Do you have battle inside of you to let go?

I know many of us are weighing our contacts, relatives and close relations now. The puzzle comes together slowly still and is consuming in some respect. But our best interest is to stay focused and open to hear how things resonate to what they are saying. There are so many lies, false stories, hidden agendas that it is likely to take us down if we don’t focus into our own growth and that which might serve it best. Yes we might still take “missteps” but that is only because we ignore the truth that’s been shown to us about them.

How should we then inform these people about the fact that how we see them is not how they represent themselves to us? How could we simply tell that going separate ways is the only possible option? If they have sociopath or narcissist ways they might not come off easy. The are likely to insist that they have not done anything or we are simply imagining things. But the truth is that we see the true colors. They don’t have to do or say anything. Simply their energy when thought or pronounced their name or visualized their image will give you bad vibes or the knowing of some non spoken facts.

So even we think that everyone is lovable that doesn’t mean that we would allow them to enter in any given ways to our space. They are just too toxic and too inauthentic. This is a curse of empath. We would like to allow everyone the knowledge or the feeling of belonging and forgiving, but not realizing they are not ready now or never to appreciate other human beings, be authentic to such degree that they would not tell something that is not true.

To be able to admit ones own flaws, own lack takes a hell of lot courage, because that will be met by ridicule, labeling, mocking and shutting out and even friends turned against that person. So why would anyone want to take this part? Why would anyone want to tell of new and hopeful ways, more spiritual ways?

The hard part for us now is to realize that we are in transition phase. We are not clear yet. The lies and false stories go around in the media and people tend to believe those news more than someone who has been ridiculed or labeled as a lunatic. The only way to find truth is to seek the answers from the spiritual connection (self talk, prayer, meditation). The more we ask the clearer the guidance will appear. We just need to notice this. You might ask things that relate to you place of living (etc.) and the more you ask the more right direction will be revealed to you. You might even get a change to choose freely but still if you listen there are places that resonate better with than others. Your own happiness and excitement are the best pointers to proceed.

I know this is old news to some but to some this will be Aha moment, a realization of some question they have been asking. My point is simply to be the light on a same level that I am to help those that seek similar things to be at service and help to help them climb with me. So if we return to a question that we were thinking at the beginning here we must realize how “dragging”people along with us who simply don’t belong with us is not serving anyone and doing anyone a job. It is time to realize and release those who have been there like parasites or if that has been us then realize that we need to stand tall on our own now.

To get rid of someone (parasite like) is not easy but we have to make it clear that we don’t want their advise, their time, their energy, anything that is. If we need to make them hate us then be it so, if they are not capable to see it any other way. Sure as empath we would like forgiveness and love to be but if the other one chooses toxic ways and low energy then that is their free will. We choose the healing, letting go and forgiveness. We choose moving forward to a happier soul contracts, relationships, events and time line.

Our soul sings with them the healing song. Whatever reason they became to our lives the karma has now served its purpose. They must see that too. They are so free to experience all the joy and happiness and new relationships. Let that be so.

Message from Powerful and mighty Divine Trinity