Shine your light and talk only if it benefits the situation

I got this message just a minute ago. They said in light language so clearly that the time of babble is over. We should cut all the nonsense talk or even old teachings (energy) right now. I know this was a repeated message to me, for I am slow sometimes (stubborn). This was also now message to all of us not just me anymore.

Look at what you are creating in your web sites or in general over all social media. If you are a light-worker now is the time to evaluate what is beneficial to our shift and who does it benefit. The truth is that most of what is said or written is still quite much the babble talk. We keep going round in circles, reluctantly letting go or releasing everything old. Some do the work faster than the others and I am not suggesting that this is a game or competition against each other but simply suggesting that one should really look closely how do they represent themselves wherever that is.

The light language message said also that our body/DNA and our brain function are now at works so keep that in mind if feeling sleepy, lethargic or having head aches. Take rest and dim the light and silence all the noise around you as much as possible. Take meditation practice seriously and make it a routine. If possible choose a certain time and keep to that as much as possible. Those of us who are twins might find this helpful. It will decrease the unwanted vertigo and other physical disturbances felt and shared.

Other times than meditation times it is advisable to ground yourself and keep your intentions as much as possible in your daily life. We all have different situation and whether we know our twin or not it is time to take the other into deeper consideration. The compassion, the subtle approach, the kind and tender gestures are the key to work together. Times of fast and instant gratification are over though it might happen once in a while we should drop the expectation that anything should happen. We approach or give and then wait, if the other is non responsive then we should do our practices if connected  with discretion.

Much love to you all in these turbulent times. Go with the flow and find peaceful moments to know all the work that you’ve already accomplished. Drop the blame, judgment and self hate, they don’t serve no one least yourself. You can only give what you have so love yourselves that is the way to heal the planet.

Your, Baba


Need to be separated, see the lesson in it

Separation seems to be the word of the day. From the place of separation comes blame, guilt, yearning, needfulness the feeling that we need outside energy or someone else to make us feel loved, accepted and whole. If we choose this energy level, we will most likely experience more separation, in this case our twin will run, we will experience pain, anxiety, sorrow, lack of understanding. We will create chaos within. We will feel like lost and panicked child, immature one, who is asking directions, and right answers etc. As I have said so many times, this type of situation is not helpful for yourself nor to any other around you. This is why you need to feel and experience “loneliness”, separation, lack of wholeness.

You need to realize that you have to drop these bags. You are whole. You are already home. Your yin and yang only needs to be balanced. You need to find forgiveness to yourself and accept the darkness that is part of you. The light and darkness as I said yesterday are the keys, and you need to use them both. As long as you search the power outside of yourself you will experience the lack of it because you don’t believe that it is in you.

It is hard for anyone to say that they are God, little less difficult to say that they are the images of God or God like, so why do we go to the lack mentality when all holy scriptures explain this Divinity. If it is difficult for you to use phrase: “I am God!”, then use a different phrase. Understand the essence of this phenomena, the Divinity of us all, for there lies the love that we seek so badly without ourselves.

We could then expand this feeling of separation and them leaving us behind if that is the case, only as a reality that we created in order to learn and understand fully, that the divine masculine/feminine the controller/victim the fulfillment/lack are the parts we need to accept both to create better future, wanted future. So my advice, a simple one, would be to do some self-love practice what ever that means to you. If you feel the lack of compassion, express the compassion to yourself. If you feel the lack of love, express the self-love. If you feel the lack of nurturing partner, learn to be your own nurturing partner. (This doesn’t mean that we would have to face all on our own or deny that we need assistance or team work sometimes. Through healthy relationships (friendships and those that we meet, sent to us) we can achieve our abundance we need when facing difficulties that we cannot face on our own.)

These divine relationships don’t count on needfulness, dependency, control but the count to serve when needed or being able to help. We give what we have. For example I have time, a lot of it, so I decided to give it to volunteering work from now on. This will then bring happiness and free flow to other areas and let me to be connected to those who might be able to serve me one day. Do not however count on that fact for it locks you to dependency and needfulness. In order to understand ourselves and situations we have to be observing and to be able to direct towards unconditional love, which is best described as non dependent love.

