? I so wish we would all realize this. There is no separation, but only ego’s want and illusion. It is the lower energies that tries to separate and make us to believe that crap.

It is true that sometimes we need to “separate” to heal ourselves or go thru some storms on our own and our beloved may not know or understand this process, but that is what we do to lift the energy up again. Sure it would mean a world to have an ideal “partner”, who would support us and help us to grow thru our difficulties, but we can’t force anyone. If someone is not capable to support, we should let them be. On the other hand one might not be willing to ask support, it might be because they don’t realize they could get assistance or support or they are too arrogant and self centered. Whatever the reason, the other person is only allowed to help when recognized the need of help or the willingness to give help in some situation. So the lack of communication or silence is really a killer, the reason for the “suffering” of the soul and “separation”.

Sometimes it might be easier to concentrate on partner and lack of his/her attention than on your own issues. We put our own difficult things aside so we can have the victim mentality or moan about the lacks. The truth is that we can find support if we trust the universe to lead us to right person in whatever we are facing. It is not always the ideal partner, who is the best one to support us but maybe a friend of a relative or even someone else.

So the suffering is all about our own perspective and where we put our attention. What we give power to, grows within us. Are we willing to do the work ourselves or are we waiting to be “saved”? We are not chick-lings anymore, we need to find our own power and path. We need to understand that love means more than just the lovemaking or romance. It is not about giving and getting but willingness to give and acceptance to receive.

I wish from the bottom of my heart everyone joyful times and peacefulness. Collective is only as strong as you think you are. The more peaceful and confident you are the more peaceful the whole world will be. Then that means more peaceful path for you to walk and more peaceful people you to meet. So go blessed and peaceful, all is well and on it’s way to better.