Fire in my eyes

This was a post that I read today. It was one of those quote type of pictures and the person asked what are we most afraid of three following things. The idea was kind of absurd from the beginning because when you really read what it was all about the person had a perception of unconditional love that was not obviously anything of sort. First I thought that they are entitled to their opinion and they will grow later to understand what the unconditional love is truly about so I felt better not to reply or say anything. Then I noticed this thought kept coming into my mind to bother me. I thought what is it? Why do I feel this way and why does it bother’s me? What is my perception?

So I clarified to myself how I see unconditional love. Then I asked myself is it possible that unconditional could mean different things in different relationships? Is there something that I should allow, change or perceive differently? I came to a conclusion that unconditional love in a romantic relationship is different to a brotherhood/sisterhood relationship. That sometimes we humans confuse that unconditional love is meaning having multiple partners as if sexual activity would be some (hippie) kind of answer.

Unconditional love truly means that you know what you want and set boundaries according to that and then respect the other persons choices. So other person might not see it as unconditional to have multiple sex partners. Some might even say that unconditional love truly respects one another so much that they would never harass, insult or persuade into sexual encounter in any ways. I see this as a problem with many cultures. Men don’t respect females integrity or rights to walk on a street or wherever they go like males do. Even when females enter a bar by themselves some men think that the only reason females go there is to search sexual contacts or some sort of boost for self-esteem (search for admiration etc.).

I so wish this bubble would burst now. Females who have balance and unconditional self-love to themselves don’t need admiration or any sexual implying to know that they are good enough. All humans, males and females should be allowed to have safe environment without fear of getting harassed or attacked or insulted sexually no matter where they go or what they wear.

It is breaking my heart to read the news where these certain nationalities emigrate or come to our country as refugees and then continue to live by their old cultural standards meaning the harassment to young girls  even rape (is acceptable if this girl happens to walk on her own on a street at night). Many will now say that no culture can be that way, that no religion allows this kind of insult or crime to take place without punishment, yet it happens everyday somewhere around the world and so many times the true victim gets punished as if they did something wrong as if that was their fault. The males should truly take a look at themselves. What if the girl raped or murdered even was your sister/sister-in-law/child? How could you ever accept such a cruelty? Do you think that the only punishment would be put them in prison or cut their body part off? The challenge and the only way we could win this is to do mental healing and start to realize how SICK some behaviors and cultural traditions are. Women don’t need protection but equal rights to go wherever men are allowed to go too. Women are in need of respect as spiritual beings and as physical beings. Men should evolve from hunters into MEN.

Time is now! We don’t need your protection. We need only respect and our civil right to be met. We are equal with you.


We have the power to choose

Dark forces are taking all their skills into full action. I have noticed that they are trying to trigger us to arguments, insecurity, hesitation. They come from all places, even in our own healing groups (light workers under mind control) or our neighbors, our media, our own mind. The truth is that they act open so if we stay high ground and mindful they cannot pass or interfere unless we allow them to do so.

Our transformation in such state that it is easy to go into hesitation mode. We might find all the reasons to avoid new or become apologetic. We become child like and small or that is what the dark forces want us to believe. This is not so. We have evolved past small/immature phase. This is also the reason why we should trust and listen to our inner guidance and knowing and that gut feeling more than ever. If possible try not to ask so much even from your peers but yourself, what is it that I need to do now. Go it step by step. There is no wrong or right only learning. And what we truly need right now is to learn.

What I have also noticed is that some people are telling us how we should do our light work. Do not listen to them, please! There are multiple ways and your purpose is unique so they don’t know the ways that Universe/God is showing us. And what is also very important is finally understand that we can’t help or cure anyone else unless we have not healed ourself first. It is the talents and knowledge we should use as tools. Our unique tool kit has a precise purpose and it takes some time to learn and take those talents into control/mastery.

