Learning about the past life truth and ability to understand how it plays in this life

How do you meet your past life history? I mean the previous life histories? How do you bare the thoughts what you have been without shattering and mental breakdown? This is what was revealed to me today and it was horrible. The understanding the events and the connection of events and my part in those events. Parts of masters and servants, enslavement and suppression. Even things that you might have killed someone are horrible. It feels like you are nothing else but evil or you have only shadow side within you. Yet you know in this lifetime you have chosen the opposite. So one might say there has been maturation process within this spirit. Maybe because of these past life experiences one knows now what it is to be in both sides of the table so to speak. The compassion level and understanding why is on a high level so you are conscious enough to choose more loving ways to act in this lifetime. You might find  healing modalities to suit you. You see the bigger picture from now on. You start or continue to heal all parts of you, meaning to say all multidimensional parts of yourself.

You might also want to deny what is shown to you. You say in your mind that it can’t be so but then when you reflect your this lifetime back to your childhood it all makes perfect sense. There is no denial anymore so you just pick yourself up and start to work. You expand the energy work to this part that you discovered. You expect the bodily resistance and physical symptoms to appear. You are prepared meaning to say that you don’t expect things to go smoothly but to enter a roller-coaster. But now that you understand you sit on a driver’s seat and you are in charge of the acceleration and use of breaks. You are not powerless so you take full responsibility of this lifetime experience, not making the same mistakes.

For me this was a revelation of my dark side and the misuse of power. As a twin soul I know my other part feels also revelation to his past life histories. I have noticed we have differences and I would like to remind him of this. We both have different interpretation of misuse in our history. So it is time to heal those shadows on our own. I will support you if you need but understand that my shadows need my attention now. The work is to balance the ways we communicate. To understand when to act, speak or when to let the other take responsibility (giving space and trust). The shadows are perfectionism, need of control, manipulation, betrayal, lack of authenticity. For each individual these vary and I am not the one to list or say anything of the other’s work. What I have listed here are general and maybe resonating to me in personal levels. So I hope my twin finds his own answers.

Huge work task once again, as it seems so often for us light workers. But we will find the purity of light to grasp and heal, to elevate all that we can and to show the way with our own example and work. To find new ways to do the work more efficiently. So even with the heavy heart and knowing what we know now, is to continue our journey. Grab the love power and collective love  shield that is within the Earth grid and also in the heaven (at the atmosphere of the Earth). It is there for to help us to heal. Giving us the needed power when feeling low, unwanted, evil, victim. The unconditional love grid and shield are eternal and they have huge power. Do not hesitate to connect to it/them in meditation or within some other forms of spiritual work/practices you do. Do it as often as you feel need to. There are many who do daily works to fill the grid and the shield on a daily basis. You can contribute to this grid or shield too if you wish. It is easy. Just listen to your guidance how it would be convenient for you. Little reminder though, do not give too much of your own power levels if you are not connected to the source. The grid will drain you if you only use your own energy. You need to be the vessel (grounding tool) to the source energy. In that way you will not drain your own energy but direct the source energy to those who need it. It is also important as a vessel to keep the highest and purest of thoughts while grounding these energies, because your impurity will “contaminate” the energy transmitted to the collective. Keep this in mind and have high energy and pure thoughts yourself as you transmit/share to the collective consciousness.

One more thought to add into today’s message. This is about envy and the blackmail I notice among us light workers. We want to know the ancestral roots and to be categorized (separated) again. The separation creates the feelings of superiority, hierarchy and many more negative and separative actions in humanity. It is good to know ones ancestries and to learn their abilities but we should be very mindful about  how we separate and form grouping with this information. We should be collective, we should co-operate and work for the good course of humanity. It doesn’t matter if one is not human but half humanoid. It doesn’t matter where the alien part comes as long as they are working in a loving and respectful ways to protect and heal the planet. We and they all have different abilities so there is no need to compare and separate. Collectively everyone’s unique abilities uplift and benefit us all. Humanoids are not superior to humans. The enslavement time is over. People know this and even if there were future kings or emperors they would respect and act with integrity more like servants to the collective. That is the power of love that we have shown them. The ones that still try to play mind games or enslave us are soon kicked out of this planet. They know this and seem to play mind games by trying to categorize and create separateness with fear and all negativity. Have pure thoughts my dear ones. We are same as God. Don’t be fooled again. LOVE AND HUGS!

What do you give back?