Heal your non acceptance and know that you are whole. Love and light with darkness and fear that is the only way we need to understand in order to be in full power, empowered and divine. Accepting this will increase your power to heal faster yourself. Those who are Reiki practitioners will notice the change of volume in healing. As we connect to the collective, we draw the grander force to our work. The love force will then manifest the highest potential and spiritual situation we need to experience. We will feel more love within and without (the euphoria, ecstasy, happiness, the knowing that all is well eventually, the peace)

Let us all feel whole today and this day forward! Much love and healing to you all!!

How would I title this one? LOVE MESSAGE, Grande amore?

I am asking the guidance, yet I know this is the one that I HAVE TO write with integrity, honesty, and pure heart.

You know that my love is pure and angelic. You know that I am not from here so to speak. My other part is always at the other side, so it is very difficult and consuming to try to live this physical life. You know that I have wanted to step through the veil. You say that you know me inside out. Maybe that is so. Maybe you think you know what I need to learn and I don’t. Do you see how you see me? Do you see the other corner? You like to mention that so often. Are you agitated from my phrases?

I promised you direct and honest view how I feel. I am pacifist what it goes to love. I think there is someone special for every soul, so I do not make a fuss and fight over anyone. It is true that I make mistakes, I am not remembering everything what I came here for. I believe that what I see in my meditations are messages that guide me to teach or to tell others. Sometimes those meditations are personal, not meant to you or anyone else. I want my privacy, it is so dear to me and for all of those who live in my neighborhood. So I resent gossiping and fights or popularity over hearts, over lovers.

I feel so much, but I am not putting enough effort. Is that what you mean? Do you think that I fear certain things over new relationships? I fear maybe, but I have lost too so I know I will rise after the falls. I always will. I love myself. I can do my silent service in full love what I do. You don’t see it is enough. I do not pray the way you would like me to do. My body is sacred and that is how it will remain. There are reasons you don’t know. There are lessons that I don’t want to repeat. I have hurt people and they have hurt me. My star sign says so much and remember it is cusp.

The pacifist attitude and purity are what I challenge. I am a high value one and if those values are not met, I am happy to walk with my self-love. My love for every human and plants and animals give so much. I am connected. I love every soul.

This one, my beloved is giving difficult messages. You push and pull. You are so uncertain. I hear so often you telling me that I am rushing and you want to go slow or I miss the point, that I am demanding and not giving. I hear what you don’t say. Your rejection, your hesitation and wish to find the grand love that would blow your body and mind all together. I am cruel one playing. Yet I am the most romantic soul I know in my circles. Brought to tears when saw the dead bee today, or loved tree fallen down by the storm.

The love is inside, but you play different game. We don’t see eye to eye. I am not making you say wows or bond you with burdens that are not your to carry. I do have a dream insane. I don’t believe that is true. I know you would tell me that what we believe that is the thing we’ll manifest. My soul loves and knows the dream is true. I am not setting the time in stone, but as I have always known certain things are not just dreams. They are just behind the veil to be manifested. Like the baby that manifested 1998.

So take the road you need to and want to. Do not play and try to make one jealous. That has never been the game one plays. I am happy for everyone’s happiness and every decision that one is able to make for themselves.

We are powerful. We are love and we deserve nothing less. So go with peace and do not offend, but read this with integrity. I love you my beloved as I love everyone else too. My love overflows to every happy ending, lifelong companionship people commit themselves into.

What I attach my attention to grows

“I maintain relationships that I get strength and energy. What I attach my attention to grows.” These were the two sentences that popped up from the cards that I use to empower myself. So often they draw my attention to very important issues I unknowingly neglect or have a habit to sabotage. If I pick two or more cards the message will be slightly different what it would be if I picked up only one. Like today, these two sentences together makes me think other things than if it was just one.

To me they say that what I see on the other person or how I see our relationship is where it grows. It is not just the first impression but further on we tend to have these perceptions or assumptions that might not be even true. These false perfections grow within the more we feed them. This is so important to realize and stop, because you might lead yourself far worse or you both. We create while we go so we should not think too far ahead, and we should not stick to these first impressions or assumptions because they misguide us. We might even create some unwanted behavior on their behalf if we think negatively about them or their reactions.

Do not fear, cause you create more fear on your life. The more you think that something is wrong with you the more you will experience it. The more you fear that people will attack to you or hate you, the more you will get that. So even if you have no one who likes you or say it straight to you do not let the fear defeat you. Remember that self love is the key how others see you.