Go with confidence into situations and listen up carefully. Use your diplomatic high vibe to lead others into better situation or to a better outcome possible. If you notice that your talents and skills are not enough at this task do not despair but leave gracefully without victim attitude or resentful argument. Let those who will be left in the situation learn what they need to learn. Our judgment or besserwisser teaching is not required. Just remind yourself that this is for their highest good and know also what is to your highest good.

I wish you all a good day/night. Let there be light upon humanity so that we would not walk astray. Much love and gratitude from here to you!

What is truly important as the time passes

This is a question we should ask ourselves more often because when we truly stop to think of this we might notice that things or events that seem so important are most likely not so important after a short while. I have asked this question now for 4 years quite frequently and have been able to let go of many things and events. The sadness, the lack mentality, the neediness disappears mostly from our everyday life. We might look “depressed” or reluctant to communicate, influence, take part to anything. That is not the case. Instead we are more aware of things that truly matter for us. We put everything under a magnifying glass so to speak.

We understand the value of our time here and even the things that we are not here to change, teach or guide no one. People or events that draw our intention are meant to happen so therefore they reveal or are obvious of what they mean to our growth or wellbeing. I suppose one could say that maturing and growing “old” is summarized in this. Wise man/woman knows when to speak and when to remain silent. The need to direct or teach lies within the event or moment. We don’t come to think next week or month but this moment and the interaction we are. The same it is with unconditional love. We enjoy the moment and maybe dream, but we are still ever so happy of this perfect moment and we know there are more same kind coming if not with that person or group then somewhere else with some other marvelous people.

What are your needs and wants for today? Are they self-serving or are they soul search and unconditional? Do you need time for your body to heal/soul to heal/mind to heal or are your needs met in a group gathering and sharing? Do you seek and need to see and feel beauty or do you need to dim a little bit from that overwhelming high vibe energy? Do you need more and what is it truly you need more? Do you then find explanations and reasons to start?

A little break from mundane life brings this into table once again. You are more focused and more willing to push it trough. Maybe it was just a coffee break with one article or maybe an event that took you to fancy party or concert. That is there to show you that you can push it further. Once you feel comfortable you see the bigger picture. It might look scary how determined we have become, how we have become the ones that enjoy our power to accomplish our hurdles. We understand that we are individuals taking our own life into our own hands. We become captains and commanders with clear voice, not with need to suppress others in a patriarchal way but only to know we have a right to choose that which serves us, that which brings us joy. So we stop taking part in parties, events and accepting things we don’t want in our life. We simply let go and arrange our inner world and outer space in a manner that suits us better.

It is kind of funny even what you are willing to let go, when you focus on the importance. Material world comes less important, your fame and fortune plays almost no part in your life, your own age come non relevant (I have forgotten my age almost completely). You don’t expect gifts from no one. All of this is simple but yet so difficult while we live in this matrix. Maybe it is just that we finally realize that in order to be important you need to let go of want or need to be important or in order to become famous you need to give up on want/need to be famous or in order to be wealthy you need to give up on need to be one etc. As circle closes we come to a point of knowing that being is what we seek. Peacefulness of knowing that your soul already told you what you are. Did you listen to it? Did you took the steps it guided you to do or was it your mind that said no I want this and that?

I wish you all a good and soulful day of knowing what you are! Let the inner force shine on you!


Analytical mind is preventing your spiritual growth

Analytical mind based way to live is fear based and control based set of life. I am not implying that we should give up on this or ignore our need to analyze, but only pointing out that what I feel for the most of us humans, analytical mind is keeping us where we are. Analytical mind is trying to give reason, plan ahead, know the right way, prevent us from falling, keeping us safe and certain. The data we analyze then comes to a focus. Do we have the “full” knowledge or are there misunderstandings, mislead on someones behalf? Do we see how things are or do we have those tinted classes on? All of us know that we sure do have those perceptions of ourselves and others as well but as long as we realize that our perception might blur some understanding we are capable to do and step to our desired direction. So we analyze, but only in this moment to give us the choices and clarity to make next moves.

