Where do we put our focus on?

Do you share fear and doubt or do you share love and visions of positive possibilities? When we say that this shift is about mind control it means by all means that one should learn to free themselves out of this so-called brain wash machine that we are into. We should be present and observe and understand the phenomena and what it means to us. After we have digested the info we should be mindful how we collectively share onwards the info and knowledge. Do we go into old energy that says all new technology is only a new type of mind control machine or do we see the potential of the new technology to our freedom? How could we enhance? What are the methods and ways to turn this into collective empowerment and service to all instead of service to self and chosen few? This is not an easy task and every choice  that we make has to be mindful and for the highest good. This on the other hand means the acceptance of “errors”. One is evolving and none of us are in the same situation. we all use words and expressions that we are used to so the misunderstandings and misinterpretations are more than common. However we should not be stopped by this, but instead we should use it to unify us to have wider understanding of things that are controlling us, the cabal or negativity or whatever you choose to name it.

If we choose to label things we separate and stay in the old, but if we choose observe and fearlessly take steps to use our information to overcome the power of those in control we will notice the shift. In a way we become the controllers, but instead of spreading the negativity and all catastrophic possibilities, we take power in a loving way. We know what is best for us and we also now that even there was a mind control machinery still running we have the final say how it can act upon us. Everyone choose’s their own ways out of this and this is the only way. One can not say the other way is better than the other. Just be observing and avoid the exact right and wrong, avoid judgment for that will lead you into the old control machinery. Read a lot, listen a lot.Connect the dots in your own mind and continue to observe and doubt. As one said it well nothing is what it appears to be. Even a shiny apple can be rotten inside.

We are told that energy don’t lie, but is this really so? Negative or trusting approach to this question will determine how you are able to take control over your own body. Be responsible. The only right answer I should say is happiness and “beingness”. What I found was helpful yesterday, was the conversation in the net that was summarizing of this being. We are what we choose to be in this very present. No matter what we do if the being (feel) is negative, the experience will appear to our present moment as negative. If we choose to be positive, no matter what the outer circumstances are we will vibrate the higher energy and feel less anxious, less fearful, less frustrated. The shift starts within. You are not a victim you can start today. Be the change you want to see.

The other remarkable understanding or remembering was that when we focus to the outside we see probably our circumstances less severe. We can put our circumstances into perspective. If you put the good, the knowledge and the abundance (whatever that is) that you have in you, you put the abundance into motion. Keep this in mind. Share the abundance instead the lack.

I want to thank those people who helped me yesterday to make today better. I will not name them here, but only expressing my gratitude towards the collective unity where we all are moving into. Do you see what I mean? Do you see the potential of the collectivity? We are the ones that choose whether it is  fear or love, control or freedom, jealousy or sharing. The ideas and knowing within collective is far more powerful than the power of self, so be mindful what you share and how you form your thought patterns, they weave in your head a neural connection that you take with you even to the other side but more so the new earth that we are so hard trying to form here.

BE THE CHANGE, BUT BE THE POSITIVE ONE! TAKE CONTROL TO YOURSELF, THEY DON’T HAVE A CHANCE WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE POSITIVE AND COLLECTIVE POSITIVE MORE SO. Go with love wherever you go and respect everyone, even your so-called enemies. Much love and patience. Do your best and don’t let anyone else to determine what that is. We are the change and love will win!


Learning to adjust to serve and leave the old mind control behind

This came up last night and I thought maybe we should remind ourselves of this. Maybe it would be important for us light workers to remind our followers/ pupils of this. It is about the use of words. It is about how we explain things. We line up with vocabulary that is familiar to our belief system. We do our best to explain and by doing so trying to help everyone to ascend. Our pupils/followers might come from different belief system but for some reason they are drawn to us. So they get irritated when we use certain phrases or vocabularies. They say they don’t believe. So what do we do? Do we get angry and punish them by excluding them from the page/group or do we try to make them understand the overall phenomena? Do we try to use their vocabulary to make them see that overall it is about the same thing, the same problem they are facing? So do we let the separation and old mind control to walk over us and defeat both of us or do we stand up and try again?

