Excitement! Yes new start. Taking a new perspective. Making plans and experiment. Choosing what is worth to keep and what to let go. Afterall life is mostly about moving on by letting go and adjusting lessons learned to your new life. Having said that, this is new me, this is me writing this blog only in English. Not being native speaker and trying to compete (not really) with others, I am creating unique new way to see and understand. There is a sense of uncertainty, a sense on insecurity, but it is all covered or blessed by sense of certainty that this is going to make me happy. Life is not about pleasing others, but to find things and ways to express yourself that lights you up. I think I am about to discover something just like that. No, I don’t think it is all straight forward but a learning curve that will help me to realize the beauty and love even in the deeper level than before. So welcome! May the loving flames of eternity flow over and within this page/blog for others to enjoy.