It is understandable that if you have had horrible past that it is not easy to let go of those horrors. I know myself. You just have to take steps and encourage yourself. Be happy if you get out of toxic relationship, or if you are finally free from abusive parent etc. Congratulate yourself often. Make it an occasion to dress up in new style, smile to your neighbor, do things that you would do to tell the world that this is great day or happiest day of your life. They might notice and pass on this good feeling that you shared, because they feel sharing too. You don’t have to tell the reason, just be mystic about your happiness for a little. Only share your feeling not the event or your fortune/abundance. World will join you and you create the ripple of happiness that can spread faster than you know.

Thank you for coming together with me today. Bless you! You made me smile. I wish you will now pass this smile on. Thank you!

Powerful people

We get confused about the thing that we should not expect things. This is misleading us to think that we should live in the now moment and just flow. We should learn that by setting boundaries we give signs and expectations to other people. This is just as it should be. We should be strong enough to set boundaries to know what we tolerate.

There will always be people who will do whatever in their power to control and manipulate and if we allow this “mindless”flow within, we allow them to set boundaries and we start to live by their expectations and rules. This world is about power and if you don’t own your own power you will be leaded to what suits someone else. The very reason for you to become “victim” to moan about the injustice.

So in order to have power and healthy boundaries you need to step up and tell the rest of the world about your healthy expectations. It is within that we create the expectations not without or towards someone. Unhealthy expectations towards others are something we should avoid by all cost.

Know yourself and know what makes you happier. Give up on things that weight you down or make you feel less. No matter if it is someone close or a thing. Surrender to knowing that you are perfect and having experiences you need to grow unless you choose to stay stagnant, to settle for something that makes you feel like you are not enough or you should change. Pleasing is giving your power away.

It is natural, when we grow to lean on to peers and to find some set of rules or definitions to help us grow further but we should not cling on to them because by clinging onto we create only new kind of stagnant belief systems and paradigms  that we should avoid in the long run. We should only allow the flow and constant new settings and then let go of them when they no longer serve us. The mindful knowing that some belief or way to act doesn’t serve our growth anymore. This is to understand that moving on can create uncertainty and fear, still we should seek the unknown. We should understand that if we trust enough to our own power and our intuition we will get the teachings and teachers that serve our ascension. We should also understand that letting go or giving up means sometimes what we call losing. Loss is natural process of growth. It is not the loss and lack that we should concentrate but the coming of new that should excite so much that we would not cling onto lack and loss.

It is okay to grieve, that is a process too, but more like process that we allow. We should allow the tidal waves to come and do their work within.

So grow and have your healthy expectations and boundaries. This is how we find people that resonate with us. You push unhealthy relationships out of your space and let healthier new ones to come in. Come from a place of love to yourself! Lots of love from this little soul who writes these messages. Have a blessed day full of pride that you have the power.

Saying goodbye

How hard can it be? How this time slips away and the correct and most appropriate way tries to find its way to come out. Yet we try with tears in our eyes. Moment just past by and now that it is over we are saddened by the way we handled that goodbye, knowing that there is never an easy way. The goodbyes come always too soon, are inconvenient or harsh in some way.

We just have to grow thru this and we have to let go. Forget the past in some respect. Learning and knowing that this tiny part of you will always stay within. You were so diverse. You were silent yet loud at times. You were strong minded but so very insecure within. Your eyes spoke much more than what your lips ever did. Those kind eyes, that I know have seen so much.

Now that the moment has past and you went away, I wish I could only say that do not doubt. You have goodness inside of you, just let it come thru. You are so balanced and ready to fly, do not doubt that time has already gone by.

Are you the one who is too afraid to step forward?

Today I noticed in social media that some people are hesitant who to choose to date with or have even further commitments. This is what I have learned and found very helpful on choosing people. Go within first of all. Do not listen to advice too much, because people are giving advice from their personal experience. You know best! That is the first rule. The second rule would be to look the situation in a long run. If you could imagine someone beside you as you are unable or the other one is unable to connect or merge with you physically but still you feel the love , that is when you know you have found someone worth keeping. I happen to know from my own experience that people might not be able to express their physical love, but the higher connection will satisfy you never the less. You are willing to continue living with that person anyway.