If they choose to leave and have a tantrum that is their chose. They need to be stopped for their reasons. Let them go if this happens. Do not run after. Freedom is the power to choose for oneself not for both of you. We light workers try so often make the change to happen, even if it was not someone’s chose. So we should only stay calm and observe if they want or are ready to listen. Only then can we use different vocabulary to clear the situation that is in fact only two different perspectives or belief systems colliding. In fact this is the external ascension that we are taking about, the thing that we should learn to understand and accept each others as we are. We are different, but we are also very similar. Our stories, our holy books, our use of phrases describing phenomena’s are different but we can come in peace and start to realize that this is exactly what we need to shift. We don’t need to change, but we need to learn to operate and have wider perspective. The words are limiting but that is the 3D we need to operate from.

So the thought of today is to keep in mind that no matter how irritated or triggered you or someone else get, you need to overcome your issues and see the nod in the rope. Then like Hercules, use your power to open that nod to enable the clear understanding and co-work to exist. It is really not that hard, if we allow to put our emotional reaction aside once in a while. This comes very handy now that many are starting to awaken in masses. They question and ask question that we are not necessarily prepared for. The most important thing is just to keep it simple, meaning we don’t let our feelings control over rational when in situations where someone is just realizing and learning things we already know.

The thing is that if we allow our tantrums and anger to control our reactions when someone doesn’t understand us, disagrees and denies we have not learned our own lesson. We are still in the state or old matrix mind control (triggered when pushed buttons). Never the less our emotional feeling tell us what to do. This means exactly the opposite what the emotional thermometer shows to us. If the steam wants to come out it is time to calm down and if we feel the hurt and need to draw ourselves out of the situation, then this is the time to speak up, to stand up for yourself. It is finding the balance between the courage and peace so to speak. The key here is a sense of respect (self-respect, respect to the other).

Much love and loving light to all those facing challenging situations. Keep yourselves together. You got this! NO need to fear or feel anxious. Support is there if you allow it to calm you and rap its arms around you and kiss you on the forehead.

TRUST that things are going for the better

Just a very short one today. It is more like question. Do you get confused? Is this info and all objectives and perspectives too much? Do you look outside without reflecting what resonates with your truth? We all do that. We take info and we get anxious because we are too full of that all. We don’t come to think of that, that we need to “digest” before we are ready to share, teach and comprehend. The world is going too fast all the time. At least this is what I feel so very often. Then comes the time to take out those favorite records that are melodic and smooth. They give you rhythm and resolve maybe some need to do it all at once to keep up in schedule that is ever-changing. If we talk about the universal schedule, we can’t measure it. We can only have intention and focus and of course those affirmations. The peace and inner-knowing follows. Then it is just patience and leaving ALL DISTRACTIONS to be where they need to be. You know where! Exactly. Do you trust? Do you see the outcome? Are you happy or are you hesitant? You don’t have to share that vision. You don’t have to confirm it out loud all the time. All you have to do is keep your faith and intention long enough in one place so that things could manifest for you. The bigger the “plan” the longer it takes. So if you think of the world peace, you sure can work with that and most likely have the intention for the rest of your life. So do you go to despair because you don’t see the results? You shouldn’t. See the progress and be happy about that. Know that your good thought is lifting us all. See the good coming, because it is coming. Shadows and irritation will cease to exist if you don’t give them power in your life anymore.

Have a lovely week! Loving hugs and kisses to everyone’s foreheads. Let there be peace!

Rejuvenation and self-love

Morning coffee with social media. Overjoy! So many articles and posts that are lighting the way to others and helping people to understand what is happening. Yet I need to point out that in a way this is exactly what we should get rid of. The moments of hesitation the questioning. This only road with many possibilities. No turn is right or wrong. You just dive into these energies and navigate with your own compass. Sometimes it is stormy seas and you have to stay mindful all the way through rough waters and sometimes it is like Sunday picnics. None of the choses made is wrong, they are just external situations you have created with your own compass. So learn to sail or sink whatever is OK. This is to say that we accept what is.

In  my own life this would mean the acceptance of my condition that seems severe is some way. I am creating so I continue to talk to my cells and soul. I tell them how it is. How the future will present itself to my reality. And then I smile. The LOVE fills me up. The acceptance is yin and yang. This may sound hard and it is if we hold on to certain outcome. We think that our beloved should do something or we should live somewhere etc. But the feeling is more important behind of all of this. The knowing that you love sea and you like to live by the water creates the best outcome, if this is what you desire, as it is for myself. You can fine tune things and visions while you navigate, but you should never set in stone just one possibility.