What is your contribution to the collective or to the well-being of the Earth? How consciously do you make your choses? Could you lessen the consumption of something? Could you take / accept  less? This does not mean in lessening your value or accepting some form of abuse, but more of actual consumption of the physical sense. How much is enough? What is the limit and how your limit correlates to the limits of Mother nature? This is not easy question but in order to contribute to the well-being of the future generation (your own offspring) you ought to think this. It is not anymore what it was in the 50’s we all know that. The measures we have to adapt are far more drastic than what was expected just a decade ago. The individual choses play a big role in the big picture. No action is a small one anymore, you ought to know that. Whether that is a choose of not taking action or ignorance (self-serving purposes). We are collective and we should act like one.

This is not a matter of your rights to consume or make someone else to pay for your rights to consume by forcing them to choose to consume less because of recourses or chances given to them. This is a matter of collective integrity and greed. You ought to know by now what you are doing. How your consumption whether that is your very own individual energy consumption (food, warming, etc) or more global one is affecting on all of us. Do you see the suffering of other species or suffering of future human generations? Does it knock in any way to your consciousness? Do you see that you turn the wheel with every choose you make? You ought to wake up now.

Then there is this other level of consumption. You know what I am talking about. It is the consumption of masculine and feminine energies. Is the other one within you master and the other one slave like? Think about that? You know how it is. The future Earth is not going to flourish with the ways that you play day-to-day. Your masculine energy is still slaving the feminine. It is slaving by its attitude for only playing pleasure. When I was talking about playing with new energies I was not meaning the old ways. This is just so frustrating to try to hammer. Come up here where the stars shine. Have it from this perspective. Yes, I know to manifest you need masculine energy too, but the creative and new is the feminine. The chariot is in control by not making either a slave or master. The feminine subtle creative force is nurturing and kind. It is not to have pleasure but to know that sometimes in order to really love you need to “sacrifice”. So your masculine energy with its understanding about how things should manifest and appear are enslaving to your own feminine energies and therefore they prevent the shift from happening within masculine. This is to say, that those who are not in balance, whether male or female in physical form should work hard to make the balance before the shift is able to manifest for themselves.

As it has been said many times it doesn’t matter with others but how you are doing this job with yourself. You should really see that being more feminine as male is not lessening your male charisma or value. This might sound harsh now but masculine energy is a workforce not the driver. The masculine energy is the mind, that knows how to execute tasks. The feminine creates in new and collective ways. The feminine takes into consideration these things I was talking about earlier (the future generations, the effects to nature and so forth). We need them both within. The new Earth is not forcing any male gender to be enslaved but to understand the good of all the humanity. See the bigger picture from higher altitude. It  is not living in the bubble but to concentrate on the decisions that benefit us all. The creation process is different now, all is different. You just have to accept that.

The males are equal with the female. The energies are equal but there is this understanding that must come to the light. We (as gender) and we (as energies) both have a role to play in creation. So understand finally dear masculine (energy and gender) that no one is putting you through what you put through feminine / females for ages. Yes you might feel shame and fear, now that you see what she has had to live because of your actions, but see this that she in not on a crusade to destroy unless you are trying to use your old ways. The feminine has put behind all those old hurts now. From now on she will only accept the clean and balanced masculine energy.

Work, work within. Know the love is forgiving and surrounding you within and without. Go with peace and learn to find it within you. Put down your sword. It is not the time to slay now, but to do the inner work. Have a lovely day!

What I attach my attention to grows

“I maintain relationships that I get strength and energy. What I attach my attention to grows.” These were the two sentences that popped up from the cards that I use to empower myself. So often they draw my attention to very important issues I unknowingly neglect or have a habit to sabotage. If I pick two or more cards the message will be slightly different what it would be if I picked up only one. Like today, these two sentences together makes me think other things than if it was just one.

To me they say that what I see on the other person or how I see our relationship is where it grows. It is not just the first impression but further on we tend to have these perceptions or assumptions that might not be even true. These false perfections grow within the more we feed them. This is so important to realize and stop, because you might lead yourself far worse or you both. We create while we go so we should not think too far ahead, and we should not stick to these first impressions or assumptions because they misguide us. We might even create some unwanted behavior on their behalf if we think negatively about them or their reactions.

Do not fear, cause you create more fear on your life. The more you think that something is wrong with you the more you will experience it. The more you fear that people will attack to you or hate you, the more you will get that. So even if you have no one who likes you or say it straight to you do not let the fear defeat you. Remember that self love is the key how others see you.

It is understandable that if you have had horrible past that it is not easy to let go of those horrors. I know myself. You just have to take steps and encourage yourself. Be happy if you get out of toxic relationship, or if you are finally free from abusive parent etc. Congratulate yourself often. Make it an occasion to dress up in new style, smile to your neighbor, do things that you would do to tell the world that this is great day or happiest day of your life. They might notice and pass on this good feeling that you shared, because they feel sharing too. You don’t have to tell the reason, just be mystic about your happiness for a little. Only share your feeling not the event or your fortune/abundance. World will join you and you create the ripple of happiness that can spread faster than you know.