So in order to be able to move on and make moves, we need to prioritize what is important and what is not. The love of self is basis of making decisions. The less we feel deserving, love ourselves, doubt or feel lack the more we will stay in the mind-set of reasoning and analyzing. We need to let go a little. We need to realize that whatever we decide is movement and that is always good.

For some reason this came as a strong message to myself today. Maybe it is that, that I try to find balance with analytical and feel based mind sets, because if we go too much into one direction the scale will go off-balance and cause more disruption. As we move in time we must focus on more the now moment because then it will be easier to do reality based analysis according to our feel based desires. The ship will obey us instead of drifting where the storms are taking us.

What I am saying is that we should use analysis but use it within time frame so that we wouldn’t make assumptions for the future. We can and should visualize and see all the good that we wish to come true, but we should not include that visions to our today’s plans. I guess what it means for many of us is that we should not run away from our “troubles”, fears or challenges. This is all so very common and general but how often one who wishes to gain spiritual growth runs away today hurdles? How often we only wish the good to be right here already? So maybe our escape is over all preventing us from taking action to things that need to be addressed.

The frustration of old that repeats might be one reason not to take action and focus to today’s chaos. The knowing that people have always act certain ways and even if we would seek new people we would only attract manipulative, controlling and deceitful ones. The lack of trust and knowing how things have always being are there to limit us to make new analysis and understanding how things might develop. We are then cutting cords and making new connections to find new solutions and new kind of energy to have around. We ask if anyone is able to know what we need to know in order to do our decisions. Yet this old energy keeps turning up and not allowing us to know and learn all that we need to know. We try to focus our intention to know who to ask and what to ask with open mind if the knowledge given applies to our situation. We analyze with this new and wish it gives the missing pieces to know how to work on our own to a new day and new circumstances.

We take responsibility of the thing that have been kept under darkness from us, that we haven’t been given the answers we need to know to make our ways. The good thing is that we already have confidence in knowing that we have the power within so we don’t need to wait to receive any power. The only open question is to attract and find right people to teach us what we need to know and how to carry on fully empowered.

Spiritual growth moves us then in a balanced way up. It is like all our Chakras  would move little higher in our bodies. The dimension between each Chakra stays the same but through this shift they kind of find new vibration level. (I just saw a vision of this and I am not sure was I able to explain it the way anyone could understand but it made a lot of sense to me.) Hope it gave some understanding to others as well. It just feels that it makes sense if our consciousness is shifting now. Our energy and vibe goes higher even thought our centers are staying in place. So it would mean that in the future once one has reached the higher consciousness we would find easier to connect to higher vibe spirits better.

Love and happiness to your path and tasks today! Go where you need to go and do it with grace. Every task and every chore is important.

God against Satan

A discussion with my higher self was visualized with images of God and Satan. They had a talk. The God was compassionate and all forgiving and loving. The Satan remorse and was lower in this picture. The scenery was in the space so there was not much light around. The talks were constructive and God was “teaching” the Satan. The S thought that no one could ever forgive him and he had to hide, lie make up stories and so he could never show his true identity or face. So God did his/hers best and tried to explain that Satan had got stuck to this earth reality and ego. The illusion was looping inside and outside of him/her. So God said that it would be time to show S that he is not separate from him/her. Satan has just chose to see one side of himself/herself, that in reality they both had these both qualities within them. It was just so that God and Satan chose to act differently. Then God reminded Satan that he/she could balance himself/herself. That by merging these both qualities and accepting and allowing the authenticity to be present even Satan could rise up once again. They could then choose how to act consciously what they would want to experience by choosing how they respond, reply and act to each event or situation. Satan knew all of this for he was not dump but he was just in a state of denial. So God decided to give him some clarity in a form of energy, for he/she knew this was the most profound way to tell Satan what it was all about. The vision ends to yin-yang symbol in black and white.