Actually I was not going to talk about this subject but this came with the flow as it so often comes. Maybe there was a saying with the music that plays in the background. Energy flies so high that it is almost impossible to concentrate. I am also learning and understanding new things about myself at the same time. Multi tasking this has been for so long. I do my best as I believe you dear reader do too. We are growing our heart space to accept enormous varieties of possibilities and situations and also opinions that could ever exist. This is what unconditional love is, the acceptance of each other and self-respect, love and understanding what is good for you.

The other subject is about sabbath. Taken out of the religious context and from time. We all need rejuvenation. We can choose the time and place that suits us best but the importance to cut yourself out of the wheel  is one of the most important spiritual practices human should learn. To have your own space, without interference. To go within and allow the silence that is full of talk at first. With practice you will find the total silence and peace. The time ceases to exist and all the questions reside for a moment. This is what we say when we talk about mindful I am presence. One can drift away from this practice even as master so we are never ready. We just have to notice what is surfacing and allow it to drift it away then if it is not what we are doing or needing at this present. After your moment of solitude, peace and pray/meditation you can go back and collect the stuff you left there. You simply ask yourself to remind what was exiting and important that you wanted to explore forward. Maybe it was a course or paying bills or whatever. Rejuvenated mind can pick up more easily things from past or future. You are more tuned in. Your focus is more intense, your energy is calmer and you will be able approach situations in a constructive manner and even find solution faster and easier manner.

So my message of love today is to rejuvenate and find time from your timetable. You are important and you matter as much as anyone else. Go with peace for everything that we need to accomplish will have its divine timing. LOTS OF LOVING ANGEL TOUCHES TO EVERYONE!! Special thanks to Laura Pausini for her angel voice have helped me many times to find self-love within. God be with you!

How would I title this one? LOVE MESSAGE, Grande amore?

I am asking the guidance, yet I know this is the one that I HAVE TO write with integrity, honesty, and pure heart.

You know that my love is pure and angelic. You know that I am not from here so to speak. My other part is always at the other side, so it is very difficult and consuming to try to live this physical life. You know that I have wanted to step through the veil. You say that you know me inside out. Maybe that is so. Maybe you think you know what I need to learn and I don’t. Do you see how you see me? Do you see the other corner? You like to mention that so often. Are you agitated from my phrases?

I promised you direct and honest view how I feel. I am pacifist what it goes to love. I think there is someone special for every soul, so I do not make a fuss and fight over anyone. It is true that I make mistakes, I am not remembering everything what I came here for. I believe that what I see in my meditations are messages that guide me to teach or to tell others. Sometimes those meditations are personal, not meant to you or anyone else. I want my privacy, it is so dear to me and for all of those who live in my neighborhood. So I resent gossiping and fights or popularity over hearts, over lovers.

I feel so much, but I am not putting enough effort. Is that what you mean? Do you think that I fear certain things over new relationships? I fear maybe, but I have lost too so I know I will rise after the falls. I always will. I love myself. I can do my silent service in full love what I do. You don’t see it is enough. I do not pray the way you would like me to do. My body is sacred and that is how it will remain. There are reasons you don’t know. There are lessons that I don’t want to repeat. I have hurt people and they have hurt me. My star sign says so much and remember it is cusp.

The pacifist attitude and purity are what I challenge. I am a high value one and if those values are not met, I am happy to walk with my self-love. My love for every human and plants and animals give so much. I am connected. I love every soul.

This one, my beloved is giving difficult messages. You push and pull. You are so uncertain. I hear so often you telling me that I am rushing and you want to go slow or I miss the point, that I am demanding and not giving. I hear what you don’t say. Your rejection, your hesitation and wish to find the grand love that would blow your body and mind all together. I am cruel one playing. Yet I am the most romantic soul I know in my circles. Brought to tears when saw the dead bee today, or loved tree fallen down by the storm.

The love is inside, but you play different game. We don’t see eye to eye. I am not making you say wows or bond you with burdens that are not your to carry. I do have a dream insane. I don’t believe that is true. I know you would tell me that what we believe that is the thing we’ll manifest. My soul loves and knows the dream is true. I am not setting the time in stone, but as I have always known certain things are not just dreams. They are just behind the veil to be manifested. Like the baby that manifested 1998.