Thank you for coming together with me today. Bless you! You made me smile. I wish you will now pass this smile on. Thank you!

Powerful people

We get confused about the thing that we should not expect things. This is misleading us to think that we should live in the now moment and just flow. We should learn that by setting boundaries we give signs and expectations to other people. This is just as it should be. We should be strong enough to set boundaries to know what we tolerate.

There will always be people who will do whatever in their power to control and manipulate and if we allow this “mindless”flow within, we allow them to set boundaries and we start to live by their expectations and rules. This world is about power and if you don’t own your own power you will be leaded to what suits someone else. The very reason for you to become “victim” to moan about the injustice.

So in order to have power and healthy boundaries you need to step up and tell the rest of the world about your healthy expectations. It is within that we create the expectations not without or towards someone. Unhealthy expectations towards others are something we should avoid by all cost.

Know yourself and know what makes you happier. Give up on things that weight you down or make you feel less. No matter if it is someone close or a thing. Surrender to knowing that you are perfect and having experiences you need to grow unless you choose to stay stagnant, to settle for something that makes you feel like you are not enough or you should change. Pleasing is giving your power away.

It is natural, when we grow to lean on to peers and to find some set of rules or definitions to help us grow further but we should not cling on to them because by clinging onto we create only new kind of stagnant belief systems and paradigms  that we should avoid in the long run. We should only allow the flow and constant new settings and then let go of them when they no longer serve us. The mindful knowing that some belief or way to act doesn’t serve our growth anymore. This is to understand that moving on can create uncertainty and fear, still we should seek the unknown. We should understand that if we trust enough to our own power and our intuition we will get the teachings and teachers that serve our ascension. We should also understand that letting go or giving up means sometimes what we call losing. Loss is natural process of growth. It is not the loss and lack that we should concentrate but the coming of new that should excite so much that we would not cling onto lack and loss.

It is okay to grieve, that is a process too, but more like process that we allow. We should allow the tidal waves to come and do their work within.

So grow and have your healthy expectations and boundaries. This is how we find people that resonate with us. You push unhealthy relationships out of your space and let healthier new ones to come in. Come from a place of love to yourself! Lots of love from this little soul who writes these messages. Have a blessed day full of pride that you have the power.

Is persistance serving our higest good

Today I see that even in some respect persistence is what makes us succeed, it can be very, so very toxic behavior. We persist on wrong people, situation, habits and so forth without realizing that this is in fact the very thing we should release before we are ready to move on. This has been discussed many times and it depends every time on different things so there is no general guide line on how to proceed, but word of giving a thought to reflect how you should proceed is the only correct path to find the solution.

You mature with your actions, so there is no wrong doing or choices made. You simply feel the consequences of your persistence or letting go. Observation should be made of how you feel according your actions and choices. The key to guide you forward, not how someone else is responding or lack or their response. So therefore self awareness should tell you more than outside information you get from those around you. Yes they reflect you but also their inner world. You will, learn to hear your own intuition, your own voice, how some response resonates with you or your actions. Listen to that voice and take actions according to that. So if your inner voice guides you to leave or leave some comment unnoticed believe that is correct and truth to you. Your emotional compass is your guide.

When negative response arises, be discerning. Take a pause and weight your response and actions. Your persistent belief that someone will chance or the situation may change can be true, but it can also take so much time that waiting might be endless. So live your life and let go if you feel like it. People who belong to your growing curve will catch up if they are meant to. Do not waste time on waiting. You can only be persistent on your own growing not other people or situations. This is matter of maturing. The more your persist the more someone will recede from your life.

This kind of phenomena happens all around, but more so on Twin Flame relationships. It is part of growing and maturing I know, but persistence and insisting on or expectations can be just what we need to give up, not to hang on. We only add up to our own hurt and add difficulties on the relationship. There might be time that we could come around with someone, but there could also be no such time in this life. It is all a matter or how each individual is willing to grow and learn about their flaws. As long as someone is persistent to believe that they have reached their full potential or they are now in the correct paradigm or they have shifted and released karmic patterns they step away from ascension. They start to act reluctantly on their own growth and start to believe something is nailed down. This is not so, there is no stopping ever anymore. Growth and ascension, moving up and learning is the only now from this forward. Those who persist on stagnation will automatically stay behind. They are so free to choose so, but that should not stop someone else YOU. So take you discernment on matters of your own growth, do not let it stagnate.

What is this talk about separation?