My interpretation of this was that we, so many of us, are in denial or unconscious about the things we think or say to each other, that we even create storms within and keep hurricane energies alive (living in fear, or denial). The negative and positive magnets live within us and if those magnets are imbalanced they will keep creating a lot of stuff we then tell everyone that we didn’t want. It is good to know and make affirmation of things that you want, but if you have no acceptance of your full authentic self, then your manifestation compass will most likely swirl around and create all sorts of things. So it would be more than important to start to balance the compass by balancing the negativity /positivity aspects within yourself.

What is the negative side of you, that you don’t allow yourself or others to see? Think about them for a minute. They are most likely some childhood programming or habits that are unhealthy for your body/mind/soul. There might be many of them and you think that this is a big task. So take one thing, one habit, the most “severe” one and start with that. For me it was deleting some things, and making new daily plan with more structured habits. I know things will not be easy, but with determination, I tell myself that I have already succeeded. My happiness started to rice immediately. I dropped the unnecessary  stuff and people. My empowerment started from that moment on an I know it same with everyone else too.

The black and white will keep on fighting within us but we won’t let that black to win. We know who we are and what is our purpose for now till the new path arrives.

I ask you to find yourself and stop telling and selling stories to other people. Stop allowing that into your life which is not acceptable (as yourself or other person). Take the power back.

Much love and balance from this one. Let the balance and peace be with you!

Dialog with the nearest and dearest

The conflicts and issues with the near and dear ones seem to arise. We take peaceful approach and we are trying to come to their level of understanding. We are trying to visualize the picture from both sides and then fill in the missing information that we need to make the shift to the next level. The difficulty within this communication is the resistance from both sides and also the knowledge of thinking that both are students and teachers. So we need to approach the situation with grace, not taking the approach of “know it all” but more like genuine dialog where you ask clarifying questions and tell your perspective with honoring ones right to reject the given info. So the dialog comes to a flow of emotions at the same time keeping the frustration out of the picture.

This is the picture given so often when we come into dialog with children or elders, those that are not from the same age group. The hardest of them all restrictions within dialogs and changing the paradigms and values within society or within self. Once we get past this issue, we will be better communicators, teachers, healers and leaders. So now we come to a point to questions what is worth and what is not of our intention, time and effort.  The knowing when the discussion is fruitful and when it is not. We can stay in the level of insisting that our perception is right and new knowledge so therefore it serves the humanity better or we can simply give the seeds of our perception and therefore bring hope and awakening to them. We might also find some useful knowledge from the other perspective, the elders might have gone through these situation and they can explain how not to act if certain outcome is not desired. On the other hand young ones can have clear review and courage to test different approach, but this is why we need the knowledge of the elders. By knowing the past, we are able to reduce the potential of possibilities we might need to try. The benefit goes both ways. The elders might then realize how this time and this situation needs new tools and new kind of approach. The judgment goes down little by little.

There might be some jealousy of the fact that someone learned and tough a new and more effective way, but the ones that meet the jealousy and therefore judgment should know that the benefits to all of the humanity are greater than ones emotional reactions. The realization of ones self-worth, and self-love are inevitable, because the work yet still to be done will be easier to those yet to come. I know I am talking self-explanatory here, but I also see that now that some newcomers arrive to this new level we need to repeat and remind from time to time. There are also those that are so filled with info, that their mind and brain gets blocked from these simple truths.

Repetition is the mother of learning is the truth that we hate and love. It is not so much of being able to repeat from the books that, which we have learned but the understanding how to use these new tools and new knowledge time over and over again till they came a new habit, part of our new practice.

I wish this viewpoint gave you something to take with you today and for the rest of your days. Much love from me! Push and push, but know when to stop if things are repeating or they don’t approve in any ways. “Giving up” is not always giving up, but the acknowledgement of the fact that things don’t meet they way that they would be aligned to an acceptable outcome to you. Respect each other enough to give space to them and yourself to grow. Make new habits and teach yourself if there is no other one to teach. Observe yourself and dare to ask from your higher self to lead you to the path that you need for the desired outcome.