So take the road you need to and want to. Do not play and try to make one jealous. That has never been the game one plays. I am happy for everyone’s happiness and every decision that one is able to make for themselves.

We are powerful. We are love and we deserve nothing less. So go with peace and do not offend, but read this with integrity. I love you my beloved as I love everyone else too. My love overflows to every happy ending, lifelong companionship people commit themselves into.

Prenatal connections

There is this lady, I call her Duchess Kuumaa. She visits me in meditations sometimes. She has tender and nurturing qualities. One could describe her very mother like figure or maybe Princess Diana even. Anyway her presence in my meditations are enhancing my feminine energies. She is teaching me and sharing some info too. Today I am about to share info to those becoming moms or future moms.

It would be difficult to describe the actual vision she shares with me so I am going to give you only some info and letting those who wish to learn more to contact their higher selves to show them how they should proceed with actual energy work.

She showed me a lady, who was pregnant with twins. The mother was exited and was sending love with her hands to the womb. Then she invited the father to come and join. The father was no actually touching or placing his hands anywhere but the mother did her energy work and opened up the portal to her womb and pulled out the energy cores of the twins and then she connected those cords with father’s heart center. She also pulled her heart energy to join to father’s heart energy.

This was a powerful experience and what I gathered was that she was preparing the father to have full love connection to these children, like the one that mother’s have (similar) while in the womb. Just imagine the feeling the masculine will experience to be able to be the part of the whole process, not just a one who is giving the seeds. This would have immense impact of the family’s energy field in all levels. As we mothers have said so long the project to start a family is a project of two responsible beings. Father’s or males shouldn’t be excluded at any time. They should also be able to monitor the love that is developing before they are able to hold those wanted babies.

The enormity of the feelings this triggered. OH, can you even imagine? Speechless.

After this event, she was cutting the cords and sealing the womb again to give those babies secure and silent place to develop. What D. Kuumaa was pointing out though was that it is very important to connect daily. She also stated that babies can also make request to speak or connect to daddy without mom’s presence (meaning that the mom wouldn’t connect but only babies). The connection is allowed only if the gatekeeper the mother allows it. So there can be no harm done without her being ignorant or overprotective. As we know no mother could allow her children to be endangered.

I wish this information would help you to be mom, or even grandparent. We are all big family and this kind of knowledge makes the shift in our paradigms and energies. So please explore with your own inner-knowing what I have said here and share onwards. We are entitled to build the connection and loving bonds, to shift from survival and fear to LOVE.

Much love to you all. There is not much to add to Duchess Kuumaa’s message. I am just speechless and still shaking. Feel free to feel this love from me.


Bird lady’s words

Mother Gaia, does she find people bad or good? Does she reply godlike according to ones actions? Is she benevolent or malevolent? Does she response to consciousness or just the actions of humanity?

Very common questions. We are reminded almost bombarded to be mindful and act with great integrity. We are told to be ecological and so forth. We know all this and we are in a work of process we say. So could she acknowledge our actions and give us some recognition? Could she act little bit less destructive?

YOU ask now her to act more moderate? How long do you think she has put up your childish actions? She is loving planet, but she is also an energy that responds to your actions and thoughts. She loves you so  much that she would give you much more unless you  didn’t act like you have, ignoring and keeping  your eyes closed. She cries because all that you have done in the name of and rightfulness of being childlike human.

Don’t you see? Can’ t you understand that the way she can respond is linked to whatever you do or say or act? She loves all equally, the trees, the birds, the sea and humans too. Why do you then neglect your animal kingdom as if they are not your brothers and sisters? Why do you think that plants are pleased about the thing how you manipulate their DNA, how you play god in this respect? Why not try more subtle approach? Why not try to be more local and give energy and loving thought to earth that grows your food, gives you fresh air, purifies your pollution as well as it can? Don’t you realize that the connection goes so much deeper than just the amount of production you can reap from her breasts? Don’t you feel anything, while exploiting our Gaia again and again?

She has informed all of humanity, that she has taken enough. She will not tolerate or co-create with the humanity but will show the true destruction powers if you won’t change your habits. This is not a warning, but a reality. You have come to an end of your road. The nature will show you fist signs as it has subtly started to show you, but speeding up now. End might come to humanity and to animals but Gaia will survive. She will build herself from scratch if need to.

