Find the healing in these shadow events

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To start, here’s an old song that resonates with me today. The mood is internally and externally somewhat gloomy because of the collective events all around the world. The song does not resonate so much on a lyrical level than with these dense almost depressive melodies they are representing. Having said that though the song is somehow also uplifting as guitars solo’s always are.

I guess it is all about the perspective and the things that you allow to linger or stay within. There comes a waves of sorrow and grief but we have to pick ourselves up again and again. We have to find hope for the future. Wipe the tears and images that are pouring to us. See the bigger picture and remind ourselves of this possibility that we have created. It is there. Do not let the fear conquer but keep in mind that these lower level energies are trying to pull you down so that they could continue what they have done over and over centuries.

The divine plan and vision in within our grasp. You know it and you can feel it. This is only showing you the shadow sides so that you could decide for yourself. You could say clearly that I am choosing love and forgiveness instead of responding back the ways they act. Their low-level actions, can not turn our minds. We come with peace and full understanding that “eye to eye” is not the healing answer.

Find the healing in these shadow events for yourself in the ways you act and choose to respond and think. Be mindful of the judgment to others. Do not divide nor set yourself in to the higher more advanced place. Help those in need. Have compassion even to the persecutor or murderer. This is not easy task to do, but seek the why’s within. Understand that you might have gone through also something like they (persecutor, murderer) have. See the lineage of their behavior and inability to act in a positive and constructive ways (the compassion, brotherhood, sadness that pours out of neglect or lack etc.)

The more we give into the lower levels of our human behavior, the more our collective is going to suffer and amplify the same. Stay above this drama and low-level mind-set. Find ways to be grateful and to have talks with the universe/spirit/your guides. Exercise as much as possible for physical movement releases the anxiety and it transforms fears to more peaceful state of mind. You come to remember that what has happened can’t be changed but only accepted. Forgiveness comes easier. Allow the waves to work with you. Do not swallow any feeling, but express all that’s within in some constructive ways. Try not to blame and cast your harsh words around but go boxing, do walks, dance, play music, listen to aggressive and fear releasing music if that helps. And then when you feel totally physically exhausted, surrender and find the opposite feelings. Find the comforting love of beloved one / Mother Earth / relative /pet, who ever is dearest and nearest to you.


Hugs with compassion from this little one. Try your best and know that you are enough. Let’s do this together! Let’s be brothers and sisters! Let’s change the course of our future. The time is now.

Seeing the flaws within and taking responsibility

I noticed this morning a discussion in one of the groups I am in. This one person was talking about their problem about energies that are negative and affecting on them in a manner that is devastating. I am not going to go deeper into that issue, but that gave me a thought about separation and how we are in the middle of this outer chaos and how we want to externalize it so often. We might not get into moaning and victimizing but never the less we are trying to externalize that what we create within. (The energies we draw towards.)

There is this universal truth, that which is, that what we allow into our space or to affect us is our external circumstances. So we try to see ourselves as light-workers and healers and only as a light, pure and innocent, we push the dark away. We don’t want to admit that the external energy might be coming from us. It is the energy shown in some way that is saying “look at this within, this is the thing you are not happy about or this you should change.” No we want to assume or even blame that it is this evil spirit or whatever that is bugging us. Because we are light-workers we also assume that we get energy attacks or are more sensitive to sense negativity. We do so much work that we wouldn’t have to face this or we could use even exorcist to get rid of this. We see good and bad, we separate because that is what we are tough to know. If you are good citizen a good human being, you have nothing to do with this evil, but you cannot escape. You are this too, so you have to learn to understand how to work within.  You have to start with a mindful action towards yourself and say STOP. This evil is trying to teach you something. Maybe they are saying you should change your habits, maybe you should learn compassion to yourself and others, maybe it even tells you to forgive your multidimensional self something. Maybe you did something in your past life that you don’t realize or maybe it was one in your bloodline. We are all connected so little light-worker take a look in the mirror and stop running. Stop saying that you are only angel and deny the devil in you. The programs running in us are deeply rooted. Layered they are. Change the thought that bad or evil is outside of you. Start with that today.