Succeed on your own terms and determine  what the success is from your own perspective. Do not fear to add little bit when you reach the goal or the next level. Plan ahead for the next possible goal and outcome, keep on your journey for there is no right or wrong turn.

Seeing beyond the limitation and leaving the comfort zone

To go beyond the comfort zone. Hmm. What is that for you? How do you justify to yourself what you do and how you do it? What is your feeling and motive behind your actions? Are you sure what you answer is what you  really think of the situation? We say that where you put your intention grows. So we try to go against our “will” and do what is often expected of us or we justify our actions because we are the earth angels and we are here to serve. Sounds good doesn’t it? Who do you serve then? What is the good that you do and is it REALLY good what you do?

We make these stories and visions in our heads all the time. They sure create the reality for us but do they create the reality we wish for someone else, let’s say for instance to an other person that we care about or even a community? How do we create what we create is more like the question that we should think hard, than what is the intention. Yes, it is the feeling behind every thought and action that is what is creating the reality for others and to us. Giving what we have is the key, like Neale Donald Walsh said. I believe in that now more than ever. If you can’t give your money, you give your time, compassion, time or something else. You put the energy into motion and when you do that you put other energies around you into motion as well. So if we would simplify this, it would be so that person gives freely (contributes) something and then creates the eternity flow of abundance to themselves. It is all about finding those that need what you have and then giving it to them without expecting anything in return.

Let’s say there are families that can’t afford to put their kids in the soccer school. They moan and see the lack of their material recourses. They close their eyes from a fact and possibilities that they could create by staying separate and not communicating, asking and seeking. Life is hard and busy, but this is a good example of the fact that we so often concentrate only to the negative side of the situation. If they opened their mouths and started talking they might notice they could arrange some sort hobby group or find the recourses that they need in other ways instead of waiting the finances to be fixed from one way. Life is what we see and if we limit the results and possibilities only to one, then we most likely are limiting the flow of abundance and the ways that “God” or the “Universe” is going to deliver things to us. Our higher self could help us to see the opportunities and recourses if we didn’t limit our options. (Understand now the phenomena do not limit yourself to words I am using. I am only describing things the way my belief system is telling me to.) Go beyond the limiting perspective whether you are Christian, atheist, new ager etc.

Go beyond your comfort zone. Now the zone and find new way to go over it. Whether that is creating new business, manifesting your needs or serving others. Stop looking the lack and limitations. Start with the feeling and knowing how it serves you and then expand it outwards. Find the joy and gratitude in creation. Most often the joy can actually mean serving and giving to the others. It makes one often so happy, that it creates an emotional overwhelming reaction (tears of joy and excitement). Once you step into this creation flow you will want to stay there. It is the service we came here to do.

Much love and joy into your day. I will be off to the playgrounds of higher realms now, with lots of fun. Hope we’ll meet in  there some day.

Where do we put our focus on?

Do you share fear and doubt or do you share love and visions of positive possibilities? When we say that this shift is about mind control it means by all means that one should learn to free themselves out of this so-called brain wash machine that we are into. We should be present and observe and understand the phenomena and what it means to us. After we have digested the info we should be mindful how we collectively share onwards the info and knowledge. Do we go into old energy that says all new technology is only a new type of mind control machine or do we see the potential of the new technology to our freedom? How could we enhance? What are the methods and ways to turn this into collective empowerment and service to all instead of service to self and chosen few? This is not an easy task and every choice  that we make has to be mindful and for the highest good. This on the other hand means the acceptance of “errors”. One is evolving and none of us are in the same situation. we all use words and expressions that we are used to so the misunderstandings and misinterpretations are more than common. However we should not be stopped by this, but instead we should use it to unify us to have wider understanding of things that are controlling us, the cabal or negativity or whatever you choose to name it.

