Let hope come into our heart again.

Today we want to say hope is where you least expect is to appear. So keep you eyes open and look for the small things. If you don’t have smiling children around. Look for natures signs of hope, maybe it is not rainbow but soft breeze on your face. Maybe you hear birds sing or maybe you get some help to something. However small the “event” or hopeful action from spirit, take it and feel it with your heart. Live in the now and embrace even sad feelings. Put on some music of your choice and have some solitude time and maybe a cup of your favorite drink to accompany. Light candle to remind you that collective spirit/ God is with you. Don’t fall into despair.

I love you all and I feel the heartache and sorrow that you feel even we don’t know each other. Overcome your hurt. I stand with you if you need me. My rainbow energy is on its way to relieve the peak from whatever you feel.

Here are some of my favorite hopeful songs that you can listen and connect to me if you wish. Let’s shine together! We are in this together! Much love from me!

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There should not be shame upon Earth

Yes I do it and yes we all do it together, unknowingly and knowingly. It is so sad that we don’t realize that by doing so we degenerate our own potential to growth or our collective right to expand our abilities and potential. It is our history and our ancestral inheritance that makes us behave like that. Yet we recognize that we do nothing or worse we become martyrs and victims. We act like we could not change our situation, our potential, our circumstances. We are the ones, we are the change. It is our very own thoughts, our very own ideas that make the wheel to turn.

Then we see the huge task and decide to withdrawn, jump off for comfort, not realizing it is discomfort where the soil is best to growth. It is not fun and games, it is not pool party till the very end. It is lonely road to self discovery. Yes, we can walk aside with someone, but we must know it is our own responsibility to walk the road. This is all so very familiar to all of us, but yet we ignore it most of the time or till it becomes unbearable to bear the life that we live, to see the circumstances we have allowed to come into our life.

From my own experience and from the exchange of thoughts and ideas through social media ( I know I am not the one to write responses but to reflect those conversations within my loud mind) I have learned that all the shame we can bare within or reflect to others can make no change, but it is the inside learning and reflection that will make eventually the shame to disappear. So we have to turn the wheel on our own and this is hard to know, that you cannot give the task to no one else. Everyone has their own wheel to turn and if you are A FOOL to give your own wheel away, to trust someone so much, you are likely to get very disappointed in life. They will only create what is so called best for them, not necessarily best for you. To understand the path to self discovery is to know that we have to bare our own shame, our flaws and to make the change.

There will be time of sensing newness, which will feel like you are left with nothing in life to stand of or for. You are like a plank page on a note book that you just started. Rest in that. Feel that newness and start to smell all the fragrances around and take only what resonates with new you. Be sure as you walk to learn to say NO THANK YOU, for that is the most important phrase after thank you. Learn also to understand that you, me all of us are imperfect. We have made and we will make mistakes. ERROR EST HUMANE! Know this too that you are perfect and you are surrounded the people and circumstances that serve you best. So make mistakes, learn to laugh to your mistakes. Life goes on till your last breath. But for the collective sake do not shame yourself anymore. Do not see only flaws in yourself but see the whole you. See the creator and perfect you as well, the one that intuitively knows where to go and what they need for the next phase on their journey weather that be time off or dervish dance or hectic enthusiasm and passion to work with something or with someone. You are always guided and always presented the perfect solution weather you accept that or not.

The road is not straight, but curvy like that sexy lady. Yes I know how we are nowadays informed that lean lines and low fat percentage in the body is most desirable. That was the metaphoric expression only to make us consider that the most healthiest babies are born from mother that carry little bit for their child too. The body is intelligent, it knows how to survive and how to protect the unborn. Let us honor that nature. Mother Earth knows, the exact and right way to protect the life, by loving the things that cannot be seen. Mother nature also sends her love to all creation for she knows that is all to benefit her children to grow to their fullest potential.

I leave you now for his message has become the lengthiest of all of this blog history. With the message to give up on shame, whenever it lurks into your mind or onto your lips. We are loved and Divine. Everyone has a purpose and time on Earth, honor that and you will live in peace with yourself. LOTS OF LOVING HEALING FOR SHAMING ISSUES!

Thank you for coming to read this post! Bless you!

Learn rise up again, stop judging yourself

Today we are focusing on judgement. Specially condemning yourself is on the table. We take the stories other people tell about us, their judgement their lack of empathy. Then we grow into thinking that this is the permanent truth about us, that we are not able to change. We start to see these lacks within and make excuses, not seeing that it takes one foot in front of the other. One small change after another. Yes, I know change hurt, sometimes more sometimes less, but the truth is that it hurts. So we have to allow the hurt, the lack of motivation at times but after a fall and after some rest stand up again and start to move. The hurt will heal while moving on. It can be like stormy sea, but eventually the storm will settle, the tides will come smaller.

