Intensified energies

Morning mood 

This morning has been busy so to speak so why do I share Grieg’s calm almost lullaby like melody here for starters? Well, as we have said it is all about the perspective you see things. You might see some event as a huge game changer but yet if you look at it from little further away you might say it didn’t even matter. This is my perspective for today. I try to stay in the now and allow this energy sweep through and integrate to collective. I do my part as I wish you do yours. We don’t have to write the history today or evaluate if this is a game changer time. Let’s not decide how the future sees this day. Let it unfold itself.

This intensity is however effecting to our abilities today so I would recommend to take one step at the time. It would be advisable too to drink water and keep on moving physically. Body can absorb only certain amount of energy at the time. So release the excess amount away.

There might be disruptions to electrical equipment’s so keep that in mind. Do not try to be all over the places or share everything at once. It might not be possible or you might lose some data. Just be discerning and enjoy it fully in 3D.

What comes to the higher self guidance for today, I would remind you of love. Share the love in all forms. Tell yourself how capable you are. Use some words of admiration. Tell to your now self how the future self have succeeded in every respect. Then expand this to someone else. Say kind and nice words to encourage or simply make someone smile. Be authentic and say only what you mean. You can use words like I admire, I like, I am honored, I am happy. You don’t have to say I love you if it is just a phrase. For many misunderstand or misuse this phrase. Love is a feeling that comes with no attachment. It is an expression, not the phrase that means give me something. We know this but yet we all forget it most so often. So give freely and wish that people would take example from your actions of love. Wish this from your heart and we will make the wheel turn.

Much love from me to all of you!


Let hope come into our heart again.

Today we want to say hope is where you least expect is to appear. So keep you eyes open and look for the small things. If you don’t have smiling children around. Look for natures signs of hope, maybe it is not rainbow but soft breeze on your face. Maybe you hear birds sing or maybe you get some help to something. However small the “event” or hopeful action from spirit, take it and feel it with your heart. Live in the now and embrace even sad feelings. Put on some music of your choice and have some solitude time and maybe a cup of your favorite drink to accompany. Light candle to remind you that collective spirit/ God is with you. Don’t fall into despair.

I love you all and I feel the heartache and sorrow that you feel even we don’t know each other. Overcome your hurt. I stand with you if you need me. My rainbow energy is on its way to relieve the peak from whatever you feel.

Here are some of my favorite hopeful songs that you can listen and connect to me if you wish. Let’s shine together! We are in this together! Much love from me!

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Divine she and he

She became the alchemy he needed. She took her hand on his chest and they breathed together, slowly coming to synchronized pace with each other. They shared a moment and saw the alchemical colors they needed to balance each others energy for this moment. This didn’t took more than just few minutes in Earth time but it felt like a month for them. Their heart rate became calm once again and they both understood that they didn’t need to perform anything to each other or no one else for that matter, They were just dragging down the high energy of love to this Earth so that humanity could do its work 24/7 within every timezone that we live in as humans. They did their small contribution to themselves and for the collective.

This and all other contributions we all do on a daily basis is all what is required. We think so often that we need to perform miracles or huge tasks and shows, but really most often it is these small contributions to each other or the contribution that you do to yourself to heal your issues. You giving up on things that no longer serve you. You become a miracle with these acts. You become a unique part of this shift that needs to happen for the collective. So go on, do your contribution whatever that is, however that is. You are love and you shine that love outwards. Your divine feminine and divine masculine seeks the respect within you. Nurture them both! Encourage the weaker to show up more to become whole again.

You are enough today! You know your truth and your chores to be done. Love yourself that is enough! That is all that he/she asks for.

BALANCE: Receive by grounding but remember to give back too

Nature gives us plenty as in food, as in energy, as in wellbeing. I am about to focus on the energy part here. As we ground ourselves and receive wellbeing end energy to push through or move on with our tasks, we go easily on without questioning or saying thanks to Mother nature. We take it so for granted, sometimes we don’t even realize where the energy came from for the first place, so we will not share or give back. That is Okay, since Mother asks no returns, but we should know that if we only dump our “waste” to Mother we will find out sooner or later that there will be no positive or uplifting or inspiring energy left. I am just trying to point out, that there should be balance in what we do. We should not be too needy, too greedy, too careless. Because by sharing and giving back the good energy too we will learn that this good energy will amplify to nature and to the collective consciousness. So therefore next time you go to ground yourself think about giving back too. Say thank you silently for all the goodness you have received, the inspiration you got out of nature of cosmos. Salute sun like your eternal energy, that is keeping your life force and food supply strong. Remind yourself that without this ecosystem we couldn’t survive here. We are all parts of this. We play our part by giving and receiving. They should be in balance and that is our light-work mission no 1.