Maybe later on you could then understand why this evil is in your presence. Maybe they are not even evil at all. Maybe your guides sent that experience to you so that you could change the course that you are in. Take a look at you situation as a whole. Do not exclude that part of you that is bad, have bad and unhealthy habits, that one who is not taking responsibility of themselves. Look at that side of you with adult in you, with a look of a loving parent and tell that immature self, that it is OK to act like that but now is the time to steer the boat to somewhere else. The old beliefs and old habits are swept away. We are asked to be in the front row, to do the work for others, but if we don’t see the programs and flaws correctly within us to clear and change them, how can we show anything to the rest of the world that follows. So I wish that you LIGHT-WORKER would pay attention to your own matrix flaws, to be forgiving and compassionate to them and willing to accept and surrender to the fact that you TOO ARE evil or bad.

The merrier times are coming. Keep that thought in mind. Take multidimensional aspect into consideration. Do not separate yourself, that time is over. Learn kindness and act accordingly. Much light to your healing day from me, the flawed and broken one! Cosmic Hugs too!!

BALANCE: Receive by grounding but remember to give back too

Nature gives us plenty as in food, as in energy, as in wellbeing. I am about to focus on the energy part here. As we ground ourselves and receive wellbeing end energy to push through or move on with our tasks, we go easily on without questioning or saying thanks to Mother nature. We take it so for granted, sometimes we don’t even realize where the energy came from for the first place, so we will not share or give back. That is Okay, since Mother asks no returns, but we should know that if we only dump our “waste” to Mother we will find out sooner or later that there will be no positive or uplifting or inspiring energy left. I am just trying to point out, that there should be balance in what we do. We should not be too needy, too greedy, too careless. Because by sharing and giving back the good energy too we will learn that this good energy will amplify to nature and to the collective consciousness. So therefore next time you go to ground yourself think about giving back too. Say thank you silently for all the goodness you have received, the inspiration you got out of nature of cosmos. Salute sun like your eternal energy, that is keeping your life force and food supply strong. Remind yourself that without this ecosystem we couldn’t survive here. We are all parts of this. We play our part by giving and receiving. They should be in balance and that is our light-work mission no 1.

Of course there are days when you just have to go and say: Dear God/ Universe just let me receive what I need to survive today, to complete my tasks, for I am not able to give or even share anything. I am just so exhausted. I need those healing “hands” to hold me today. I need to rejuvenate today. Just allow me to rest today and I will prove again that I am able to do my part tomorrow. Allow then yourself to rejuvenate, without shame, without self-importance that your participation is required and therefore the lack of it will delay or harm the future events. Believe that there is always more than just one to complete and do the tasks. This mission will not fall if one falls. Everyone is needed, but no one is that significant that the mission would not be successful without the one. And let me remind you that there is no death to your soul. The energy will continue to do its job and its teamwork even after death. There are people and has always been who can talk and receive messages and guidance from dead people. When we all raise our vibration enough we will all be able to communicate with their spirits. The telepathy is there for all of us.

My message for today is to remember that we cannot only take, because that would make us energy vampires. Give silently. Give to Mother nature. Do not just dump and expect her then heal and be able to digest all that you have dumped. Give your healing to her. Learn to channel some of your universal energy to the core of our Earth. See the benefits on your wellbeing and those around you. See the plants grow and flourish, see the weather become more stable, see the happiness shifting in collective. Believe that you create now what you reap in the future. So do you only want to see the same old negative stuff or do you want to see us all flourish? That is the question of the day. You are able. You are the one making it to happen.

Love and blessings to you and thank you for reading my messages!

There should not be shame upon Earth

Yes I do it and yes we all do it together, unknowingly and knowingly. It is so sad that we don’t realize that by doing so we degenerate our own potential to growth or our collective right to expand our abilities and potential. It is our history and our ancestral inheritance that makes us behave like that. Yet we recognize that we do nothing or worse we become martyrs and victims. We act like we could not change our situation, our potential, our circumstances. We are the ones, we are the change. It is our very own thoughts, our very own ideas that make the wheel to turn.

Then we see the huge task and decide to withdrawn, jump off for comfort, not realizing it is discomfort where the soil is best to growth. It is not fun and games, it is not pool party till the very end. It is lonely road to self discovery. Yes, we can walk aside with someone, but we must know it is our own responsibility to walk the road. This is all so very familiar to all of us, but yet we ignore it most of the time or till it becomes unbearable to bear the life that we live, to see the circumstances we have allowed to come into our life.

