THE LOVE CONNECTION: Deceased pets and how to connect and shift that connection onto new level

We miss them. Yes, there are times that we feel like they are sitting on our lap or purring  somewhere. Then we try to wipe the teardrop out of our eye corner. We say to ourselves that new pet will help us heal and that is most likely so, but it can never take the place and experiences away that we shared. So we go on. We get new pet/-s and we fill our life with joy and presence of that new member of our family. From time to time there will arise feelings and images again and again, that we miss them and we would give so much to have moments with them again.

We develop rituals, we go to places that are sacred and we could feel the connection to this particular spirit. What we then learn or more like remember scares us. We collect all the knowledge that we know that there are no ghosts,  we are so convincing that we finally believe the story we decided to create. This new age nonsense, this talk that there is no death that only the form of energy will change is not SO. Our wise elders, our wise religious priests say this is not so, so it must be truth for they are pure and connected to God. MAYBE, MAYBE NOT.

How about those old tribes and natives who are more down to Earth? How about them? Aren’t their beliefs and practices controversy to what we know and practice today? Aren’t we often amazed how some people are connected or how they can almost like talk to the animals? How is it possible that someone is able to calm a wild beast like animal so that they can groom them? How is this connection possible with living animals?

I tell you it is all about the energy you hold and how you present yourself. The connection is allowed and accepted both sides. You have to learn the RESPECT, you have to learn to enter their space the ways they consider respectful and loving. So maybe that means that you have to surrender your EGO, to be as humble or equal to them as possible. All of us who have had pets know the principle of this at least they should if they truly love their pet. So we live in this correspondence of energies and one day they pass over and we get stuck into our belief that one is lost forever. But if we truly know what is right within the laws of nature we would accept the fact that only density of the energy has changed. Yes your pet can travel now. It might go to galaxies you know nothing about but since you are connected for eternity it can come to you in an instant. The energy travels faster than the light. It is your thought, your visual memory that will make the call and they will be with you if you wish.

Then comes the harder part. You want to feel them, you want to sense them. So you as human have to work with you perception and senses. As you know, we can only experience what we perceive and  experience as our truth. If you don’t believe that you can touch and groom and talk to your pet then that is so. But on the other hand if you are willing to shed your own beliefs and go beyond you will eventually start to notice that you sure can feel the texture when you touch them or feel their barking or smiling face. (I will remind you that you can only experience what you allow. If you think this is nonsense, then it is to you and you can never open the door.) Spirits are adventurous, so do not expect them to be all the time around. Just like you took a new pet and moved on they moved on too. Be happy for them, let them explore and be more vivid and wild than what they were when they were with you. Learn unconditional love and compassion of letting them go. Do not attach to them too much, for it was a moment in life that was meant to happen. You were meant to meet. They gave you many lessons. Cherish them.

This post was for the request and a little bit out of the theme for this blog but I thought that it would be more appropriate here than on the other blog about spirituality. So this is what I know about past life connections to pets and it doesn’t vary so much of the connecting to past humans. Our perception is most often the cause why we cannot connect again. Our fear of evil can also block them. They remain behind the veil in the safe distance so that we wouldn’t be too fearful but let me just tell you that as long as there is loving connection with each other there cannot be any harm done. And they are not rotten and horrible, but they appear as like such you want to remember them. If you are able to see auras, then you might even see them as energy alone. They can still be the comfort and joy if you allow.