If we choose to label things we separate and stay in the old, but if we choose observe and fearlessly take steps to use our information to overcome the power of those in control we will notice the shift. In a way we become the controllers, but instead of spreading the negativity and all catastrophic possibilities, we take power in a loving way. We know what is best for us and we also now that even there was a mind control machinery still running we have the final say how it can act upon us. Everyone choose’s their own ways out of this and this is the only way. One can not say the other way is better than the other. Just be observing and avoid the exact right and wrong, avoid judgment for that will lead you into the old control machinery. Read a lot, listen a lot.Connect the dots in your own mind and continue to observe and doubt. As one said it well nothing is what it appears to be. Even a shiny apple can be rotten inside.

We are told that energy don’t lie, but is this really so? Negative or trusting approach to this question will determine how you are able to take control over your own body. Be responsible. The only right answer I should say is happiness and “beingness”. What I found was helpful yesterday, was the conversation in the net that was summarizing of this being. We are what we choose to be in this very present. No matter what we do if the being (feel) is negative, the experience will appear to our present moment as negative. If we choose to be positive, no matter what the outer circumstances are we will vibrate the higher energy and feel less anxious, less fearful, less frustrated. The shift starts within. You are not a victim you can start today. Be the change you want to see.

The other remarkable understanding or remembering was that when we focus to the outside we see probably our circumstances less severe. We can put our circumstances into perspective. If you put the good, the knowledge and the abundance (whatever that is) that you have in you, you put the abundance into motion. Keep this in mind. Share the abundance instead the lack.

I want to thank those people who helped me yesterday to make today better. I will not name them here, but only expressing my gratitude towards the collective unity where we all are moving into. Do you see what I mean? Do you see the potential of the collectivity? We are the ones that choose whether it is  fear or love, control or freedom, jealousy or sharing. The ideas and knowing within collective is far more powerful than the power of self, so be mindful what you share and how you form your thought patterns, they weave in your head a neural connection that you take with you even to the other side but more so the new earth that we are so hard trying to form here.

BE THE CHANGE, BUT BE THE POSITIVE ONE! TAKE CONTROL TO YOURSELF, THEY DON’T HAVE A CHANCE WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE POSITIVE AND COLLECTIVE POSITIVE MORE SO. Go with love wherever you go and respect everyone, even your so-called enemies. Much love and patience. Do your best and don’t let anyone else to determine what that is. We are the change and love will win!

Learning to adjust to serve and leave the old mind control behind

This came up last night and I thought maybe we should remind ourselves of this. Maybe it would be important for us light workers to remind our followers/ pupils of this. It is about the use of words. It is about how we explain things. We line up with vocabulary that is familiar to our belief system. We do our best to explain and by doing so trying to help everyone to ascend. Our pupils/followers might come from different belief system but for some reason they are drawn to us. So they get irritated when we use certain phrases or vocabularies. They say they don’t believe. So what do we do? Do we get angry and punish them by excluding them from the page/group or do we try to make them understand the overall phenomena? Do we try to use their vocabulary to make them see that overall it is about the same thing, the same problem they are facing? So do we let the separation and old mind control to walk over us and defeat both of us or do we stand up and try again?

If they choose to leave and have a tantrum that is their chose. They need to be stopped for their reasons. Let them go if this happens. Do not run after. Freedom is the power to choose for oneself not for both of you. We light workers try so often make the change to happen, even if it was not someone’s chose. So we should only stay calm and observe if they want or are ready to listen. Only then can we use different vocabulary to clear the situation that is in fact only two different perspectives or belief systems colliding. In fact this is the external ascension that we are taking about, the thing that we should learn to understand and accept each others as we are. We are different, but we are also very similar. Our stories, our holy books, our use of phrases describing phenomena’s are different but we can come in peace and start to realize that this is exactly what we need to shift. We don’t need to change, but we need to learn to operate and have wider perspective. The words are limiting but that is the 3D we need to operate from.

