Angel number that is. What I received today within my morning meditation was quite eye-opening. There was healing for the places and for the people and their DNA but there was also judgment day for falsehood and those who have spread false truth. Gabriel gave message that those, who might have had visions of their own “dooms day” might be facing that day soon. It is not God’s fury but merely putting things right, since people haven’t been able to do so themselves. This is God’s way to help those who have been putting their hopes outside of themselves. God and angels are willing to assist now to turn this planet again to a planet of love.

This vision was mostly loving and beautiful. Much healing for Africa and its people was given. Our air got some protection and purging, our Atlantic Ocean got some oxygen and was cooled. The Gulf stream got healing so that it could operate how it was planed to keep Atlantic alive and well. Those people who needed healing got some Christ light and as a sign of love and purity it was sealed with rainbow and golden light. Those who will face “dooms day” will notice how their judgment will come so I am not going to address any particular event or symptom, just be aware that what will happen is according to plan.

Over all what was given was support and healing. Mother Earth did her part with 24 angels to seal the well-being of the planet. They all encouraged us light workers to do our share. The energy blast might be hard to cope, but we were reminded that this is what we chose to do. So even if it means physical death to a body, we should continue to the end of this lifetime.

Remember that there is no death. No one can kill the soul. Much love! Keep doing what you do. You are loved and doing your part exactly as asked and planed. Love is the power that overcomes darkness. We are love and we have won.


Bird lady’s words

Mother Gaia, does she find people bad or good? Does she reply godlike according to ones actions? Is she benevolent or malevolent? Does she response to consciousness or just the actions of humanity?

Very common questions. We are reminded almost bombarded to be mindful and act with great integrity. We are told to be ecological and so forth. We know all this and we are in a work of process we say. So could she acknowledge our actions and give us some recognition? Could she act little bit less destructive?

YOU ask now her to act more moderate? How long do you think she has put up your childish actions? She is loving planet, but she is also an energy that responds to your actions and thoughts. She loves you so  much that she would give you much more unless you  didn’t act like you have, ignoring and keeping  your eyes closed. She cries because all that you have done in the name of and rightfulness of being childlike human.

Don’t you see? Can’ t you understand that the way she can respond is linked to whatever you do or say or act? She loves all equally, the trees, the birds, the sea and humans too. Why do you then neglect your animal kingdom as if they are not your brothers and sisters? Why do you think that plants are pleased about the thing how you manipulate their DNA, how you play god in this respect? Why not try more subtle approach? Why not try to be more local and give energy and loving thought to earth that grows your food, gives you fresh air, purifies your pollution as well as it can? Don’t you realize that the connection goes so much deeper than just the amount of production you can reap from her breasts? Don’t you feel anything, while exploiting our Gaia again and again?

She has informed all of humanity, that she has taken enough. She will not tolerate or co-create with the humanity but will show the true destruction powers if you won’t change your habits. This is not a warning, but a reality. You have come to an end of your road. The nature will show you fist signs as it has subtly started to show you, but speeding up now. End might come to humanity and to animals but Gaia will survive. She will build herself from scratch if need to.

I know you who read this are not the ones needing to hear this but more of Gaia’s warriors to carry the mission onwards. Be an example to your children, to your community, to your children’s friends and their families, to your relatives. This has been going on for a long time now, but we have to push through now more than ever. We have to collect all the willing and awaken ones to carry on moving. Making changes in our diets and habit to consume. We have to remind again, that the manipulation of other species is not a natural thing and that will lead to uncontrollable changes and even destruction of some species.

Gaia is crying for help with this. Make the change, show the way. Be an example that she is proud of.

Much love from me to all of you, who is becoming lighter and birdlike herself.

Fear of failing and other human stories

Oh my Lord again! How on Earth am I going to deliver this today? What is the purpose of this doubt and hesitation? How is this going to help humanity or is it just to shift my own experience? Why am I drawn to express it here instead in to my private journal? I do not see the big picture? I don’t need to question my motives or do I? Is this me or someone else?

Although this is not alien or cosmic subject I don’t quite know how to put it into words.

There were few synchronistic events before this writing. I was in doubt should I do this. So I deliver even though I would be shot down. I know this message divides people because of difference of an opinion. We are all entitled to do so, but there is a word of caution or some advice to be taken into consideration. The message I am about to deliver is from Mother nature. She is terrified of this divided consciousness that humanity is going through. The return of Nazi thinking. The thought that someone is higher, superior, purer. That someone who is at their lower energies or not as evolved should be excluded (should only produce offspring with alike). The horrifying thought that we should only seed children if the other is at the same bloodline and so on. That is absolutely against Mother natures intent. The most important principle of having offspring is the ability and free will and commitment to this task from both parties involved. There is no pure bloodline so to speak and even if there was it wouldn’t be for the highest good of all to go for small circles only. That would in fact produce malfunctioning or less powerful and less healthy offspring.  Mother nature is the laboratory that allows us to experiment. There is a meaning for all outcomes of our free choses. This thing we call life, is about lessons and learning to be loving, compassionate and serving.