So learn to forgive yourself of your lack of motivation, your tiredness at times. Allow the natural flow of things, but never stay down there. Never allow yourself to think this is it. I am only this and that. Yes, you may have physical disabilities but they are not there to stop you but you to learn to work with them. And yes, you may have to learn that you have not loved your body as well as you could have, but you can do it now, from this day forward. Start to detox from everything that is making you feel lethargic, sleepy, lack of motivation. All the people, situations, food, habits, etc.. Investigate and make adjustments, small changes. Give yourself the love you are entitled. You only receive the love you give to yourself, remember that. If you feel disgust or lack, you only attract that treatment back to yourself. So learn to know how your body, soul and spirit wants to be loved.

Allow the love to come into your life from within and without. I love you all so much. Go with peace and knowing that we are all imperfect but perfect in that way we are. We are the work in process till the day we pass on from here, after that we will be only love and perfection, eternal as we already are her as well, but more complete. We just have to allow and understand that eternal is already here, we don’t have to wait. This is it! This is heaven on Earth and our collective love, we just have to allow.

So take it in!!! Rainbows and crystals to spark!!!!

Shine on thru your growing pain

What could I say? How much would I just want to shift all the insecure thoughts we are going thru right now. I am only one soul and there is only so much work that I can do per day, but I do it anyway, no matter how much clutter they trow at me, how much mocking words and judgement comes pointing at me. I do it anyway.

I wish I could make you see thru the veil and heal your wounds. I wish I could heal that insecure person, who thinks they need to compete or be better, that they are not enough. You are enough! You shine your very own magic, your very own and individual light. Don’t let their words or judgement stop you. This is your life and your way to see things. Keep on dreaming the things you wish to come true. I know I am the one doubting so often, so I know what I am taking about. Do your dreaming anyway and try to live your life in this chaotic word too.

This might be the time we see ourselves losing so much. Let it go! See it as a new beginning, what ever you need to give up or leave behind. I believe that most of the time it is our longing to keep people that are toxic in our lives, not so much about the material things. There is a time for grieving and there is a time to see the tidal waves to disappear. Give yourself time. Forgive and forget! Do it for yourself and for the other. Remember that good times can stay in your heart, the person was not always toxic, for they were on the same level as you were. Do not judge yourself, but just leave the past behind. Know that you have ascended, you have evolved to a higher version of you. Celebrate that and listen to your intuition where it tells you to look next. There are people and lessons awaiting you. See that as a wonderful opportunity. See the future awaiting. Do not look or see the people who choose to look past situations or tell how or who you used to be, for you are no longer there. Choose to shine now, choose to be new you!

Healing waters within and without

Part of ascension in to shed tears for yourself and others. You open your heart and realize all this madness and then you clear it out of your mind body and spirit. I personally did part of this healing today myself. First came the tears and I thought why and then I was shown the healing I was doing and to whom I should connect thru Reiki energy to help them too. This task was a big one so eventually I was sucking the bad energy from the others involved. My heart was aching like crazy but since I was with my spirit team I was confident enough to suck and release it to the spirit realm for transmutation. At the end of this session came the good part, I was guided to suck the new DNA to all of us and then share it with them. The colors were golden and Chrystal and also some rainbow.

After the session I felt peace and calm but thought that I should now take care of my body’s needs to clear it all away. Some of that energy was still in my body so I was guided to drink plenty of water today and some green tea and to go out into the nature. In fact I was guided to transit to my dear mother oak, who is already over 500 years of age. I met her yesterday for the first time after winter so the connection was still very much open. She took me warmly into her loving body and sucked me in with my twin. Oh how that felt comforting and I was able to release all the rest of that sad energy into her. She showed me that it was going up into the spirit realm.

After this I ended my session and saw the angel who was white and golden, she gave me blessing and I was feeling so grateful that I shed some tears again, but this time they were tears of joy.

So my message today is not to mind so much what we are called to do but to do it with passion. There is never a task minor to other, nor there should be judgement on your behalf or anyone else. If we listen to our guidance we can’t go wrong. And we should also remember that even the task might look like not so joyful the end can be joyful. Healing means mostly that we need to deal with pain, hardship or difficulties. We need to accept that and sometimes just allow it to happen. That is the loving work we came here to do.

Loving and healing energies to finally overcome the aggression, hate, jealousy. That is all. One mission, one step at the time. We can do this, we have the energy we need to succeed. LOVE TO EVERYONE!