From my own experience and from the exchange of thoughts and ideas through social media ( I know I am not the one to write responses but to reflect those conversations within my loud mind) I have learned that all the shame we can bare within or reflect to others can make no change, but it is the inside learning and reflection that will make eventually the shame to disappear. So we have to turn the wheel on our own and this is hard to know, that you cannot give the task to no one else. Everyone has their own wheel to turn and if you are A FOOL to give your own wheel away, to trust someone so much, you are likely to get very disappointed in life. They will only create what is so called best for them, not necessarily best for you. To understand the path to self discovery is to know that we have to bare our own shame, our flaws and to make the change.

There will be time of sensing newness, which will feel like you are left with nothing in life to stand of or for. You are like a plank page on a note book that you just started. Rest in that. Feel that newness and start to smell all the fragrances around and take only what resonates with new you. Be sure as you walk to learn to say NO THANK YOU, for that is the most important phrase after thank you. Learn also to understand that you, me all of us are imperfect. We have made and we will make mistakes. ERROR EST HUMANE! Know this too that you are perfect and you are surrounded the people and circumstances that serve you best. So make mistakes, learn to laugh to your mistakes. Life goes on till your last breath. But for the collective sake do not shame yourself anymore. Do not see only flaws in yourself but see the whole you. See the creator and perfect you as well, the one that intuitively knows where to go and what they need for the next phase on their journey weather that be time off or dervish dance or hectic enthusiasm and passion to work with something or with someone. You are always guided and always presented the perfect solution weather you accept that or not.

The road is not straight, but curvy like that sexy lady. Yes I know how we are nowadays informed that lean lines and low fat percentage in the body is most desirable. That was the metaphoric expression only to make us consider that the most healthiest babies are born from mother that carry little bit for their child too. The body is intelligent, it knows how to survive and how to protect the unborn. Let us honor that nature. Mother Earth knows, the exact and right way to protect the life, by loving the things that cannot be seen. Mother nature also sends her love to all creation for she knows that is all to benefit her children to grow to their fullest potential.

I leave you now for his message has become the lengthiest of all of this blog history. With the message to give up on shame, whenever it lurks into your mind or onto your lips. We are loved and Divine. Everyone has a purpose and time on Earth, honor that and you will live in peace with yourself. LOTS OF LOVING HEALING FOR SHAMING ISSUES!

Thank you for coming to read this post! Bless you!

Shine on thru your growing pain

What could I say? How much would I just want to shift all the insecure thoughts we are going thru right now. I am only one soul and there is only so much work that I can do per day, but I do it anyway, no matter how much clutter they trow at me, how much mocking words and judgement comes pointing at me. I do it anyway.

I wish I could make you see thru the veil and heal your wounds. I wish I could heal that insecure person, who thinks they need to compete or be better, that they are not enough. You are enough! You shine your very own magic, your very own and individual light. Don’t let their words or judgement stop you. This is your life and your way to see things. Keep on dreaming the things you wish to come true. I know I am the one doubting so often, so I know what I am taking about. Do your dreaming anyway and try to live your life in this chaotic word too.

This might be the time we see ourselves losing so much. Let it go! See it as a new beginning, what ever you need to give up or leave behind. I believe that most of the time it is our longing to keep people that are toxic in our lives, not so much about the material things. There is a time for grieving and there is a time to see the tidal waves to disappear. Give yourself time. Forgive and forget! Do it for yourself and for the other. Remember that good times can stay in your heart, the person was not always toxic, for they were on the same level as you were. Do not judge yourself, but just leave the past behind. Know that you have ascended, you have evolved to a higher version of you. Celebrate that and listen to your intuition where it tells you to look next. There are people and lessons awaiting you. See that as a wonderful opportunity. See the future awaiting. Do not look or see the people who choose to look past situations or tell how or who you used to be, for you are no longer there. Choose to shine now, choose to be new you!

Are you the one who is too afraid to step forward?