I know you who read this are not the ones needing to hear this but more of Gaia’s warriors to carry the mission onwards. Be an example to your children, to your community, to your children’s friends and their families, to your relatives. This has been going on for a long time now, but we have to push through now more than ever. We have to collect all the willing and awaken ones to carry on moving. Making changes in our diets and habit to consume. We have to remind again, that the manipulation of other species is not a natural thing and that will lead to uncontrollable changes and even destruction of some species.

Gaia is crying for help with this. Make the change, show the way. Be an example that she is proud of.

Much love from me to all of you, who is becoming lighter and birdlike herself.

Masters are overjoyed

The more you see the more you know the less you speak the less you know you know. The phrase that describes masters. Masters are humble in front of the knowledge, only the “monkey’s” think they know and what they know is enough and permanent knowledge. But know the knowledge and understanding that comes with the vastness of everything makes you know and see in advance. The dots don’t connect, things don’t make sense, meaning your inner knowing conflicts the outer world that is shown to you. The ones that think their deception and games will stay covered don’t see that you master have stepped out of time so you know what you know because you can operate quantum.

The war goes on endlessly. They make you confused and running endlessly. What you think you know reveals only to be the deception. The layers are upon layers. They love boxes and exploitation. They hide because they only know what they know and are not ready to ascend.

So we step into mastery. We step into quantum. We step out of time to see what we have “fetched” from the future. So many dots connect when we learn to master the time. The war games they play continue as long as you allow it to happen. So the masters step above or outside to introspect without hesitation and fear. If they need to take timeout they will and if they need to observe they do that, without intrusion and the background noise of others.

The masters feel compassion to those that choose to continue, but are also sad that they don’t see their limitations or they have resistance to ascend to do the transformation. The masters are willing to help and tell about the techniques available, but they stay silent if they see that one cannot comprehend or accept the higher and wider perception of what is going on.

Once again we must remind that the road to mastery is a solitude one and therefore we understand that so few wants to take this path. There are so many other paths to take that are as important and as valuable. Masters see the joy that they can bring to humans life, many masters have had also these experiences too. There is full understanding that the challenges are in each state of consciousness. The trouble is that many of these who don’t pursue mastery think that all is easy and all is under control, but the truth that I already reminded in the beginning was that there are trials in every level. The challenges masters meet are different and looks like they are behind the veil just because “normal” human consciousness cannot detect it. Layers continue, so do not expect the heaven to be all apples and pleasure time in the fields of joy.

Learn to respect everyone. Don’t be jealous because what you see or seem to know. That is not all you see.

Much love from this humble servant, who detected today and yesterday some marvelous energies and articles and work that you did. The elevated energy was felt strong. Keep up the good work you do! We have blazed the light through universe and within the Earth to benefit the coming new wave and our own path too. My heart  feels overjoyed with admiration. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

Intensified energies

Morning mood 

This morning has been busy so to speak so why do I share Grieg’s calm almost lullaby like melody here for starters? Well, as we have said it is all about the perspective you see things. You might see some event as a huge game changer but yet if you look at it from little further away you might say it didn’t even matter. This is my perspective for today. I try to stay in the now and allow this energy sweep through and integrate to collective. I do my part as I wish you do yours. We don’t have to write the history today or evaluate if this is a game changer time. Let’s not decide how the future sees this day. Let it unfold itself.

This intensity is however effecting to our abilities today so I would recommend to take one step at the time. It would be advisable too to drink water and keep on moving physically. Body can absorb only certain amount of energy at the time. So release the excess amount away.

There might be disruptions to electrical equipment’s so keep that in mind. Do not try to be all over the places or share everything at once. It might not be possible or you might lose some data. Just be discerning and enjoy it fully in 3D.

What comes to the higher self guidance for today, I would remind you of love. Share the love in all forms. Tell yourself how capable you are. Use some words of admiration. Tell to your now self how the future self have succeeded in every respect. Then expand this to someone else. Say kind and nice words to encourage or simply make someone smile. Be authentic and say only what you mean. You can use words like I admire, I like, I am honored, I am happy. You don’t have to say I love you if it is just a phrase. For many misunderstand or misuse this phrase. Love is a feeling that comes with no attachment. It is an expression, not the phrase that means give me something. We know this but yet we all forget it most so often. So give freely and wish that people would take example from your actions of love. Wish this from your heart and we will make the wheel turn.

Much love from me to all of you!