The other thing I noticed was about letting someone know that you have feelings for them. I think it is very good that we have feelings for as many people as possible, that is only telling us that we are emphatic. Caution is  appropriate of course and we should also be able to clarify if it is friendly love or something more what we are feeling. First to ourselves and then admit that to other person. We should also evaluate our life situation, are we connected and happy with the partner we are sharing our life with or is it just the lack of connection that drives us into the arm of an other “lover”(this goes with singles and coupled up ones). If the other is just substitute for the lack our present partner then it would be appropriate to go within and ask the question from oneself “why is this so?”. It might be so that our life partner has tough the lessons we need to learn. We might need to let them go no matter what the situation is in the family. If we are reluctant to acknowledge the problems we are only making things more intense in the future. If we are single and able to be happy and satisfied on our own company then I would say that one is ready to meet a soul partner. Partnering should never start from neediness nor the feeling of lack of something. This doesn’t mean that we would have it all and we wouldn’t want to experience things together with someone, but we are happy doing things on our own or with OUR own friends, for I see it is very important to both parties to have private friends to go out or have hobbies. This is because if you will find yourself breaking up you will not be dependant on your parners or your mutual friends, they might not want to spend time with you if you break up for numerous reasons. So never give up on your own circle no matter what your marital status is. Know who are healthy to be around with but never give up on your own friends for partner’s sake.

To know your TF

You need to know yourself and you need to come from a place of authenticity. You don’t have to be perfect for they love you who you are, but there is no place for clouded truth.

They are demanding and they know/feel if you try to straighten the corner or leave meaningful things unsaid/shared. The way you treat yourself sets the tone how you treat them so they are monitoring you to be able to tell if you are “worthy” to know them better. Remember that they have their values and standards how they let people to treat them. You are no different from anyone else. Only by knowing your own values and owning your own power you are able to come forward.

TF is about knowing yourself and loving yourself as much as the other. Are you sure you love yourself as much? Have you done your work? They will not come to you and tell how they want to be treated for you have to realize it yourself. Do not come from a place of cultural mind or ego but from a place of heart energy. You know who they are by knowing yourself. They may have some differences but those are minor facts, human facts.

Is it the need to speak/communicate now? She/he has their abilities that maybe differ from yours so you just need to know how to communicate. When the channel is open, they are receiving. Sometimes they might be hesitant or unwilling to respond. Some are more within the angelic realms so they need to be contact more from that place than thru other ways. Our skill develop all the time too, so maybe later they can communicate other ways.

When coming closer it would be appropriate to ask if something bothers. Her/his love is unconditional, they will try to work and help the other one as well as possible. Most of us TF’s have some form of social media sites/profiles to make asking possible. Hiding is only a form of insecurity about the fact that one might not be sure if it is for them that they are asking. This can also mean communication thru telepathy, though it gets less mixed up than social media.

Love as partners is a different matter that love as friends and co-creators, that is also a thing to be considered. Higher self has planed this meeting and there might be other people to consider, specially their feelings, when opening and allowing this communication/co-creation. Therefore it would be ideal to know little bit more about the other person, but people are what they are. Most people are not authentic with this matter, which can be a impediment for co-creation. At least for myself kind of person. I have to know the proper protocol. Most people don’t care I have noticed. (This was just a side trail how I see things.) We have to respect each and everyone’s way, but it sure helps in the process when you know that you are not stepping to anybody’s toes. Now some people might say that all we need to do is think ourselves to know the wants and so on, but let me just say, that is the cause to the most of the situations we have lead ourselves in this world. The elbow tactics, the wants, the needs etc.

The TF is one thing and the love partner is an other. Yes they may be the same person, but then again they may not. You may daydream and visualize, but if the other (TF), is not in the same page to become lover then you are just making yourself extremely miserable. Therefore it would be so much more easier to set the protocol how you two are going to work, when you are ready for your mission. Yes there will be more lovers/real life partners maybe in the future, for we are setting a new template to  partnership, but this is a time of change and we need to understand that not everyone will be ideal partners. And even if TF’s would find themselves living under same roof, the road will not be smooth as it never is for lovers. We should accept that. Part of living as lovers means to deal with hardships, it is a way to learn and grow. My advice would be simply to take a bull by the horns and work thru hardship, learn to listen carefully and learn to speak when necessary for silence is a well known killer.

I wish lots of love to everyone’s journey towards their happy meaningful relationships, whether they are TF or other.