Today I noticed in social media that some people are hesitant who to choose to date with or have even further commitments. This is what I have learned and found very helpful on choosing people. Go within first of all. Do not listen to advice too much, because people are giving advice from their personal experience. You know best! That is the first rule. The second rule would be to look the situation in a long run. If you could imagine someone beside you as you are unable or the other one is unable to connect or merge with you physically but still you feel the love , that is when you know you have found someone worth keeping. I happen to know from my own experience that people might not be able to express their physical love, but the higher connection will satisfy you never the less. You are willing to continue living with that person anyway.

The other thing I noticed was about letting someone know that you have feelings for them. I think it is very good that we have feelings for as many people as possible, that is only telling us that we are emphatic. Caution is  appropriate of course and we should also be able to clarify if it is friendly love or something more what we are feeling. First to ourselves and then admit that to other person. We should also evaluate our life situation, are we connected and happy with the partner we are sharing our life with or is it just the lack of connection that drives us into the arm of an other “lover”(this goes with singles and coupled up ones). If the other is just substitute for the lack our present partner then it would be appropriate to go within and ask the question from oneself “why is this so?”. It might be so that our life partner has tough the lessons we need to learn. We might need to let them go no matter what the situation is in the family. If we are reluctant to acknowledge the problems we are only making things more intense in the future. If we are single and able to be happy and satisfied on our own company then I would say that one is ready to meet a soul partner. Partnering should never start from neediness nor the feeling of lack of something. This doesn’t mean that we would have it all and we wouldn’t want to experience things together with someone, but we are happy doing things on our own or with OUR own friends, for I see it is very important to both parties to have private friends to go out or have hobbies. This is because if you will find yourself breaking up you will not be dependant on your parners or your mutual friends, they might not want to spend time with you if you break up for numerous reasons. So never give up on your own circle no matter what your marital status is. Know who are healthy to be around with but never give up on your own friends for partner’s sake.

What is this talk about separation?

I noticed this morning that people feel separated from their beloved ones, people are sad and doubtful. I wonder why? I wonder is it more important to serve our purpose and do our work than to cuddle and snuggle and make love every night? I know how important it is to lift the energy up now but isn’t it so that if we give in to sadness, feeling of separation and lack we already give in to lower frequencies? I so wish we would all realize this. There is no separation, but only ego’s want and illusion. It is the lower energies that tries to separate and make us to believe that crap.

It is true that sometimes we need to “separate” to heal ourselves or go thru some storms on our own and our beloved may not know or understand this process, but that is what we do to lift the energy up again. Sure it would mean a world to have an ideal “partner”, who would support us and help us to grow thru our difficulties, but we can’t force anyone. If someone is not capable to support, we should let them be. On the other hand one might not be willing to ask support, it might be because they don’t realize they could get assistance or support or they are too arrogant and self centered. Whatever the reason, the other person is only allowed to help when recognized the need of help or the willingness to give help in some situation. So the lack of communication or silence is really a killer, the reason for the “suffering” of the soul and “separation”.

Sometimes it might be easier to concentrate on partner and lack of his/her attention than on your own issues. We put our own difficult things aside so we can have the victim mentality or moan about the lacks. The truth is that we can find support if we trust the universe to lead us to right person in whatever we are facing. It is not always the ideal partner, who is the best one to support us but maybe a friend of a relative or even someone else.

So the suffering is all about our own perspective and where we put our attention. What we give power to, grows within us. Are we willing to do the work ourselves or are we waiting to be “saved”? We are not chick-lings anymore, we need to find our own power and path. We need to understand that love means more than just the lovemaking or romance. It is not about giving and getting but willingness to give and acceptance to receive.

I wish from the bottom of my heart everyone joyful times and peacefulness. Collective is only as strong as you think you are. The more peaceful and confident you are the more peaceful the whole world will be. Then that means more peaceful path for you to walk and more peaceful people you to meet. So go blessed and peaceful, all is well and on it’s way to better.

Healing waters within and without

Part of ascension in to shed tears for yourself and others. You open your heart and realize all this madness and then you clear it out of your mind body and spirit. I personally did part of this healing today myself. First came the tears and I thought why and then I was shown the healing I was doing and to whom I should connect thru Reiki energy to help them too. This task was a big one so eventually I was sucking the bad energy from the others involved. My heart was aching like crazy but since I was with my spirit team I was confident enough to suck and release it to the spirit realm for transmutation. At the end of this session came the good part, I was guided to suck the new DNA to all of us and then share it with them. The colors were golden and Chrystal and also some rainbow.

