How do we perceive spirits that we don’t like?

Oh my Lord. This was scary. How will I deliver this message? I was pushing it away and telling it is personal message, but then I was listening this other message from an other person a channeled one and it underlined what the message is that I should share. Yet still I don’t know is this significant, but I am not to judge when things happen. So here goes.

Medusa is not the Illuminati. Medusa can be perceived as such but that is only one side of the story. Her/His identity is not relevant but more of the energy they are creating and sharing is what is relevant.

Medusa is multidimensional spirit. They have powers and shadow sides like all of us. They are someone who could be described as lion-like soul with an awareness of their divine rights and divine  respectability.

They want us to know that whatever they do and however they act is their way to set boundaries and roar if they feel that they are not met as equal.

I think they would like to inform us of the fact that even they might be appearing as hostile or aggressive from time to time they have this other side of them in them too just like us humans do too. They might be huge at size, so that we would be afraid if they show themselves. That is nothing to be afraid of, since they are not like humans, not so dense. They are from higher realms, but they try to be equals with those that are not hostile towards them. They would also remind that no kind of weaponry man made to say is able to delete them. They understand to keep distance and respect humans if told so. They have their grace and diplomacy too.

He: This is still feeling strange to write this like I got this. I just get the feeling they want to say that we make our beliefs and stories and then we gossip and distort stories. That is a human nature. Things said might not be the whole truth, but humans so often take them as truth not even considering there might be other side to this story too. I know things are improving day by day but especially with these things we should discern a lot more. These same kind of stories and gossips go around a lot in the social media.

I would advise you to disconnect from all kinds of human discussions that categorize other spirits. Specially at this time. Concentrate on you work and discuss only about the matters that are beneficial and off of the person. We all have roles and they vary in different places. Take that into consideration. Have compassion with everyone.

Love from this soul to you. Do good and the good will come to you. Do not discount yourself our of the compassion ring. Know when you need rejuvenate and charge. You are loved and appreciated.

There should not be shame upon Earth

Yes I do it and yes we all do it together, unknowingly and knowingly. It is so sad that we don’t realize that by doing so we degenerate our own potential to growth or our collective right to expand our abilities and potential. It is our history and our ancestral inheritance that makes us behave like that. Yet we recognize that we do nothing or worse we become martyrs and victims. We act like we could not change our situation, our potential, our circumstances. We are the ones, we are the change. It is our very own thoughts, our very own ideas that make the wheel to turn.

Then we see the huge task and decide to withdrawn, jump off for comfort, not realizing it is discomfort where the soil is best to growth. It is not fun and games, it is not pool party till the very end. It is lonely road to self discovery. Yes, we can walk aside with someone, but we must know it is our own responsibility to walk the road. This is all so very familiar to all of us, but yet we ignore it most of the time or till it becomes unbearable to bear the life that we live, to see the circumstances we have allowed to come into our life.

From my own experience and from the exchange of thoughts and ideas through social media ( I know I am not the one to write responses but to reflect those conversations within my loud mind) I have learned that all the shame we can bare within or reflect to others can make no change, but it is the inside learning and reflection that will make eventually the shame to disappear. So we have to turn the wheel on our own and this is hard to know, that you cannot give the task to no one else. Everyone has their own wheel to turn and if you are A FOOL to give your own wheel away, to trust someone so much, you are likely to get very disappointed in life. They will only create what is so called best for them, not necessarily best for you. To understand the path to self discovery is to know that we have to bare our own shame, our flaws and to make the change.

There will be time of sensing newness, which will feel like you are left with nothing in life to stand of or for. You are like a plank page on a note book that you just started. Rest in that. Feel that newness and start to smell all the fragrances around and take only what resonates with new you. Be sure as you walk to learn to say NO THANK YOU, for that is the most important phrase after thank you. Learn also to understand that you, me all of us are imperfect. We have made and we will make mistakes. ERROR EST HUMANE! Know this too that you are perfect and you are surrounded the people and circumstances that serve you best. So make mistakes, learn to laugh to your mistakes. Life goes on till your last breath. But for the collective sake do not shame yourself anymore. Do not see only flaws in yourself but see the whole you. See the creator and perfect you as well, the one that intuitively knows where to go and what they need for the next phase on their journey weather that be time off or dervish dance or hectic enthusiasm and passion to work with something or with someone. You are always guided and always presented the perfect solution weather you accept that or not.