Of course there are days when you just have to go and say: Dear God/ Universe just let me receive what I need to survive today, to complete my tasks, for I am not able to give or even share anything. I am just so exhausted. I need those healing “hands” to hold me today. I need to rejuvenate today. Just allow me to rest today and I will prove again that I am able to do my part tomorrow. Allow then yourself to rejuvenate, without shame, without self-importance that your participation is required and therefore the lack of it will delay or harm the future events. Believe that there is always more than just one to complete and do the tasks. This mission will not fall if one falls. Everyone is needed, but no one is that significant that the mission would not be successful without the one. And let me remind you that there is no death to your soul. The energy will continue to do its job and its teamwork even after death. There are people and has always been who can talk and receive messages and guidance from dead people. When we all raise our vibration enough we will all be able to communicate with their spirits. The telepathy is there for all of us.

My message for today is to remember that we cannot only take, because that would make us energy vampires. Give silently. Give to Mother nature. Do not just dump and expect her then heal and be able to digest all that you have dumped. Give your healing to her. Learn to channel some of your universal energy to the core of our Earth. See the benefits on your wellbeing and those around you. See the plants grow and flourish, see the weather become more stable, see the happiness shifting in collective. Believe that you create now what you reap in the future. So do you only want to see the same old negative stuff or do you want to see us all flourish? That is the question of the day. You are able. You are the one making it to happen.

Love and blessings to you and thank you for reading my messages!

Seeing thru the rose tinted glasses

I fly so high. I see everything thru rose tinted glasses. I am so in love with that spirit. Who am I talking about?? I am talking about one small one, who lives in my house, the one who has so deep soul and understanding to me that whenever we speak or look into each other it is like thousand lights igniting in me. She is so very special and because of her me and my family have raised our vibration continually and we have been able to expand our love vibration to nature and to each other better.

You see, there was a time when my family felt like we were all falling apart, but now that has all changed. It is all just because she has made us aware and to take small steps and actions every day towards love. Our speak and our service comes all influenced by loving kindness. We want to expand and share that joy and lovely feeling of gratitude. And the point is that she is not actually doing anything for us in materialistic manner, she is just sharing her vibe and 100% presence and of course her authentic self. Just by being so she is able to lift us higher.

My point is that never belittle anyone. Never ignore those near to you, who do so much for you even though you do not see their work. We all matter so much and I would say that the smallest of us somehow seem to act and do even greater than loud and grander at some times. So please pay attention and be grateful of those little ones. They might not be able to do great things but their life can have a great impact on yours, you will thank one day.

Lovely weekend to you all!

Healing waters within and without

Part of ascension in to shed tears for yourself and others. You open your heart and realize all this madness and then you clear it out of your mind body and spirit. I personally did part of this healing today myself. First came the tears and I thought why and then I was shown the healing I was doing and to whom I should connect thru Reiki energy to help them too. This task was a big one so eventually I was sucking the bad energy from the others involved. My heart was aching like crazy but since I was with my spirit team I was confident enough to suck and release it to the spirit realm for transmutation. At the end of this session came the good part, I was guided to suck the new DNA to all of us and then share it with them. The colors were golden and Chrystal and also some rainbow.

After the session I felt peace and calm but thought that I should now take care of my body’s needs to clear it all away. Some of that energy was still in my body so I was guided to drink plenty of water today and some green tea and to go out into the nature. In fact I was guided to transit to my dear mother oak, who is already over 500 years of age. I met her yesterday for the first time after winter so the connection was still very much open. She took me warmly into her loving body and sucked me in with my twin. Oh how that felt comforting and I was able to release all the rest of that sad energy into her. She showed me that it was going up into the spirit realm.

After this I ended my session and saw the angel who was white and golden, she gave me blessing and I was feeling so grateful that I shed some tears again, but this time they were tears of joy.

So my message today is not to mind so much what we are called to do but to do it with passion. There is never a task minor to other, nor there should be judgement on your behalf or anyone else. If we listen to our guidance we can’t go wrong. And we should also remember that even the task might look like not so joyful the end can be joyful. Healing means mostly that we need to deal with pain, hardship or difficulties. We need to accept that and sometimes just allow it to happen. That is the loving work we came here to do.

Loving and healing energies to finally overcome the aggression, hate, jealousy. That is all. One mission, one step at the time. We can do this, we have the energy we need to succeed. LOVE TO EVERYONE!