Learning about the past life truth and ability to understand how it plays in this life

How do you meet your past life history? I mean the previous life histories? How do you bare the thoughts what you have been without shattering and mental breakdown? This is what was revealed to me today and it was horrible. The understanding the events and the connection of events and my part in those events. Parts of masters and servants, enslavement and suppression. Even things that you might have killed someone are horrible. It feels like you are nothing else but evil or you have only shadow side within you. Yet you know in this lifetime you have chosen the opposite. So one might say there has been maturation process within this spirit. Maybe because of these past life experiences one knows now what it is to be in both sides of the table so to speak. The compassion level and understanding why is on a high level so you are conscious enough to choose more loving ways to act in this lifetime. You might find  healing modalities to suit you. You see the bigger picture from now on. You start or continue to heal all parts of you, meaning to say all multidimensional parts of yourself.

You might also want to deny what is shown to you. You say in your mind that it can’t be so but then when you reflect your this lifetime back to your childhood it all makes perfect sense. There is no denial anymore so you just pick yourself up and start to work. You expand the energy work to this part that you discovered. You expect the bodily resistance and physical symptoms to appear. You are prepared meaning to say that you don’t expect things to go smoothly but to enter a roller-coaster. But now that you understand you sit on a driver’s seat and you are in charge of the acceleration and use of breaks. You are not powerless so you take full responsibility of this lifetime experience, not making the same mistakes.

For me this was a revelation of my dark side and the misuse of power. As a twin soul I know my other part feels also revelation to his past life histories. I have noticed we have differences and I would like to remind him of this. We both have different interpretation of misuse in our history. So it is time to heal those shadows on our own. I will support you if you need but understand that my shadows need my attention now. The work is to balance the ways we communicate. To understand when to act, speak or when to let the other take responsibility (giving space and trust). The shadows are perfectionism, need of control, manipulation, betrayal, lack of authenticity. For each individual these vary and I am not the one to list or say anything of the other’s work. What I have listed here are general and maybe resonating to me in personal levels. So I hope my twin finds his own answers.

Huge work task once again, as it seems so often for us light workers. But we will find the purity of light to grasp and heal, to elevate all that we can and to show the way with our own example and work. To find new ways to do the work more efficiently. So even with the heavy heart and knowing what we know now, is to continue our journey. Grab the love power and collective love  shield that is within the Earth grid and also in the heaven (at the atmosphere of the Earth). It is there for to help us to heal. Giving us the needed power when feeling low, unwanted, evil, victim. The unconditional love grid and shield are eternal and they have huge power. Do not hesitate to connect to it/them in meditation or within some other forms of spiritual work/practices you do. Do it as often as you feel need to. There are many who do daily works to fill the grid and the shield on a daily basis. You can contribute to this grid or shield too if you wish. It is easy. Just listen to your guidance how it would be convenient for you. Little reminder though, do not give too much of your own power levels if you are not connected to the source. The grid will drain you if you only use your own energy. You need to be the vessel (grounding tool) to the source energy. In that way you will not drain your own energy but direct the source energy to those who need it. It is also important as a vessel to keep the highest and purest of thoughts while grounding these energies, because your impurity will “contaminate” the energy transmitted to the collective. Keep this in mind and have high energy and pure thoughts yourself as you transmit/share to the collective consciousness.

One more thought to add into today’s message. This is about envy and the blackmail I notice among us light workers. We want to know the ancestral roots and to be categorized (separated) again. The separation creates the feelings of superiority, hierarchy and many more negative and separative actions in humanity. It is good to know ones ancestries and to learn their abilities but we should be very mindful about  how we separate and form grouping with this information. We should be collective, we should co-operate and work for the good course of humanity. It doesn’t matter if one is not human but half humanoid. It doesn’t matter where the alien part comes as long as they are working in a loving and respectful ways to protect and heal the planet. We and they all have different abilities so there is no need to compare and separate. Collectively everyone’s unique abilities uplift and benefit us all. Humanoids are not superior to humans. The enslavement time is over. People know this and even if there were future kings or emperors they would respect and act with integrity more like servants to the collective. That is the power of love that we have shown them. The ones that still try to play mind games or enslave us are soon kicked out of this planet. They know this and seem to play mind games by trying to categorize and create separateness with fear and all negativity. Have pure thoughts my dear ones. We are same as God. Don’t be fooled again. LOVE AND HUGS!