The road is not straight, but curvy like that sexy lady. Yes I know how we are nowadays informed that lean lines and low fat percentage in the body is most desirable. That was the metaphoric expression only to make us consider that the most healthiest babies are born from mother that carry little bit for their child too. The body is intelligent, it knows how to survive and how to protect the unborn. Let us honor that nature. Mother Earth knows, the exact and right way to protect the life, by loving the things that cannot be seen. Mother nature also sends her love to all creation for she knows that is all to benefit her children to grow to their fullest potential.

I leave you now for his message has become the lengthiest of all of this blog history. With the message to give up on shame, whenever it lurks into your mind or onto your lips. We are loved and Divine. Everyone has a purpose and time on Earth, honor that and you will live in peace with yourself. LOTS OF LOVING HEALING FOR SHAMING ISSUES!

Thank you for coming to read this post! Bless you!

Powerful people

We get confused about the thing that we should not expect things. This is misleading us to think that we should live in the now moment and just flow. We should learn that by setting boundaries we give signs and expectations to other people. This is just as it should be. We should be strong enough to set boundaries to know what we tolerate.

There will always be people who will do whatever in their power to control and manipulate and if we allow this “mindless”flow within, we allow them to set boundaries and we start to live by their expectations and rules. This world is about power and if you don’t own your own power you will be leaded to what suits someone else. The very reason for you to become “victim” to moan about the injustice.

So in order to have power and healthy boundaries you need to step up and tell the rest of the world about your healthy expectations. It is within that we create the expectations not without or towards someone. Unhealthy expectations towards others are something we should avoid by all cost.

Know yourself and know what makes you happier. Give up on things that weight you down or make you feel less. No matter if it is someone close or a thing. Surrender to knowing that you are perfect and having experiences you need to grow unless you choose to stay stagnant, to settle for something that makes you feel like you are not enough or you should change. Pleasing is giving your power away.

It is natural, when we grow to lean on to peers and to find some set of rules or definitions to help us grow further but we should not cling on to them because by clinging onto we create only new kind of stagnant belief systems and paradigms  that we should avoid in the long run. We should only allow the flow and constant new settings and then let go of them when they no longer serve us. The mindful knowing that some belief or way to act doesn’t serve our growth anymore. This is to understand that moving on can create uncertainty and fear, still we should seek the unknown. We should understand that if we trust enough to our own power and our intuition we will get the teachings and teachers that serve our ascension. We should also understand that letting go or giving up means sometimes what we call losing. Loss is natural process of growth. It is not the loss and lack that we should concentrate but the coming of new that should excite so much that we would not cling onto lack and loss.

It is okay to grieve, that is a process too, but more like process that we allow. We should allow the tidal waves to come and do their work within.

So grow and have your healthy expectations and boundaries. This is how we find people that resonate with us. You push unhealthy relationships out of your space and let healthier new ones to come in. Come from a place of love to yourself! Lots of love from this little soul who writes these messages. Have a blessed day full of pride that you have the power.


Needy is often seen as very negative behavior. Sure children and elderly or disabled are allowed to be needy but how is it with others? There is also behavior that is opposite to neediness which is being too independent / too self sufficient. Strong people have learned this behavior mostly as a child due to some toxic situation or relationship in their family or at their community. They keep on repeating this behavior till they come to a healing situation or relationship.

How can we come to a healing? How can we learn to trust people close to us again? If there was one answer or a pill I am sure someone would have made a big money out of it already. Sadly there is no one solution or pill yet. We just have to start to work with ourselves. We have to start to trust our own abilities. We have to find courage to ask professional help when we seek answers. We must start self empowerment and after that to realize when it is safe to trust others.

We have to be needy to self love. We have to accept the darkness and the cries and solitude times. We have to start to speak to ourselves and to know what we want and what we need, to be happy and to be able to trust that we can keep on going.

There is surely neediness to human contact and for hermit like people this neediness can be overwhelming. To be able to tell people that you need their friendly opinion and a moment of their time not their full time presence or some form of relationship other than just a moment. That you value their opinion and their perspective on the matter just so that you are able to make up your own mind. I know people will often interpret opinions as manipulative, but if you are like analytical mind yourself then you appreciate and “need” other perspectives to make the most effective choice you can. But we have come so fearful over neediness, that we push away those that we could ask assistance.