After the session I felt peace and calm but thought that I should now take care of my body’s needs to clear it all away. Some of that energy was still in my body so I was guided to drink plenty of water today and some green tea and to go out into the nature. In fact I was guided to transit to my dear mother oak, who is already over 500 years of age. I met her yesterday for the first time after winter so the connection was still very much open. She took me warmly into her loving body and sucked me in with my twin. Oh how that felt comforting and I was able to release all the rest of that sad energy into her. She showed me that it was going up into the spirit realm.

After this I ended my session and saw the angel who was white and golden, she gave me blessing and I was feeling so grateful that I shed some tears again, but this time they were tears of joy.

So my message today is not to mind so much what we are called to do but to do it with passion. There is never a task minor to other, nor there should be judgement on your behalf or anyone else. If we listen to our guidance we can’t go wrong. And we should also remember that even the task might look like not so joyful the end can be joyful. Healing means mostly that we need to deal with pain, hardship or difficulties. We need to accept that and sometimes just allow it to happen. That is the loving work we came here to do.

Loving and healing energies to finally overcome the aggression, hate, jealousy. That is all. One mission, one step at the time. We can do this, we have the energy we need to succeed. LOVE TO EVERYONE!

Love between friends

Love is not complicated between true friends . You can stay in touch or stay disconnected for a while. As soon as you find a reason to connect, to have a conversation or they pass on your mind you will find contentment in the connection. True friends don’t make themselves feel unwanted or hurt. They love and feel comfort to know each other.

True friend values the time and the effort put into the relationship. True friends also give space and understand that the “separation” is not real, but merely a space between the next meeting. So coming together again and even knowing it will happen eventually gives joy and pleasure. Love between the two gives peace that you have a place in their heart and you have a same space for them too in your heart as well.

Not even death can separate them form us, because in the heart they stay. With your clearcogniece you can see and talk to them, just like they were sitting right next to you. So no matter what, stay happy knowing that you will meet again because energies stay connected as long as you allow that to happen.

True friends don’t leave, not really. Physical world may separate them from us but we should not miss them, because when we learn the higher way to connect we can feel their body, we can hug them and hold their hand or talk to them. There is no separation anymore.

I know many Twin Flames feel the agony and anxiety because of the separation. Many TF’s would want to know their physical “other halves”, but sometimes that is not meant to happen. Letting go is the only way. Understanding that they are your true friends will help many on the way. TF union is really about the individual growth nothing more or less. They mirror their lack in the connection. The conversation or lack of it for example, is more about each individual than the lack of communication. The love to yourself will help you to see this. You can understand that they don’t want to change you not really, but to help you to see what you need to realize to work on yourselves.

I know it would be so much easier to have conversations and reflections within 3D way, but the truth is that it would  create more confusion. Words would just twist. You just have to work it yourself, thru the dark night of the soul, to learn you cannot blame, be a victim or judge. Twins don’t reflect you, they reflect their own lack, insecurity etc. Therefore you cannot learn a thing from them, but you have to go within you yourself. That is why there is a “separation”. Once I might have said myself that words would help me to find what I need to see and how to grow, but that would have only created the situation where my TF would have “manipulated” me to grow to be someone that I was not. His words might have only explained things from his perspective, not mine. Understanding that rises from within added to actions and words shared makes you to grow, because you put it all together yourself. You heal yourself and create new you, without help.

The other thing is the shadow of a twin, it is very clear and easy to determine that you are not that, you don’t value those things. They are there to create push so that you will stay away to do the work on your own. The shadow has also an other meaning, which is to accept the dark and the light that we are. More important fact is though the fact that it is clearing the way to us to see who we truly are and the values that are important to us.

The truth is that TF and true friendships teach us to find ourselves in a hard way. There might be better and easier ways in the future we will see. We just have to accept the path being taken and lessons that it gave us. We are now ready to move on and find better relationships, truer and authentic connections. We know now who we are and how we want to be loved. Our shadow might have been harsh with their actions or their actions might have felt unfair but the truth is that love was behind of it all all the time. The healing has been done. The self love has been restored, that is one big gift even we might not see it this way.