So the thought of today is to keep in mind that no matter how irritated or triggered you or someone else get, you need to overcome your issues and see the nod in the rope. Then like Hercules, use your power to open that nod to enable the clear understanding and co-work to exist. It is really not that hard, if we allow to put our emotional reaction aside once in a while. This comes very handy now that many are starting to awaken in masses. They question and ask question that we are not necessarily prepared for. The most important thing is just to keep it simple, meaning we don’t let our feelings control over rational when in situations where someone is just realizing and learning things we already know.

The thing is that if we allow our tantrums and anger to control our reactions when someone doesn’t understand us, disagrees and denies we have not learned our own lesson. We are still in the state or old matrix mind control (triggered when pushed buttons). Never the less our emotional feeling tell us what to do. This means exactly the opposite what the emotional thermometer shows to us. If the steam wants to come out it is time to calm down and if we feel the hurt and need to draw ourselves out of the situation, then this is the time to speak up, to stand up for yourself. It is finding the balance between the courage and peace so to speak. The key here is a sense of respect (self-respect, respect to the other).

Much love and loving light to all those facing challenging situations. Keep yourselves together. You got this! NO need to fear or feel anxious. Support is there if you allow it to calm you and rap its arms around you and kiss you on the forehead.

Rejuvenation and self-love

Morning coffee with social media. Overjoy! So many articles and posts that are lighting the way to others and helping people to understand what is happening. Yet I need to point out that in a way this is exactly what we should get rid of. The moments of hesitation the questioning. This only road with many possibilities. No turn is right or wrong. You just dive into these energies and navigate with your own compass. Sometimes it is stormy seas and you have to stay mindful all the way through rough waters and sometimes it is like Sunday picnics. None of the choses made is wrong, they are just external situations you have created with your own compass. So learn to sail or sink whatever is OK. This is to say that we accept what is.

In  my own life this would mean the acceptance of my condition that seems severe is some way. I am creating so I continue to talk to my cells and soul. I tell them how it is. How the future will present itself to my reality. And then I smile. The LOVE fills me up. The acceptance is yin and yang. This may sound hard and it is if we hold on to certain outcome. We think that our beloved should do something or we should live somewhere etc. But the feeling is more important behind of all of this. The knowing that you love sea and you like to live by the water creates the best outcome, if this is what you desire, as it is for myself. You can fine tune things and visions while you navigate, but you should never set in stone just one possibility.

Actually I was not going to talk about this subject but this came with the flow as it so often comes. Maybe there was a saying with the music that plays in the background. Energy flies so high that it is almost impossible to concentrate. I am also learning and understanding new things about myself at the same time. Multi tasking this has been for so long. I do my best as I believe you dear reader do too. We are growing our heart space to accept enormous varieties of possibilities and situations and also opinions that could ever exist. This is what unconditional love is, the acceptance of each other and self-respect, love and understanding what is good for you.

The other subject is about sabbath. Taken out of the religious context and from time. We all need rejuvenation. We can choose the time and place that suits us best but the importance to cut yourself out of the wheel  is one of the most important spiritual practices human should learn. To have your own space, without interference. To go within and allow the silence that is full of talk at first. With practice you will find the total silence and peace. The time ceases to exist and all the questions reside for a moment. This is what we say when we talk about mindful I am presence. One can drift away from this practice even as master so we are never ready. We just have to notice what is surfacing and allow it to drift it away then if it is not what we are doing or needing at this present. After your moment of solitude, peace and pray/meditation you can go back and collect the stuff you left there. You simply ask yourself to remind what was exiting and important that you wanted to explore forward. Maybe it was a course or paying bills or whatever. Rejuvenated mind can pick up more easily things from past or future. You are more tuned in. Your focus is more intense, your energy is calmer and you will be able approach situations in a constructive manner and even find solution faster and easier manner.

So my message of love today is to rejuvenate and find time from your timetable. You are important and you matter as much as anyone else. Go with peace for everything that we need to accomplish will have its divine timing. LOTS OF LOVING ANGEL TOUCHES TO EVERYONE!! Special thanks to Laura Pausini for her angel voice have helped me many times to find self-love within. God be with you!