So how to tell someone about your level of need? How to say I am not someone that you can always be around with for I need my hermit life. I do fine on my own, I just need one moment to share something. How to make someone understand that there is a level of need you need to find balance with them? There needs to be understanding about what is neediness overall. What is adult like need, that you can trust the partner over? What is healthy? How to be respectfully needy and not sending the message that you are being taken for granted? Neediness is much deeper in a relationship than just “I need you around for fun.” or “I need you to pay this and that.” Respectful neediness is a balance to have the courage to ask and to be heard and have both of your needs met as well as it is possible at the time.

There is no need for drama or silence (anger). You simply respect the others possibility to give their time/resources and you are respectfully willing to keep giving and getting in balance. So we could say that neediness is someway a healthy human way to co-work with each other. Respectful balance should be included of course.

So learn to mindfully observe your own level of neediness and be willing to grow in areas of responsibility where there is a clear indication of imbalance.

Wish you all flourishing week ahead. Keep you mind open and evaluate your need. Empower yourself if possible and share from your abundance. Stay positive and intuitive! Much love and angel love to you all!

Is persistance serving our higest good

Today I see that even in some respect persistence is what makes us succeed, it can be very, so very toxic behavior. We persist on wrong people, situation, habits and so forth without realizing that this is in fact the very thing we should release before we are ready to move on. This has been discussed many times and it depends every time on different things so there is no general guide line on how to proceed, but word of giving a thought to reflect how you should proceed is the only correct path to find the solution.

You mature with your actions, so there is no wrong doing or choices made. You simply feel the consequences of your persistence or letting go. Observation should be made of how you feel according your actions and choices. The key to guide you forward, not how someone else is responding or lack or their response. So therefore self awareness should tell you more than outside information you get from those around you. Yes they reflect you but also their inner world. You will, learn to hear your own intuition, your own voice, how some response resonates with you or your actions. Listen to that voice and take actions according to that. So if your inner voice guides you to leave or leave some comment unnoticed believe that is correct and truth to you. Your emotional compass is your guide.

When negative response arises, be discerning. Take a pause and weight your response and actions. Your persistent belief that someone will chance or the situation may change can be true, but it can also take so much time that waiting might be endless. So live your life and let go if you feel like it. People who belong to your growing curve will catch up if they are meant to. Do not waste time on waiting. You can only be persistent on your own growing not other people or situations. This is matter of maturing. The more your persist the more someone will recede from your life.

This kind of phenomena happens all around, but more so on Twin Flame relationships. It is part of growing and maturing I know, but persistence and insisting on or expectations can be just what we need to give up, not to hang on. We only add up to our own hurt and add difficulties on the relationship. There might be time that we could come around with someone, but there could also be no such time in this life. It is all a matter or how each individual is willing to grow and learn about their flaws. As long as someone is persistent to believe that they have reached their full potential or they are now in the correct paradigm or they have shifted and released karmic patterns they step away from ascension. They start to act reluctantly on their own growth and start to believe something is nailed down. This is not so, there is no stopping ever anymore. Growth and ascension, moving up and learning is the only now from this forward. Those who persist on stagnation will automatically stay behind. They are so free to choose so, but that should not stop someone else YOU. So take you discernment on matters of your own growth, do not let it stagnate.

Darkness will fade away

Why do we allow ourselves to be treated like this? What is the karma and for who? Why do we have to be spitting cups for envious, jealous and disappointed souls? Why don’t we stop this? Why do we allow all of this?

I pray for heavens and Angels to help us lift our feelings and energy so that we could leave this so called entitled revenge paradigm into where it belongs. I wish we could pause before our reply and just let go. Let go of people. Live in your own peace and wish them peace too.

Our silence is not the reply of anger, resentment or revenge but merely a gesture that we are letting go. We do not need the lesson, nor this person to be part of our life. We only wish they would allow this same to happen. They and we will move on and find much better suited people to our lives. The life is full of potential and earth is full of people who can teach us in loving way. So understand that silence means letting go in every respect. It was always like this for mature people. Know that the flow and the currency will carry them and us into much better tomorrow. People have seen enough mud and rain, it is time to put our both feet on the solid clean rock and whistle this to END once and for all. There is no return, there is no looking back. Run free people! Feel the new fresh wind and the fresh smell of lovely flowers that you have planted yourself. They blossom now, you harvest what you once planted. Hope you chose well then. Hope your season of summer heat flourishes like your lovely soul.

