Release and play with the new

Wow, what a morning has it been and it is only 10:11 am as I am starting with this. So much is coming up right now, mostly very pleasant stuff. And as it suits to this blog I am trying to deliver the message so that it would serve you reader in some way. Today might not be serious like it has been so often, but more to do with playful stuff. As you know my native language is not English so I am not able to deliver all as it is shown to me or as I hear it, but I do my best.

The first thing is the releasing. We have been doing that now for some time. For me it has been releasing very slimy past for about a week. Literally it has been so slimy, that I have though that I am not human anymore. Now that the things are shifting back, I feels so new. It is not just the decease that is leaving the body, but also the mental and spiritual aspect that have shifted too. The body feels lighter in every way, though my tummy is sore like hell. It is like I have done hundreds of  abdominal crunches. Some good about this flu.

The second thing is about releasing our pettiness. Have peace and a moment to see how you are about to respond. Does you respond come from programing? Does it make you feel less, irritated or triggered in any way? Release the resentment/anger/hate in a constructive  way. If someone is trying to trigger the passive aggressive or hateful behavior in you, acknowledge the trigger and find peace before any actions. You can master that. You know what you are, you don’t need to justify or please. Do what is right for you, know what is right way to act for you but try to remind yourself that the other human might not be coming from the same energy level as you are, they might have been triggered themselves earlier on or their might feel fearful for some reason.

The third thing about today seems to be doing with the energies. I am delighted to learn that this time we are in and after all of ascension it is ever much easier to go back in time to collect the good that we have left behind. This goes with the energy and with DNA. So today brings us a good news that we are allowed and free to gather all that is us back to our physical bodies to enhance our future time line.

This was all shown to me this morning, when I was listening to guided meditation. I was able to see the past time line (old meditation) as it was but at the same time I was already creating totally new experience, even more powerful. This has not happened before, so I was exited about the potential and it gave a thought that this could be beneficial to some other energy work areas as well.  As you might know I am all intuitive so I do not question or know how this will continue, but I just know it will. Energy and this method given will find some combination in the future to enhance us to fast track us again.

So I suppose, even this message seems like it is all about me is that I am trying to deliver the message that we should play with the energy more. We should not try to control where it wants to go or how it wants to present us of unfolding things. Just be light-hearted and playful. That is what we are asked to do in this challenging time here now. Try not to worry. Try only love the feeling and the knowing that your love power will guide you through. The guidance will get you where you need to go in a smoother manner than if you try to persist and have it your way. SO PLAY, PLAY! Use your imagination and feelings to create the fairytale of your life. Concentrate on light and good stuff and make the evil and dark energies to go far from your kingdom.

Much love and HUGE cosmic HUG to you all! LOVE YOU!!!


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    I published this post 1111. Even though forces were working against me I managed to do it. On the other side good spirits were applauding and on the other side these harassing spirits were trying to prevent this delivery. Just show once again how strong the light is now. They cannot stop us now. Believe this! It is not fantasy anymore. It is just taking some time to come in alignment and present in the now. Have peace AND FOCUS ON THE NOW.

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