The Nazi thinking is spreading in our consciousness right now. Nazi’s thought that the purity is about cutting  off the possibilities of mixed races and sickness of any sort. This is so absurd that it hurts our Mother deeply. She is crying of thought that someone would not be welcomed to enjoy and experience the life here on Earth. There is always a reason. Be mindful!!

The race is of course more than just our skin, more than our blood. The shift we are working on is not about those things. Let go of that perception. Let go of the Nazi mentality. Let the heart consciousness guide you, us where the pure love resides. Let us learn and take our new technology and creative forces into the “mixing” bowl when creating offspring. The creation of offspring can be directed and guided all the way through. It is not uncontrollable process, even though many think so. Mother the 3D one is powerful enough to create with her and his DNA the perfect  babies so to speak.

After we have collectively purified some of the old, we can create with more ease. There is less energy and alchemy needed in the future. The healing of yourself is far more effective than yourself only, as we have said this before. DNA transferred and healed goes multi-dimensionally. Mother understands that this new way to understand takes time and adjustment for the brain but it is all very natural and she is ready to open the chest of knowledge if you will. The ancient records and archives are for us to benefit our future humanity. So let go of fear and dig into the wisdom and knowledge that is already within your grasp. Allow your heart to know and you will find the key to this knowledge.

The energy levels you are in right now are not now nor ever set in stone, even some might think they are. Think about your own energy levels when you become sick. How does it feel? How does it feel when you are knowing that something is not right in your own body`? The energy is moving up or down or it stays for a while in some level, but the stable is not the law of Physics. Energy must move like in our atoms and cells. Like the heart is pumping blood from the beginning to the end. The move is constant. We cannot control this, we can only adjust and accept what is. So therefore if someone is telling us to pick the partner that is in the same level they are pulling the wool over our eyes.

Mother nature delivers this message through this little one so that you would keep you mind open and alert. So that you would know with your heart the next thing that is right for your ascension journey.  Love everyone! Mingle and seed with the ones you feel connected and committed to life. Lust is not love. Be mindful about that. Stay pure with creation as thoughts and intentions. There is no wrong or right. There is only laboratory of life going on. MUCH LOVE FROM MOTHER EARTH!

BALANCE: Receive by grounding but remember to give back too

Nature gives us plenty as in food, as in energy, as in wellbeing. I am about to focus on the energy part here. As we ground ourselves and receive wellbeing end energy to push through or move on with our tasks, we go easily on without questioning or saying thanks to Mother nature. We take it so for granted, sometimes we don’t even realize where the energy came from for the first place, so we will not share or give back. That is Okay, since Mother asks no returns, but we should know that if we only dump our “waste” to Mother we will find out sooner or later that there will be no positive or uplifting or inspiring energy left. I am just trying to point out, that there should be balance in what we do. We should not be too needy, too greedy, too careless. Because by sharing and giving back the good energy too we will learn that this good energy will amplify to nature and to the collective consciousness. So therefore next time you go to ground yourself think about giving back too. Say thank you silently for all the goodness you have received, the inspiration you got out of nature of cosmos. Salute sun like your eternal energy, that is keeping your life force and food supply strong. Remind yourself that without this ecosystem we couldn’t survive here. We are all parts of this. We play our part by giving and receiving. They should be in balance and that is our light-work mission no 1.

Of course there are days when you just have to go and say: Dear God/ Universe just let me receive what I need to survive today, to complete my tasks, for I am not able to give or even share anything. I am just so exhausted. I need those healing “hands” to hold me today. I need to rejuvenate today. Just allow me to rest today and I will prove again that I am able to do my part tomorrow. Allow then yourself to rejuvenate, without shame, without self-importance that your participation is required and therefore the lack of it will delay or harm the future events. Believe that there is always more than just one to complete and do the tasks. This mission will not fall if one falls. Everyone is needed, but no one is that significant that the mission would not be successful without the one. And let me remind you that there is no death to your soul. The energy will continue to do its job and its teamwork even after death. There are people and has always been who can talk and receive messages and guidance from dead people. When we all raise our vibration enough we will all be able to communicate with their spirits. The telepathy is there for all of us.

My message for today is to remember that we cannot only take, because that would make us energy vampires. Give silently. Give to Mother nature. Do not just dump and expect her then heal and be able to digest all that you have dumped. Give your healing to her. Learn to channel some of your universal energy to the core of our Earth. See the benefits on your wellbeing and those around you. See the plants grow and flourish, see the weather become more stable, see the happiness shifting in collective. Believe that you create now what you reap in the future. So do you only want to see the same old negative stuff or do you want to see us all flourish? That is the question of the day. You are able. You are the one making it to happen.

Love and blessings to you and thank you for reading my messages!