Love is so much stronger than resentment or jealousy. Love will share its goodness. Love will win!

Are you the one who is too afraid to step forward?

Today I noticed in social media that some people are hesitant who to choose to date with or have even further commitments. This is what I have learned and found very helpful on choosing people. Go within first of all. Do not listen to advice too much, because people are giving advice from their personal experience. You know best! That is the first rule. The second rule would be to look the situation in a long run. If you could imagine someone beside you as you are unable or the other one is unable to connect or merge with you physically but still you feel the love , that is when you know you have found someone worth keeping. I happen to know from my own experience that people might not be able to express their physical love, but the higher connection will satisfy you never the less. You are willing to continue living with that person anyway.

The other thing I noticed was about letting someone know that you have feelings for them. I think it is very good that we have feelings for as many people as possible, that is only telling us that we are emphatic. Caution is  appropriate of course and we should also be able to clarify if it is friendly love or something more what we are feeling. First to ourselves and then admit that to other person. We should also evaluate our life situation, are we connected and happy with the partner we are sharing our life with or is it just the lack of connection that drives us into the arm of an other “lover”(this goes with singles and coupled up ones). If the other is just substitute for the lack our present partner then it would be appropriate to go within and ask the question from oneself “why is this so?”. It might be so that our life partner has tough the lessons we need to learn. We might need to let them go no matter what the situation is in the family. If we are reluctant to acknowledge the problems we are only making things more intense in the future. If we are single and able to be happy and satisfied on our own company then I would say that one is ready to meet a soul partner. Partnering should never start from neediness nor the feeling of lack of something. This doesn’t mean that we would have it all and we wouldn’t want to experience things together with someone, but we are happy doing things on our own or with OUR own friends, for I see it is very important to both parties to have private friends to go out or have hobbies. This is because if you will find yourself breaking up you will not be dependant on your parners or your mutual friends, they might not want to spend time with you if you break up for numerous reasons. So never give up on your own circle no matter what your marital status is. Know who are healthy to be around with but never give up on your own friends for partner’s sake.

Setting clear boundaries and being selfish enough

This might sound harsh once again. Me, so strong. Knowing what to allow and how to be loved. What to accept. Well as Rick sings “what you see is what you don’t get..” Should we moan about it? Should we be sad and cry over and over? Maybe while we are letting go. Maybe it is just so that one is whole without. Maybe we only see it by doing our healing in separate rooms. Maybe the love we need is as individual as is our dreams and our needs for healing. The courage to admit it is to say I need something else what you plan for us or what  your dream is, no matter how fab or divine they might seem to you. You might see illusion or you might dream only yourself. You might forget that true dream is the one created TOGETHER.

No I am not perfect in that respect. I know I dream selfish sometimes, but the truth is that all of my life or most of it I have been the one giving up on my own life and selfish dreams. So how about it, if we were to recognize that we only need to find the right one, who wants to dream similar life. Without the recognition of this we might lose yourselves on the battles with our so called soul partner. Isn’t all we really want to find our own happiness or maybe sharing it with someone with similar views and likes. Maybe they are our best friends in platonic form maybe intimate who knows.

(Selfish means that your dreams add burden to someone else or benefit only your life. We live very selfish times so people who are emphatic are so very often burn out because of this. I don’t say we should not have selfish dreams but only to see the perspective that we might expect too much.)

This is what it means when we say that do not presume, do not make plans too far ahead, do not put the weight on other ones shoulders. Life is too fucking hard already. We don’t need someone to add more pressure with the hopes and dreams to fulfill. Let go of illusion that partnership or family should be in certain way. If you want something pursue it yourself, don’t assume your partner to fulfill it. The more you can do yourself, the more skills you own or independence, the more attractive partner you will be.

So I really mean it when I say this, please work with your own growth and healing. Understand how you were raised or what community might expect from you. Then choose what you except and what you don’t. Let go of everything that makes you act like you were not loving yourself. Let go of habits or chores or routines that make you unhappy. You didn’t come here to repeat your parents story or your family’s story.