I noticed this morning that people feel separated from their beloved ones, people are sad and doubtful. I wonder why? I wonder is it more important to serve our purpose and do our work than to cuddle and snuggle and make love every night? I know how important it is to lift the energy up now but isn’t it so that if we give in to sadness, feeling of separation and lack we already give in to lower frequencies? I so wish we would all realize this. There is no separation, but only ego’s want and illusion. It is the lower energies that tries to separate and make us to believe that crap.

It is true that sometimes we need to “separate” to heal ourselves or go thru some storms on our own and our beloved may not know or understand this process, but that is what we do to lift the energy up again. Sure it would mean a world to have an ideal “partner”, who would support us and help us to grow thru our difficulties, but we can’t force anyone. If someone is not capable to support, we should let them be. On the other hand one might not be willing to ask support, it might be because they don’t realize they could get assistance or support or they are too arrogant and self centered. Whatever the reason, the other person is only allowed to help when recognized the need of help or the willingness to give help in some situation. So the lack of communication or silence is really a killer, the reason for the “suffering” of the soul and “separation”.

Sometimes it might be easier to concentrate on partner and lack of his/her attention than on your own issues. We put our own difficult things aside so we can have the victim mentality or moan about the lacks. The truth is that we can find support if we trust the universe to lead us to right person in whatever we are facing. It is not always the ideal partner, who is the best one to support us but maybe a friend of a relative or even someone else.

So the suffering is all about our own perspective and where we put our attention. What we give power to, grows within us. Are we willing to do the work ourselves or are we waiting to be “saved”? We are not chick-lings anymore, we need to find our own power and path. We need to understand that love means more than just the lovemaking or romance. It is not about giving and getting but willingness to give and acceptance to receive.

I wish from the bottom of my heart everyone joyful times and peacefulness. Collective is only as strong as you think you are. The more peaceful and confident you are the more peaceful the whole world will be. Then that means more peaceful path for you to walk and more peaceful people you to meet. So go blessed and peaceful, all is well and on it’s way to better.

Love between friends

Love is not complicated between true friends . You can stay in touch or stay disconnected for a while. As soon as you find a reason to connect, to have a conversation or they pass on your mind you will find contentment in the connection. True friends don’t make themselves feel unwanted or hurt. They love and feel comfort to know each other.

True friend values the time and the effort put into the relationship. True friends also give space and understand that the “separation” is not real, but merely a space between the next meeting. So coming together again and even knowing it will happen eventually gives joy and pleasure. Love between the two gives peace that you have a place in their heart and you have a same space for them too in your heart as well.

Not even death can separate them form us, because in the heart they stay. With your clearcogniece you can see and talk to them, just like they were sitting right next to you. So no matter what, stay happy knowing that you will meet again because energies stay connected as long as you allow that to happen.

True friends don’t leave, not really. Physical world may separate them from us but we should not miss them, because when we learn the higher way to connect we can feel their body, we can hug them and hold their hand or talk to them. There is no separation anymore.

I know many Twin Flames feel the agony and anxiety because of the separation. Many TF’s would want to know their physical “other halves”, but sometimes that is not meant to happen. Letting go is the only way. Understanding that they are your true friends will help many on the way. TF union is really about the individual growth nothing more or less. They mirror their lack in the connection. The conversation or lack of it for example, is more about each individual than the lack of communication. The love to yourself will help you to see this. You can understand that they don’t want to change you not really, but to help you to see what you need to realize to work on yourselves.

I know it would be so much easier to have conversations and reflections within 3D way, but the truth is that it would  create more confusion. Words would just twist. You just have to work it yourself, thru the dark night of the soul, to learn you cannot blame, be a victim or judge. Twins don’t reflect you, they reflect their own lack, insecurity etc. Therefore you cannot learn a thing from them, but you have to go within you yourself. That is why there is a “separation”. Once I might have said myself that words would help me to find what I need to see and how to grow, but that would have only created the situation where my TF would have “manipulated” me to grow to be someone that I was not. His words might have only explained things from his perspective, not mine. Understanding that rises from within added to actions and words shared makes you to grow, because you put it all together yourself. You heal yourself and create new you, without help.

The other thing is the shadow of a twin, it is very clear and easy to determine that you are not that, you don’t value those things. They are there to create push so that you will stay away to do the work on your own. The shadow has also an other meaning, which is to accept the dark and the light that we are. More important fact is though the fact that it is clearing the way to us to see who we truly are and the values that are important to us.

The truth is that TF and true friendships teach us to find ourselves in a hard way. There might be better and easier ways in the future we will see. We just have to accept the path being taken and lessons that it gave us. We are now ready to move on and find better relationships, truer and authentic connections. We know now who we are and how we want to be loved. Our shadow might have been harsh with their actions or their actions might have felt unfair but the truth is that love was behind of it all all the time. The healing has been done. The self love has been restored, that is one big gift even we might not see it this way.